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20th Ultraman Series
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Main Characters

Night Raiders

Komon Kazuki (孤門 一輝)

Nexus cast03.jpg

  • Played by Kawakubo Takuji (川久保 拓司)
  • Komon Kazuki was a rescue worker before he was chosen and recruited into the Night Raiders by TLT director Matsunaga Youichirou. When Komon was a child, he was nearly drowned and was saved, and thus wants to help others too, which was why he accepted the invitation to join the TLT. Because he was saved by Ultraman in the first episode, he did not agree to the decision of other members of the TLT to attack Ultraman as they deemed him a threat.

Saijou Nagi (西条 凪)

Nexus cast04.jpg

  • Played by Sato Yasue (佐藤 康恵)
  • Saijou Nagi is the deputy captain of the Night Raiders. Because of incidents ranging from her mother being killed by a Space Beast, to her former lover Mizorogi Shinya turning to the dark side, she hates Space Beasts a lot, and vows to destroy them. Her seriousness also led to her being extremely strict and sometimes disrespectful to new member Komon Kazuki.

Wakura Eisuke (和倉 英輔)

Nexus cast05.jpg

  • Played by Ishibashi Tamotsu (石橋 保)
  • Wakura Eisuke is the captain of the Night Raiders. He is a good and caring captain, and trusts in Komon Kazuki despite deputy captain Saijou Nagi's negativity of him.

Hiraki Shiori (平木 詩織)

Nexus cast06.jpg

  • Played by Gotou Keiko (五藤 圭子)
  • Hiraki Shiori is a young woman who is an expert marksman despite her cute appearance. She trained Komon Kazuki before he became a Night Raider.

Ishibori Mitsuhiko (石堀 光彦)

Nexus cast07.jpg

  • Played by Kato Kosei (加藤 厚成)
  • Ishibori Mitsuhiko is the analyzer and tactician of the Night Raiders, often helping the team decide the best strategy to attack Space Beasts.

TLT Staff

Kirasawa Yuu (吉良沢 優)

Nexus cast kirasawa yuu.jpg

  • Played by Tanaka Nobuhiko (田中 伸彦)
  • Also known as Illustrator. The strategist of the TLT, he operates from the Combat Information Center (CIC). He is a calm and intelligent young man who is almost never shown to step out of the CIC, instead using a hologram of himself to talk to people anywhere in the TLT base.

Matsunaga Youichirou (松永 要一郎)

Nexus cast matsunaga youichirou.jpg

  • Played by Horiuchi Masami (堀内 正美)
  • The director of TLT. He lost his wife during the events of Ultraman, and thus wants to learn about the secrets of the light of Ultraman in order to protect the planet. He has a daughter named Matsunaga Hazuki, and is very protective of her and loves her dearly.

Tougou (東郷)

Nexus cast tougou.jpg

  • Played by Sahara Kenji (佐原 健二)
  • The chief of TLT-Japan. He is a strict and no-nonsense elderly man who is often seen questioning members of the Night Raiders and discussing strategies with leaders of the TLT.

Memory Police

Shutou Saya (首藤 沙耶)

Nexus cast shuto saya.jpg

  • Played by Hidaka Hitomi (日高 ひとみ)
  • The head of the Memory Police branch of the TLT. She is a serious middle-aged woman who is firm about her decisions, and is respected by her subordinates.

Himeya Arc

Himeya Jun (姫矢 准) / Ultraman Nexus

Nexus cast01.jpg

  • Played by Kirishima Yusuke (桐島 優介)
  • The first person in the series to receive the power to transform into Ultraman, although he is technically the second Dunamist because of the events of Ultraman. He has a rather serious personality, determined to save humanity after he failed to protect a young girl, Sera, whom he met during an assignment for his former photojournalism job. After transforming into Ultraman, he can shift into the red Jeunes form.

Saida Riko (斎田 リコ)
  • Played by Nakamaru Shion (中丸 シオン)
  • Komon's girlfriend, who is very kind and loving to him.

Mizorogi Shinya (溝呂木 眞也)

Sera (セラ)
  • Played by Tanaka Mai (田中 舞)
  • A little girl who Himeya meets while on an assignment to take photos of a war. She treated him when he was injured, and the two soon formed a friendship with each other. Tragically, she was caught in the war-zone and killed before Himeya's very own eyes.

Negoro Jinzou (根来 甚蔵)

Sakuta Megumi (佐久田 恵)

Ren Arc

Senju Ren (千樹 憐) / Ultraman Nexus

Nexus cast02.jpg

  • Played by Uchiyama Masato (内山 眞人)
  • The next person to become a Dunamist after Himeya Jun vanished after a climatic battle. He has a lively and cheerful personality. After transforming into Ultraman, he can shift into the Jeunes Blue form.

Harisu Naoichi (針巣 直市)

Nexus cast harisu naoichi.jpg

  • Played by Kikuchi Eiichi (きくち 英一)
  • The owner of the amusement park cafe, where Ren works at. He is a good and friendly boss.

Ojiro Takashi (尾白 高志)

Nexus cast ojiro takashi.jpg

  • Played by Suzuki Kei (鈴木 圭)
  • Ren's colleague at the amusement park cafe. He is a friendly young man.

Matsunaga Hazuki (松永 葉月)

TLT Staff

Mizuhara Sara (水原 沙羅)

Nexus cast mizuhara sara.jpg

  • Played by Touyama Kyouko (遠山 景織子)
  • An inspector from the United States branch of the TLT, she was involved in the events Ultraman when her lover fell under control of The One.

Kaimoto Hayato (海本 隼人)

Nexus cast kaimoto hayato.jpg

  • Played by Kitaoka Hisataka (北岡 久貴)
  • Mizuhara Sara's assistant. He follows her around during her visit to TLT Japan's base. Although he looks very serious, he is actually very caring, shown by his concern for Senju Ren.

Memory Police

Nonomiya Mizuo (野々宮 瑞生)

Nexus cast nonomiya mizuo.jpg

  • Played by Miyashita Tomomi (宮下 ともみ)
  • A member of the Memory Police. She was tasked with stalking Senju Ren to find out more about him, but was spotted and eventually became very close friends with him.

Misawa Hiroyuki (三沢 広之)

Nexus cast misawa hiroyuki.jpg


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