Amanogawa High School

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天ノ川学園高校 Amanogawa Gakuen Koukou

One of the two main schools in Kamen Rider Fourze. Shortened to AHS and Ama High (Ama Kou).

Because a phenomenon known as The Hole exists over the school, there are cases of people transforming into monsters known as Zodiarts. They use Astro Switches which control the Cosmic Energy that comes from The Hole to transform into their Zodiarts forms.

The campus is the size of a small city. This is because Director Gamou Mitsuaki is using the school as a testing ground to create Zodiarts and search for the Twelve Zodiac Apostles. By treating the campus as a city, Gamou is able to exert greater control and suppress potential scandals caused by the Zodiarts incidents.

However, sometimes the police are called in to investigate the incidents at the school. When Principal Hayami's charms aren't enough to quell the mothers of the students, Gamou will personally step in and brainwash the police investigators.

The other main school in the show is Subaruboshi High School.


The school is named after the Japanese word for "The Milky Way" galaxy. It literally means "the river of heaven", because the Milky Way stars looked like a river in the sky to ancient easterners.