Ultraman (2004)

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Nexus ultraman movie poster.jpg
Movie Poster
Director Konaka Kazuya
Producer Suzuki Kiyoshi
Writer Hasegawa Keiichi
Starring Bessho Tetsuya
Touyama Kyouko
Oosumi Kenya
Composer Matsumoto Takahiro
Studio Tsuburaya Productions
Distributor Shochiku
Release date(s) December 18, 2004 (2004-12-18)
July 22, 2005 (2005-07-22) (Retail)
Running time 97 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese
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Ultraman is a 2004 film acting as a prequel to Ultraman Nexus, and part of the Ultra N Project. It is also commonly referred to as Ultraman: The Next, the name it was given during production, to distinguish itself from other films also bearing the same name. The name was shortened at some point during the production cycle to just Ultraman. The name Ultraman: The Next was bought back for the manga version of the movie.



Quote on DVD Cover

"Do you still remember your childhood dreams about a silver shooting star? The dream still remains somewhere in your heart unbroken. The year 2005, it took us 39 years to come across the silver shooting star again....."


First Lieutenant Maki Shunichi of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force is a distinguished F-15 Eagle pilot. It has been his dream of flying since young, but he ultimately decided to give up his career to spend more time with his wife, and his child who has a possibly terminal blood illness, and take up a less intensive career as a tour guide.

However, Maki would soon realize that all was not as he had planned. On his final day as a fighter pilot, he and a flight partner were alerted to a strange red light streaking towards Japan, and went to investigate it. With flight meters gone haywire just as they were reaching the site, his partner had to pull back and return to base. Maki then crashed into the red ball of light, and saw visions of a strange glowing giant.


Bio-terror Counter Science and Tactics

An organization that Sara is a part of.

One of their facilities is the Iou Island Lab where they took Udou, after his extraterrestrial encounter.


Ultraman and The One

Human Host: Maki Shunichi

Codenamed The Next, it first came to Earth in pursuit of The One, as a red ball of light. It can temporarily fuse itself with a human being, laying dormant in them and transforming into its true form when required. Ultraman first appears very weak, but evolves and becomes stronger the more his human host accepts him.

His codename is sarcastically created on the spot by Sara, after Shunichi accusingly asks her what his codename will be, since Udou's is The One. His name start with an N, since it's part of the Project N trinity of Ultraman Nexus, Ultraman Next, and Ultraman Noa. In the movie itself, Ultraman gets the name "Ultraman" from the children who saw him fighting in Shinjuku.

The One


Human Host: Udou Takafumi

Codenamed The One, it is an evil powerful being which comes from space. It first appears as a blue ball of light, and has the ability to possess human beings. After possessing one, it can absorb animals and gain their abilities. For example, when it absorbs lizards, it gains the ability to climb walls and ceilings with ease.

The One's forms

The One has multiple forms, depending on what animals he absorbs. The DVD booklet includes the names of these forms.

  1. Idrobia イドロビア 3 Meters, 920 Kilos
  2. Reptilia レプティリア 10 Meters, 44,000 Tons - After absorbing geckos
  3. Beelzebua ベルゼブア 50 Meters, 99,000 Tons - After absorbing rats
  4. Beelzebua Colone ベルゼブブ・コローネ 50 Meters, 12,000 Tons, Wingspan 250 Meters - Gained wings after absorbing crows.


  • Maki Shunichi - Bessho Tetsuya 真木舜一 - 別所哲也
  • Young Maki Shunichi - Hamakawa Ayumu 真木舜一 (幼少期) - 濱川歩
  • Maki Youko - Yuuki Nae 真木蓉子 - 裕木奈江
  • Maki Tsugumu - Hirota Ryouhei 真木継夢 - 広田亮平
  • Mizuhara Sara - Touyama Kyouko 水原沙羅 - 遠山景織子
  • Udou Takafumi - Oosumi Kenya 有働貴文 - 大澄賢也
  • Ippei - Tsunoda Eisuke 一平 - 角田英介
  • Yuriko - Sato Yumiko 由利子 - 佐藤夕美子
  • Air SDF Operator Commander - Edo Yamaguchi 航空自衛隊オペレーター基地指揮官 - エド山口
  • Yashiro - Shimizu Kazuya 矢代 - 清水一哉
  • Restaurant owner - Okamura Youichi 飲食店経営者 - 岡村洋一
  • Yukie, restaurant owner's wife - Yasumuro Makiko 店の女房・幸恵 - 安室満樹子
  • Miku - 遠藤真宙 ミク - 遠藤真宙
  • Miku's mother - Ono Hiromi ミクの母 - 小野日路美
  • Miku's Father - Konaka Kazuya ※Director Cameo ミクの父 - 小中和哉
  • Repairman - Yamasaki Takafumi 修理工 - 山崎崇史
  • Ground SDF Correspondence Soldier - Ichimura Naoki 陸上自衛隊通信兵 - 市村直樹
  • Announcer - Komada Kengo (TBS TV) アナウンサー - 駒田健吾
  • Special Forces Member - Yabe Keizo 特殊部隊隊員 - 矢部敬三
  • Special Forces Member - Nakamura Hiroaki 特殊部隊隊員 - 中村博亮
  • Gourmet Reporter - Kinomoto Ryo ※Uncredited グルメリポーター - 木之元亮
  • Man looking at a TV from the street - Kikuchi Yuuichi ※Cameo 街頭テレビを観る男 - 菊地雄一
  • Sogabe Issa - Ryu Daisuke 曽我部一佐 - 隆大介
  • Kurashima Takeshi - Nagasawa Toshiya 倉島剛 - 永澤俊矢
  • Chief Manjoume - Kusakari Masao 万城目社長 - 草刈正雄

Voice Actors

  • Ultraman - Tanaka Hideyuki ウルトラマン - 田中秀幸
  • Beast The One - Konishi Katsuyuki ビースト・ザ・ワン - 小西克幸
  • Beast The One - Osumi Kenya ビースト・ザ・ワン - 大澄賢也

Stunt Actors

  • Ultraman - Hasegawa Keiji ウルトラマン - 長谷川恵司
  • Beast The One (Forms 2-3) - Yamamoto Satoshi ビースト・ザ・ワン (レプティリア、ベルゼブア) - 山本諭
  • Beast The One (Form 1) - Iwamoto Junya ビースト・ザ・ワン (イドロビア) - 岩本淳也


  • At the beginning of the movie, Maki Shunichi talks about making his dream of becoming a fighter pilot come true. His son is named Tsugumu, which means "one to inherit the dream".
  • Although this film is frequently referred to as "Ultraman the Next" in the west, this is actually the dropped title and only applies to the manga. Officially, the movie's name is simply "Ultraman".
  • The night of Maki's plane crash was October 15, 2005 at 2105 hours (or 9:05 at night).
  • The DVD cover quote mentions encountering a silver shooting star after 39 years. That's because 2005 would be 39 years after the Ultraman first originally appeared on TV.
  • Maki goes from flying F-15s to flying Cessna planes.
  • Maki's new job is at Hoshikawa Airlines (星川航空) which means "river of stars". Japan sometimes refer to the Milky Way as "the river of heaven".
  • Ippei and Yuriko are named after characters from Ultra Q, the first Ultra show.
  • Mizuhara Sara later appears in Nexus episode 33 and 34.

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