Hanaori Kotoha

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Hanaori Kotoha 花織ことは

Played by Morita Suzuka

Becomes ShinkenYellow on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.


A real country girl. She speaks with an accent. She's happy-go-lucky and likes to play her flute. Secretly, she has a low opinion of herself and considers herself clumsy and stupid.


Hanaori Mitsuba


Kotoha's older sister. Mitsuba was the one who taught Kotoha how to play the flute (often doing it to comfort Kotoha after being bullied at school.)

Mitsuba was the one who was originally going to be ShinkenYellow, but she was too sickly to do so. So Kotoha went in her steed.

Kotoha decided to smile and hide her tears, so that her sister wouldn't cry for her. Act 06

Tani Chiaki

Chiaki secretly watches out for Kotoha and may have feelings for her. In Act 6, he became angry when Kotoha was belittling herself. There are many character moments that they share together. They're the youngest two members of the Shinkenger team with Kotoha being the youngest and Chiaki next in line.


シンケンイエロー ShinkenMaru transformed: Land Slicer

Saru Origami

Gorilla Origami 猿折神

Kotoha's Land Emblem transforms into Saru Origami. This forms Shinken-Oh's left arm.