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Episode 04
Dual-Gifted Dame
Shougeki Gouraigan episode
Writer Inoue Toshiki
Director Kaneda Ryuu
Original air date October 26, 2013 (2013-10-26)
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Episode 03
Delirious Dancing
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Absolute Justice
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Shougeki Gouraigan
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Important things that happened

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Guest Stars

  • Asakura Seira (Uncredited) - Hijii Mika 朝倉セーラ - 肘井美佳
  • The kicking woman? - Hiraguri Satomi Uncredited - 平栗里美
  • ? - Matsuzawa Hiroaki Uncredited - 松澤仁晶
  • Boy getting a signature from Seira? - Ryuto Uncredited - 竜跳
  • ? - Yamazaki Keiji Uncredited - 山崎慶二
  • Miori from the dating party? - Yoshida Miori Uncredited - 吉田澪里
  • ? - 初野祐奈 Uncredited - 初野祐奈
  • ? - Ota Keiichi Uncredited - 多田敬一
  • ? - 陸 Uncredited - 陸
  • ? - Hanada Suguru Uncredited - 花田俊
  • ? - Ishii Ainosuke Uncredited - 石居愛之介
  • ? - 嶋村陽生 Uncredited - 嶋村陽生
  • Man interviewing Seira on TV - Ooki Bondo Uncredited - 大木凡人


  • Wakabayashi Shinji - Wakamatsu Toshihide 若林シンジ - 若松俊秀
  • Kanzaki Rurika - Dan Mitsu 神崎ルリカ - 壇蜜
  • Morita Ryouko - Andou Haruka 森田リョーコ - 安藤 遥
  • Granny - Asaoka Megumi おばあちゃん - 麻丘めぐみ
  • Homeless Yamashita - Suwa Tarou ホームレス山下 - 諏訪太朗
  • Tachibana Akiko - Rio 橘アキコ - Rio
  • Yumi-san (Clothes seller) - Yoshino Yumi ゆみさん - 芳野友美平
  • Master Shinpei - Hayashiya Shinpei しん平師匠 - 林家しん平


Singer - Kae


  • Hijii Mika was Kaoru from Garo, another show that head director Amemiya and episode director Kaneda Ryuu both worked on.
    • In one scene she holds a brush towards Hitomi the way Makai Priests do in Garo, before realizing it's a mistake and switching.
  • Ryuto also played the boy from Kamen Rider Wizard 52-53, which aired a few weeks ago.
  • The four-kanji idiom this week means "A woman gifted with both intelligence and beauty" (Sai Shoku kenbi 才色兼備)
  • The female kuroko from last week are back to help carry around the butterflies.
  • During the commercial where Shou's main human form is shown, it says in English "Directed by Nami Kasuya", which is the name of the actress for Shou's human form. The English should probably say "Starring Nami Kasuya" instead.
    • The girl in the CM says "Mixed with super liquids from the deep sea", which puns on the term Chou Shinkai, the name of the world the Hikaribito are from.
  • When talking about the five versus the 1000 army, the plate full of watermelon seeds has five on one side and 45 seeds on the other.
  • There's a parallel money scene between the Hikaribito and Shinji. The Hikaribito call the money "scraps of paper" and don't see the point of counting it. Shinji makes a man choke to death on money and says "this is the true nature of money".
  • Yoshida Miori uses her real name in the show.
  • Hanada Suguru was also a groom on Go-Busters 37.
  • Shou protests at being Gou's "underling" since in Japanese the word shatei (舎弟) literally means "younger brother". She takes on the title "mistress" (aijin 愛人) instead.

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