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The Forbidden Delusion is the Pain of a Corrupt Blue[edit]


Air date: April 27, 2012

Important things that happened[edit]

  • Mitsuki says she's away for fighting training camp for three days. So that she's not distracted, she asks Akagi and Moegi to not have any delusions. Their inability to comply to this request becomes the focal point of the episode.
  • When Akagi slips up, Sutema Otsu shows up. The monster of the week summons a fake AkibaBlue to battle AkibaRed and AkibaYellow. The fake AkibaBlue reveals herself to be Malshiina when the real one shows up.

Monster of the week[edit]

Monzennakacho Hashibirokou 門前仲町ハシビロコウ

Monzennakacho literally means "before the gates" and is also a reference to the Monzen-Nakacho district of Koto, Tokyo. Hashibirokou means "shoe-bill stork". First chief clerk to not be an insect.

Super Sentai References[edit]


  • Moegi addresses Mitsuki as "neechan" at the beginning, even though she's already changed out of her schoolboy cosplay.
  • When they replace the toy in the window, it's Ginga Keiji Gabian, a bootleg of Gavan. Perhaps a reference to Bootleg Gavan from the Gokaiger and Gavan crossover movie.