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Episode 8

Delusional Itasshaa Blasts Through the Boundaries!

The Sou 走 in Mousou here uses the kanji for "running, dashing". Normally the Sou 想 stands for "thought, idea".

Air date: May 18, 2012

Important things that happened

  • Hakase unlocks a safe and pulls out sketches of Malshiina and MMZ-01. Both drawn by T. Tsuzuki. She asks, "Why did you entrust this to me, Papa?"
    • Later, Malshiina says that Hakase's father is named Takehiro.
  • Yumeria and Mitsuki cosplay as characters from the Aoi anime. During this scene, an otaku (played by character designer Satou Keiichi) sitting in the cafe is mouthing the lines with them. Mitsuki says this is her first time cosplaying, since the last one was just Akagi's delusion.
  • Malshiina sends the hero cafe flowers with a card saying that she's opening Warukichi, which means "Bad Base"; sort of the opposite if the hero's Himitsukichi/Secret Base.
  • One of the buildings on Malshiina's card is Otamix, which was mentioned in a previous episode.

Monster of the Week

Yoyogi Sujibokehashirigumo 代々木スジボケハシリグモ

Yoyogi is a district in Tokyo known for its sports facilities, as many of them hosted events in the 1964 Olympics.
The scientific name for the Dolomedes hercules Boes. et Str. spider.
Not a humanoid enemy. He latches onto a Shachiiku, which allows him to talk and fight through it.

Guest Stars

Itokutora DANCEROID as a cafe employee (Houka from MagiRanger)

Super Sentai References

Tikutter posts

The in-show version of Twitter. These are comments that Mitsuki was reading on her phone:

  • RED @megane_musume posted: "I wonder if the 3 member hero group will appear in Akihabara today! Looking for people to wait with me."
  • merikensack @meriken posted: "I wonder if the robo in Akihabara was just a rumor. Or maybe it was actually a terrorist act?"
  • Kami Tarou @neko_daisuki @meriken: "It's just a hero show www"
  • Momoko @momoko @megane_musume: "Where should we go in Akihabara?"


  • When Akagi slaps Yumeria's head thing, she blasts him with psychic energy.
  • Yumeria takes on an extremely docile personality this week, matching her cosplay character. She uses a lot of words that end in -teki, which is like the Japanese equivalent to adverbs.
  • Akagi still hasn't come up with a name for their normal attack.
  • The monologue in the ending is back. This time, Mitsuki talks about watching Sentai DVDs and unconsciously imitating the action.
  • In AkibaRanger they use tikutter instead of Twitter.
  • The vampires in reality were just people that Malshiina hired using bentou. She also asks the actors to line up so that she can give them a kiss as thanks.
  • Apparently, random people who weren't vampire actors heard Malshiina say this and tried to get a kiss anyway.
  • When they chase the Shachiiku over the hurdles, cancan music is played in the background.

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