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The Bond of Painful Special Training is Crossed with Conspiracy on the Road to being Official


Air date: May 25, 2012

Important things that happened

  • It starts by playing the opening to the anime Z-Cune Aoi!
  • It's revealed the Hakase's father worked on Z-Cune Aoi. Before that, he created Majo Kamen Luna Sailor at a previous anime studio.
  • The battle ends up in reality again. After defeating the enemy, Yumeria hands out her cosplayer cards. One of the people she hands a card to has his face obscured by scraggly long hair. The camera stays on him as ominous music plays.

Chief Clerk

Tsukishima Alpaca 月島アルパカ (Voiced by Seki Tomokazu 関智一)

A long-necked alpaca. He starts off with only the ability to make monjayaki, apparently a specialty food in Tsukishima. He fights with the same metal spatulas that he uses to cook monja.

Guest Stars

Staff in charge of the Aoi anime - Murata Mitsu 村田充 (The male villain from Hibiki)

Super Sentai References

  • The Toei producer is a real person. His full name is Tsukada Hideaki and has produced many well-known shows for Toei.
    • The Hurricaneger diary that Akagi mentions is this one.
  • When they reach the Toei building, they mention the JyuKen Sentai GekiRanger and Engine Sentai Go-Onger movies.
  • When Kozukozu is alone in the cafe, the Mahou Sentai MagiRanger theme is playing in the background.
  • References Changeman episode one during the training scene.
  • Cooking scene from GekiRanger.
  • Kozukozu dances to the ZyuRanger theme song.
  • Go-Onger GP-31 for the third training scene.
  • Training 4: CarRanger vs OhRanger.
  • In his rollcall, Akagi says he wants to eat Liveman's Misaki Megumi / Blue Dolphin's beef stew.
  • The mysterious man is played by Yao Kazuki, the voice actor for Ninjaman and other Sentai characters.


  • They intentionally ran a caption over a boring scene to parody the way those text appear in actual Sentai shows. When Akagi gets up, the caption disappears.
  • The chief clerk quotes the father not hitting him line from Gundam when Red hits him.
  • There's another Gabian movie poster when Akagi and the others are at the Toei building.
  • When Malshiina is imitating Tsukada on the phone, she has a figure with her. The figure looks just like Tsukada's representation of himself in the Hurricaneger comic. A picture.
  • In Studio Triangle, there's posters for more fake Metal Heroes:
    • Ginga Keiji Gabian. "The shining Galaxy Sheriff who cuts through the darkness." Airs Saturday at 6:30 at night starting April, 2004.
    • Ginga Keiji Sharian. "The explosive birth of a Galaxy Sheriff who's as hot as the sun." "Do you know what 'justice' really means?" Starts on BS-Asa April, 2005.
    • Ginga Keiji Shainaa. "The strongest and third Galaxy Sheriff. His name is..."
    • To the right of these posters is one for Majo Kamen Luna Sailor, presumably a riff on Sailor Moon. There's no year or time like the Ginga Keiji posters, it only says that the series will begin in March. There's a catchphrase on the poster, but it's hard to see.
  • Akagi says that this is the first time they did the rollcall correctly, but Yumeria doesn't actually say her name still.
  • From the Niji Yome Gakuen Z-Cune Aoi anime credits in the beginning, we see that the character design uses a kanji set that couldn't possibly be Tsuzuki Takehiro.

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