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Birth Date: (1992-09-07) September 7, 1992 (age 28)
Blood Type: B
Height: 5 ft 1 in (157 cm)

A Japanese idol and actress. Part of Idoling!!! and Hop Club


Likes movies, museums, and walking.

Skills include judo and massage.

Idolizes Angelina Jolie.

Refers to herself using "uchi". Speaks with a Kyoto accent.

Is Left-handed.

Her motto is "Happy smile. The more you smile, the more fortune you get."

Likes "Legally Blonde" and "Katen no Shiro" movies. Book she likes is "Master of the Game".

For foods, she really likes yukke. Doesn't hate any foods. Favorite drink is Oronamin C.


People say she's an airhead. She and Hashimoto Kaede are known as the Baka Sisters.

As a child, she really liked HyakuJyu Sentai GaoRanger.

While doing a nationwide publicity tour for the Shinkenger movie, she and numerous other members contracted a new strain of influenza. As such, she had to cancel appearances to several things, including a live Idoling event.

In the Morita family, all members eat dinner and take a bath together. It's also a rule to say "Have a safe trip" and "Good night" with a kiss.






  • 2010 へなちょこビーナス(9月1日 - 5日)
  • 2010 ぼくんち(9月28日 - 10月3日)
  • 2010 朗読劇 ドッカンぐらぐら(1月28日、中野ザ・ポケット)
  • 2011 Girls Prison Opera ガールズ プリズン オペラ(3月30日 - 4月3日)
  • 2011 女の子ものがたり(4月30日 - 5月8日)
  • 2011 PEACE MAKER ~新撰組参上~ (6月3日-12日)
  • 2012 あるジーサンに線香を(4月20日 - 28日、三越劇場・中日劇場)

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