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The other major school in Kamen Rider Fourze.

Meaning of the School Name

While Amanogawa is the Japanese name for the Milky Way. Subaruboshi in English is the heavenly body known as Pleiades or the Seven Sisters (Interestingly, in Japanese it's called the "Six Stars").

The interesting thing about Subaru 昴 is that as Boushoku 昴宿, it is one of the 28 sections that the Chinese used to split up the sky. This may sound familiar to Fushigi Yuugi fans. (Subaru is one of the Byakko celestial warriors).

A picture of the school logo:
The kanji in the middle say Subaruboshi. The six stars represent the Japanese name (versus the Seven Sisters in Western naming). The logo also sort of looks like a Chinese coin. The logo is most commonly seen on Ryuusei's school uniform. It's in his top left corner.

School Theme

Overall the school theme matches Ryuusei's Chinese/Bruce Lee/martial arts theme. The school uniform is tan brown and somewhat Chinese looking. The school name itself is a reference to the Chinese way of sectioning the sky.

Significant Characters

Sakuta Ryuusei


Regular character after he's introduced.

The exchange student to Amanogawa High School. He's effectively the second Rider of the series. He's supposed to only be at Amanogawa High for six months.

Misaki Nadeshiko


Appears in Mega Max.

A student from Subaruboshi High School who becomes Gentarou's first love in the Mega Max movie.

Yamada Tatsumori

山田 竜守

Appears in Kamen Rider Fourze 31 and 32

Played by Kawahara Kazuma

A transfer student from Amanogawa High School. He essentially swapped places with Ryuusei. Even at Subaruboshi, he still wears his blue Amanogawa school uniform.

A member of the theater club. His main role is playwright.

Shirakawa Mei

白川 芽以

Appears in Kamen Rider Fourze 30, 31, and 32

Played by Natsui Runa

A strong-willed girl at Subaruboshi. People joke that she's Ryuusei's girlfriend. The DC of episodes 31-32 reveal that she's a part of the literature club. The Rider Club tease her by calling her Ryuusei's girlfriend.

Iseki Jirou

井石 二郎

Played by Yokohama Ryusei

Reoccurring character.

Ryuusei's best friend. Because he was jealous of Ryuusei's strength, he tried to use a Switch to become stronger. This caused an accident which left Jirou in a comatose state.

Tachibana reaches out to Ryuusei and gives him Meteor so that Ryuusei can save Jirou.

Iseki is similar sounding to inseki, the Japanese word for meteorite.

Seta Azusa

瀬田 あずさ

Appears in Kamen Rider Fourze 31

Played by Hiromura Mitsumi

The gym teacher who is forced to terribly pronounce English under Yamada's control. In the DC version of episode 31, Gentarou becomes excited when he sees how attractive she is.


This school becomes the main setting for episodes 31 and 32.