Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

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Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey
TigaMovie Poster.jpg
Director Muraishi Hirochika
Producer Suzuki Kiyoshi
Writer Hasegawa Keiichi
Composer Yano Tatsumi
Cinematography Oooka Shinichi
Editor Matsuki Akira
  • Tsuburaya Productions
  • Bandai
  • Bandai Visual
  • TBS
  • Mainichi Broadcasting System
  • Kodansha
  • Yomiko
Distributor Sony Pictures Entertainment (Retail)
Release date(s) March 11, 2000 (2000-03-11)
Running time 85 minutes
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Ultraman Tiga
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The Ultraman Tiga movie that takes place after the events of the TV series.


Light?! Darkness?! The 30-million-year legend of Tiga finally concludes!!
(光か闇か?! 3000万年ティガ伝説、ついに完結!!)


  • 2 years after the events of Ultraman Tiga, a TPC research team is sent to investigate the historical ruins of R'lyeh, the site of Tiga's final battle with Gatanozoa. GUTS' Captain Iruma volunteers for the expedition to survey the ancient ruins. While exploring the ruins, the team suddenly unearths three dark giants. Iruma strongly protests the team's current activity when she realizes the main objective is to extract the statues from the ruins, so that TPC can study the secret to the power of the giants. The dark giants are awakened from their long period of being sealed and they turn the expedition into a massacre by killing the whole crew. Iruma is left being the only survivor.
  • Daigo is living a peaceful life with Rena together, but it is eventually interrupted by the awakening of the three dark giants. Daigo has recurring visions of himself encountering the giants. In one of the visions, Daigo uses the Dark Spark Lens and transforms into a dark version of Tiga. Then, he learns Tiga was once a dark giant who brought chaos to the world. The visions keep haunting Daigo, he seeks Yuzare for help about Tiga's past. Instead, he encounters the dark giants one last time and finally obtains the Dark Spark Lens from them. Daigo accepts it is his responsibility to prevent another chaos from happening, so he suits up and deploys to R'lyeh to settle everything against the giants.
  • Daigo returns to Rena's side with victory, the couple can continue living their peaceful life together.



Global Unlimited Task Squad


Terrestrial Peaceable Consortium

Dark Giants[edit]


Stunt Actors[edit]

  • Ultraman Tiga and Tiga Blast - Gondo Shunsuke ウルトラマンティガ、ティガ・ブラスト - 権藤俊輔
  • Tiga Tornado, Darramb - Nakamura Koji ティガ・ティガトルネード、ダーラム - 中村浩二
  • Tiga Dark - Hasegawa Keiji ティガダーク - 長谷川恵司

Tiga's Origin[edit]

Tiga Dark (ティガダーク)
Tiga Tornado (ティガトルネード)
Tiga Blast (ティガブラスト)

Dark Giants[edit]

Kamila (カミーラ)

Darramb (ダーラム)

Hudra (ヒュドラ)

Songs Used[edit]

Opening Song[edit]

Brave Love, TIGA
Singer: Earth Defense Organization
Lyrics: Sun Plaza Nakano
Composer: BarbeQ Wasada
Arranger: Fukuda Yasuhiko
Scenes during the final episode of the series.

Ending Song[edit]

Singer: V6
Lyrics: Jennifer Batten, Alberto Emilio Contini, Giancarlo Pasquini and Suzuki Keimi
Composer: Jennifer Batten, Alberto Emilio Contini and Giancarlo Pasquini
Arranger: Hoshino Yasuhiko, Hagita Mitsuo and Suzuki Hiroaki


  • The movie includes Dyna's main cast because this is the final piece of the puzzle to notify the viewers that Dyna is the direct sequel to Tiga.

Actor Trivia[edit]

  • Basara Tenmei, previously played the human form of Alien Muzan in Ultraman Tiga.

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