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にじよめ学園 ズキューーン葵 Name means "Rainbow Bride Academy Z-Cune Aoi". Z-Cune is a fancy way of writing Zukyuun, the Japanese onomatopoeia for a gunshot. Considering this is an anime that otaku like, Nijiyome might be a contraction for Nijigen Yome or "Two-dimensional Bride".

An anime that exists in the show Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger.


Satomi's late father was researching Seed, a lifeform from space. Seed fuses with lifeforms to give them explosive powers, however it turns its host into a ferocious monster in the process. There may be some exception to this with humans, however.

Satomi continues her father's work, in the hopes to use Seed for peaceful purposes. But danger surrounds Satomi. A mysterious being named Seed Satan wants all the Seed for himself, and plots to take over the world with them. To protect her best friend, Aoi fuses with the seed to become a hero.


  • Ichikawa Aoi 市川葵 - Toyozuki Shuri 十夜月朱里
  • Funabashi Satomi 船橋サトミ: 滝津あゆら
  • Mamo マモ: 与 星吉
  • Bemuko ベム子: ハイサイ=ハコロ
  • Shadow Jeanne シードジェンヌ: 雉音和花

Narration ナレーション: 綿菊ちゅり

Voice actors

Toyozuki Shuri is known as the mysterious voice queen. She doesn't appear at events, nor does she reveal her face in magazines or her homepage. She's the mysterious beautiful voice actress. She also sings the theme song in-character.


  • Original Creator 原作: 占部立帆
  • Project 企画: 桑田愛菜
  • Producer プロデュース: 侠野みきほ?五井利香
  • Character Design キャラクターデザイン: 諸井幹太
  • Art Design 美術デザイン: 若家和夫
  • アニメーションキャラクターデザイン:玉戸さお 工原しげき
  • 原画: 工原しげき 雨宮 哲(TRIGGER) 福島 勇 長田好弘 和田夏樹 玉戸さお
  • コンテ・演出: たかたまさひろ
  • 色指定・検査: 永井留美子
  • 美術:デザインオフィスメカマン 小原志野
  • イントロダクションムービー: 浪漫映像制作倶楽部?
  • アニメーションコンポジット:タツノコプロ撮影部
  • アニメーション制作:ベルズンウィッスル
  • スーパーバイザー:keiichi・リー


Theme Song: 「Heroic lily」
Singer: Aoi 市川葵(十夜月朱里)

Questionable English

Zukyuun as Z-Cune. Probably just a stylistic choice.

The use of "lily" in the song name. Aoi's name means "hollyhock". If it were "lily" it would be "yuri" in Japanese. These two flower species aren't related, so it is unusual that they would be confused together.

However, it is worth noting that in several cultures the lily is a symbol of purity, a common theme in 'Magical Girl' anime is the concept of the purity and innocence of its lead heroes. Aoi is the "heroic lily", in other words a pure heroine. The use of Hollyhock, Lily and Seed in the show is probably just a thematic matter emphasizing the parody elements by using stereoytpical "cute" or "girly" things like flowers.

But as Aoi's theme song, it does come off as someone just mixing up the flowers and screwing up the cross language translation.

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