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Episode Extra 1
Alien Valkie's Kaiju Class!
Ultraman Ginga episode
Original air date August 21, 2013 (2013-08-21)
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Ultraman Ginga
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Ultraman Ginga Theatrical Special

This is episode 8 of the New Ultraman Chronicles (新ウルトラマン列伝).


After his defeat at the hands of Ultraman Ginga, Alien Valkie reviews the kaiju he previously sent to confront Ginga, and tries to find the reason why he keeps losing.

This is a special compilation featuring footage from past Ultra shows.


Thunder Darambia[edit]


Original title:

  • Super Synthetic Monster - Neo Darambia (超合成獣 ネオダランビア)

ValkieClass Darambia.jpg

  • Footage from Ultraman Dyna series
  • Episode 2: A New Light (Part 2) (新たなる光(後編))
  • Humans were studying the possibility to expand on Mars. When aliens attacked the Mars base suddenly, Ultraman Dyna appeared for the first time and battle the kaiju, Neo Darambia.



Original title:

  • Kidnapping Phantom - Kemurloid (誘拐怪人 ケムール人)

ValkieClass Kemurloid.jpg

  • Footage from Ultra Q series
  • Episode 19: The Challenge from the Year 2020 (2020年の挑戦)
  • Humans began disappearing after getting in contact with a goo-like substance. The police tracked down the culprit, Kermuloid, and was able to defeat it by firing a beam from Tokyo Tower.

King Pandon[edit]


Original title:

  • Twin-headed Kaiju - King Pandon (双頭怪獣 キングパンドン)

ValkieClass KingPandon.jpg

  • Footage from the movie Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers (大決戦!超ウルトラ8兄弟)
  • Super Alien Hipporito has summoned King Pandon to the real world, a universe where Ultraman only existed in TV shows, as part of an elaborate scheme to destroy the Ultras from all universe. Ultraman Mebius was also brought to this world to assist in stopping the scheme.



Original title:

  • Undersea Hominid - Ragon (海底原人 ラゴン)

ValkieClass Ragon.jpg

  • Footage from Ultraman series
  • Episode 4: Five Seconds before the Big Explosion (大爆発五秒前)
  • An atomic bomb was accidentally dropped into the ocean and exploded. Exposed to radiation on of the Ragon grew to giant size and became violent. It also obtained the ability to shoot white radiation beam from its mouth. It sank into the ocean after being hit by Ultraman's Specium Ray.



Original title:

  • Moth Chouju - Doragorie (蛾超獣 ドラゴリー)

ValkieClass Doragorie.jpg

  • Footage from Ultraman Ace series
  • Episode 8: Life of the Sun, Life of Ace (太陽の命 エースの命)
  • Doragorie was a super beast created by Yapool. Together with Alien Metron Jr and kaiju Muruchi, the three managed overpowered Ultraman Ace. But when Muruchi accidentally rammed into Doragorie, the angered chouju teared Muruchi apart, killing it in the process.

Tiga Dark[edit]


ValkieClass TigaDark1.jpg ValkieClass TigaDark2.jpg

  • Footage from the movie Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey (ウルトラマンティガ THE FINAL ODYSSEY)
  • In the ancient times, Tiga was originally a warrior of darkness, but he eventually abandoned darkness and turned to the way of light. He sealed the three Dark Giants and absorbed their respective powers, giving him his current silver-red-blue Multi Type form.
  • After the final battle (TV series), Daigo lost his power to transform into Tiga. Kamila, Tiga's former lover in the ancient times, restored his power. But due to the power of darkness, Daigo transformed into Tiga's original form - Tiga Dark. Tiga Dark battles his former comrades, absorbing their powers and regained his form as Ultraman Tiga.
  • Power Type (red form) - gained when absorbing Daaram's strength
  • Sky Type (blue form) - gained when absorbing Hyudra's agility
  • Multi Type (default form) - gained while saving others and absorbing Kamila's darkness
  • The other form that is shown here, Glitter Tiga, appeared when the other dormant giants in the ruins gave Tiga their power of light.

Alien Valkie[edit]


Original title:

  • Space Fisherman - Alien Valkie (宇宙海人 バルキー星人)

ValkieClass AlienValkie.jpg

  • Footage from Ultraman Taro series
  • Episode 53: Goodbye Taro! Mother of Ultra! (さらばタロウよ! ウルトラの母よ!)
  • Alien Valkie came to Earth to hunt the Sea Beast Samekujira. He arrived in the middle of Ultraman Taro and Samekujira's fight. His plan failed when ZAT interfered and Taro destroyed Samekujira. Later on, Ultraman Taro returned his Ultra Badge to Ultra Mother so Taro's human host, Kotaro, can continue his life as a normal human. Bitter from his previous defeat, Alien Valkie confronted Kotaro to settle his score with Ultraman Taro. Unable to transform, Kotaro with his quick thinking led Valkie into an oil refinery, and was able to set the alien ablaze, killing it.


  • Although the Black King doll is displayed, Alien Valkie never goes through its abilities.
  • One of the CM in this episode is about a UltraSeven themed stage drama, The Lonely Earthling (独りぼっちの地球人), produced by Tsuburaya Productions. Its cast features multiple past Ultra shows actors, including:
    • Kazami Shingo (風見しんご)
      • In Ultraman Cosmos movies as Kido (キド)
    • Moritsugu Kouji (森次晃嗣)
      • In UltraSeven as Dan Moroboshi / UltraSeven (モロボシ・ダン / ウルトラセブン)
    • Hirata Misato (平田弥里)
      • In Ultraman Mebius as Amagai Knonmi (アマガイ・コノミ)
    • Minami Shouta (南翔太)
      • In The Ultra Galaxy series as Rei (レイ)
    • Kase Nobuyuki (加瀬信行)
      • In Ultraman Dyna as Kariya Kouhei (カリヤ・コウヘイ)
    • Otaki Akitoshi (大滝明利)
      • In Ultraman Tiga as Deputy Captain Munakata Seiichi (副隊長ムナカタ・セイイチ)