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Episode 01
Fossil 化石
Garo -Makai no Hana- episode
Writer Amemiya Keita
Director Amemiya Keita
Original air date April 7, 2014 (2014-04-07)
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Episode 02
Dangerous Bug
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Garo -Makai no Hana-
Fossil 化石 Garo Makai no Hana 02 >

Important things that happened[edit]


Horror Azdab


Stunt actor: Iwakami Hirokazu (岩上 弘数)

Slab: 1/9

A fish monster formed from a Horror that possesses a guard named Sekiya who was near the stone slab when it was destroyed.


  • Sekiya (Azdab's human form) - Himura Yuki セキヤ(アズダブ人間態) - 日村勇紀
  • Meme - 生出陽葵 メメ - 生出陽葵
  • Man in Glasses - Akayama Kenta 眼鏡をかけた男  - 赤山建太



  • This episode was originally set to air April 5th, but was pushed back to April 7 at 12:35 AM because of A New Legend Special (新たな伝説スペシャル, A TV special).
  • This is the first Garo TV episode directed by Amemiya since Makai Senki 25, March 29, 2012. A span of over two years.
  • Himura Yuki was also Daruma on the show akihabara@deep.