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20th Ultraman Series
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The Terrestrial Liberation Trust, or TLT for short, is the organization responsible for defending Earth against extraterrestrial threats in Ultraman Nexus. Its base is called Fortress Freedom and is hidden under a hydroelectric dam in the mountainous Kanto region.

Night Raiders

The Night Raiders are a division of the TLT. It's job is to do field operations to destroy Space Beasts.

The Night Raiders' machines are called Chrome Chesters. They can combine to perform different types of attacks or obtain new powers, such as entering the Metafield.


  • NR Special Suits (NRスペシャルスーツ)
  • Pulse Breaker (パルスブレイガー)
  • NRmet (NRメット)
The helmet.
  • Divide Launcher (ディバイトランチャー)



  • Chrome Chester Alpha (クロムチェスターα)
Length: 9.7m
Maximum Speed: Mach 2
Maximum Crew: 2
  • Chrome Chester Beta (クロムチェスターβ)
Length: 8m
Maximum Speed: Mach 1.5
Maximum Crew: 2
  • Chrome Chester Gamma (クロムチェスターγ)
Length: 9m
Maximum Speed: Mach 5
Maximum Crew: 2
  • Chrome Chester Delta (クロムチェスターδ)
Length: 12.5m
Maximum Speed: Mach 7
Maximum Crew: 2
First Appearance: Episode 20
A new type of plane that can enter the Metafield by itself without combining.
  • Strike Chester (ストライクチェスター)
Length: 15.5m
Maximum Speed: Mach 5
Maximum Crew: 5
With Chrome Chester Alpha, Chrome Chester Beta and Chrome Chester Gamma combined, they can go into Strike Formation and form the Strike Chester. This combined plane can enter the Metafield. Combining the planes has to be done manually, and requires a lot of practice and accuracy.
  • Hyper Strike Chester (ハイパーストライクチェスター)
Length: 15.5m
Maximum Speed: Mach 7
Maximum Crew: 5
With all 4 Chrome Chesters combined using the Hyper Strike Formation, the Hyper Strike Chester is formed.
Ultimate Vanisher (ウルティメットバニッシャー)
Hyper Strike Vanisher (パーストライクバニッシャー)


  • Mega Cannon Chester (メガキャノンチェスター)
Length: 13m
Height: 10m
Maximum Speed: 250km/h
Maximum Crew: 5
  • Dig Chester (ディグチェスター)

Memory Police

Lethe, the Sea of Oblivion.

The Memory Police, or MP for short, is a division of the TLT, which specializes in erasing memories of encounters with Space Beasts of their victims.


  • Memoraser (メモレーザー)
A cellphone-like device which can erase the memory of a person of anything to do with Space Beasts and Ultramen, and the existence of the TLT. It decides what to wipe by using keywords stored in the target's memory, such as "Ultraman".
  • Lethe (レーテ)
AKA The Sea of Oblivion (忘却の海)
Can be described as a Super-Memoraser. It functions similarly to the Memoraser, but it can target multiple humans in a massive area, possibly globally.


来訪者 raihou-sha

The Visitors are aliens who provide the TLT with many of their equipments, known as Over Technologies, such as the Optic Camouflage and the Memoraser. They lost their home planet in an explosion, and seek refuge on Earth, and are protected by the TLT in the Fortress Freedom. They have a luminous and tiny body.