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Episode 07
A Piece of the Memory
Kamen Rider Agito episode
Writer Inoue Toshiki
Director Tasaki Ryuuta
Original air date March 11, 2001 (2001-03-11)
Viewership 13.1%
Episode chronology
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Kamen Rider Agito 06
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Kamen Rider Agito 08
Episode List
Kamen Rider Agito
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Air date: March 11, 2001

Important things that happened

  • Ryou fainted after transforming into Gills. The boy in black takes him to an abandoned hospital.
  • As the mark on his right hand glows, the boy in black transforms directly to a teenager.
  • It is revealed that Mana's father ran a research lab on myths and legends before he died.
  • Shouichi loses consciousness when he reads newspaper clippings about Mana's father's murder.
  • When Mana touches Shouichi, she is able to see Shouichi's memory with Shouichi being at the site of her father's murder.
  • Hikawa believes all the Unknown's victims have some sort of paranormal abilities.
  • With the reason of needing to re-evaluate Hikawa as G3's operator, the police higher-ups suspense all activities of the G3 Unit, and orders its personnel to evacuate the G Trailer.
  • Ozawa finds out that suspension is due to Houjou Tooru bringing up the Akatsuki-gou incident to the police higher-ups, threatening to reveal the hidden facts of the incident to the media.
    • The Akatsuki-gou incident happened in the Seto Inland Sea.
    • Hikawa, still a patrol officer at the time, witnessed a phenomenon of a unnerving light pouring from the skies.
    • The sky was clear that day, yet, at the center of the pouring light was a storm and the Akatsuki-gou that was stuck in the middle of it.
    • The marine patrol officer in charged didn't believe the ferry's distress signal and refused to deploy rescue ships.
    • When Hikawa arrived at the scene, except for one passenger that gone missing, he managed to save all the crew and passengers from the ferry.
    • The marine patrol officer had connections with powerful people, and wished to cover up the fact that he didn't deploy forces to rescue the ferry.
  • Agito loses to the Unknown this time, and Shouichi is left unconscious in a pool.

New Commander

The mysterious boy in black grows into a teenager when the mark on his right hand glows. The teenager in black is portrayed by Takafumi Anai 穴井隆文 .


Corvus Croccio


  • Voice Actor: Shiono Katsumi 塩野勝美
  • Lord: Crow Lord
  • Motif: Corvus

Guest Stars

Boy in black - Kamiki Ryuunosuke 神木隆之介

Kazaya Nobuyuki (Mana's dad) - Nakane Tooru 中根徹



Writer: Inoue Toshiki

Director: Tasaki Ryuuta