Ultraman Ginga Theatrical Special

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Ultraman Ginga
Theatrical Special

ウルトラマンギンガ 劇場スペシャル
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Director Abe Yuuichi
Release date(s) September 7, 2013 (2013-09-07)
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Ultraman Ginga Series
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One night, six Spark Dolls hidden in the mountains emitted a special wave. Sensing the wave, Hikaru and Taro gathered the group to search for the dolls. At the same time, the Dark Ruler also sent Alien Icarus to collect the dolls. A race to find the dolls begins!


Ultraman Tiga


GingaChara Ultraman Tiga.png

  • Host: Raidou Hikaru
  • Height: 53m (In doll form: 14cm)
  • Weight: 44000t (In doll form: 150g)
  • Originated Series: Ultraman Tiga from the Ultraman Tiga series.



Ginga Jean-Nine.png

Ultraman Ginga


UltraGinga006 attack1.jpg

  • Attack: Ginga Cross Shoot

Movie Enemies

Alien Icarus


GingaChara Alien Icarus.png

  • Height: 40m (In doll form: 14cm)
  • Weight: 18000t (In doll form: 150g)
  • Originated Series: UltraSeven
  • Note:
  1. Revived by the Dark Ruler to replace Alien Valkie and to gather 6 Spark Dolls from the mountains to combine into Tyrant.
  2. He's the only one in the series to 'live' and combine multiple dolls at the same time.



GingaKaiju Tyrant.png

  • Height: 62m
  • Weight: 57000t
  • Originated Series: Ultraman Taro
  • Notes
  1. Form from the combination of Alien Icarus (ears), Seagoras (face), Bemstar (torso), Hanzagiran (back), Baraba (arms), Red King (legs) and King Crab (tail).
  2. Defeated by Ultraman Tiga and Jean-Nine.
  3. It does not have a doll form.

Dark Zagi


GingaChara Dark Zagi.png

  • Height: 50m (In doll form: 14cm)
  • Weight: 55000t (In doll form: 150g)
  • Originated Series: Ultraman Nexus
  • Notes:
  1. Revived by the Dark Ruler after Tyrant's defeat.
  2. His doll form was collect by the Dark Ruler after he's defeated by Ultraman Ginga. Hikaru did not obtain this doll.


  • The movie is aired together with the short film DaiKaiju Rush: DINO-TANK hunting.
  • The movie released the second verse of the opening song for the first time.
  • The first 5 minutes of the movie is a recap of episode 1 - 6.
  • Misuzu's phone ringer is the school song.
  • Taro commented that the Red-Blue-Sliver multi-form is how Tiga originally looks like, but according to the original series, Dark Tiga is actually Tiga's original form.


  • Raidou Hikaru - Negishi Takuya 礼堂ヒカル - 根岸拓哉
  • Isurugi Misuzu - Miyatake Mio 石動美鈴 - 宮武美桜
  • Watarai Kenta - Ohno Mizuki 渡会健太 - 大野瑞生
  • Kuno Chigusa - Kirara 久野千草 - 雲母(きらら)
  • Ichijouji Tomoya - Kusakawa Takuya 一条寺友也 - 草川拓弥
  • Raidou Hotsuma - Tsugawa Masahiko 礼堂ホツマ - 津川雅彦
  • Shirai Kyouko - Kino Hana 白井杏子 - 木野花
  • Officer Kakizaki Taichi - Shohei Uno 柿崎太一 - 宇野祥平

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