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20th Ultraman Series
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The person who transforms into Ultraman is known as the Dunamist. From episode 5's Japanese title, we know that Dunamist means the "One of appropriate ability/適能者".

It is suggested that this is derived from the Greek word dunamis which means "miraculous power". Or dýnamis which is closer to the Japanese meaning, "able, having ability to perform". Thanks to people on Tumblr for explaining this.

Dunamist's Items

The Evoltruster. Himeya Jun firing the Evoltruster like a gun. Himeya Jun using the Evoltruster to fire a flare into the sky to call for the Stone Flügel.

Evoltruster エボルトラスター
The Dunamist's transformation device which allows him to become Ultraman.
The Evoltruster can also be wielded gun-like and is able to fire a powerful blast which can destroy weaker Space Beasts in just one hit, and also fire a flare which summons the Stone Flügel.

The Stone Flügel in Ultraman Nexus, used by the Dunamist as a form of transport and healing.

Stone Flügel ストーンフリューゲル
Spelled Stone Fleugal on the toy packaging.
Max speed - Mach 7
A flying stone device that allows the Dunamist to travel through the air, as well as healing the Dunamist from battle wounds.
Flügel is German for Wings.

Ultraman Nexus Forms


アンファンス Probably derived from the French word "enfance", which means "childhood".

The Anphans form is Ultraman's default form, which the Dunamist will become after transforming. It is mostly grey and silver, except for the V-shaped color timer which is red.


  • Anphans Punch アンファンスパンチ
  • Anphans Chop アンファンスチョップ
  • Anphans Kick アンファンスキック
  • Anphans Power アンファンスパワー
  • Anphans Whip アンファンスホイップ
  • Particle Phaser パーティクル・フェザー
  • Cross Ray Strom クロスレイ・シュトローム
  • Circle Shield サークルシールド
  • Saving Viewt セービングビュート
  • Mach Move マッハムーブ
  • Aura Mirage オーラミラージュ
  • Spinning Rush Kick スピニングクラッシュキック
  • Core Final コアファイナル


ジュネッス Probably from the French word "jeunes", meaning "young/juvenile".

From the Anphans form, Ultraman can shift into the Jeunes form, which grants him important abilities like being able to summon the Metafield. This form is used by Himeya Jun. It is mostly red with some silver and black, with a blue diamond-shaped color timer which flashes red when Ultraman is heavily injured.


  • Phase Shift Wave フェーズシフトウエーブ
  • Jeunes Punch ジュネッスパンチ
  • Jeunes Kick ジュネッスキック
  • Over Ray Strom オーバーレイ・シュトローム
  • Core Impulse コアインパルス
  • Nexus Hurricane ネクサスハリケーン
  • Board Ray Phaser ボードレイ・フェザー
  • Spill Ray ? スピルレイ・ジェネレード

Jeunes Blue


From the Anphans form, Ultraman can shift into the Jeunes Blue form, which grants him different abilities from the Jeunes form, save for the Metafield. This form is used by Senju Ren. It is mostly blue and silver, with a blue diamond-shaped color timer which flashes red when Ultraman is heavily injured.


  • Arrow Ray Strom アローレイ・シュトローム
  • Over Arrow Ray Strom オーバーアローレイ・シュトローム
  • Strom Sword シュトロームソード
  • Jeunes Blue Punch ジュネッスブルーパンチ
  • ? Knuckle ジェネレードナックル
  • Jeunes Blue Elbow ジュネッスブルーエルボー
  • Jeunes Blue Kick ジュネッスブルーキック
  • Jeunes Blue Whip ジュネッスブルーホイップ
  • ? ナックレイ・ジェネレード



An orange-colored sphere which Ultraman summons. It teleports Ultraman, and any Space Beasts, humans and planes caught within it to an alternate dimension, likely to avoid causing damage to the surroundings. He has to be in Jeunes or Jeunes Blue form in order to do this, although it is unknown whether he is able to do so in Noa form.