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Episode 7

Fly On, Great Leader! The Painful Trap of the Delusion Studio


Air date: May 11, 2012

Important things that happened

  • Mitsuki learns the importance of properly announcing her name.
  • After exiting the closet in the classroom, Malshiina notices one of the children's drawings on the wall has the name Hakase Hiroyo.
  • Akagi gains Jetman's Outrageous Power, wings that give him the ability to fly.
  • Malshiina appears in the real world.
  • The ending song plays through the whole ending for the first time since episode one.

Monster of the Week

Shimokitazawa Hoya 下北沢ホヤ

Voiced by Matsuno Taiki 松野太紀
Shimokitazawa is a district in Tokyo known for its stage theater and live music venues; hence theatricality being the motif of his attacks.
A hoya is a "sea squirt". This clerk has earrings and uses female speech patterns. This prompts Mitsuki to ask why he has a "gray zone" style of talking. His human form is also extremely flamboyant.

Guest Stars

Niibori Kazuo as himself 新堀和男.

Ikura - Itokutora DANCEROID as a cafe employee (DekaPink outfit). When Akagi asks her if her name is Itokutora, she corrects him by saying it's "Ikura". On her blog it says Ikura's official blog, so Ikura seems to be another name she goes by.

Super Sentai References


  • For her guest appearance, Itokutora posted a picture of herself as DekaPink on her blog here. She's a member of DANCEROID, the same group that Kozukozu's actress is in.
  • Akagi is able to recognize Hakase and Kozukozu's scene as being from Jetman just from a roulette, and two name tags that say "Gai" and "Gray".
  • While talking about the package from Toei, Kozukozu and the other waitress get in an imaginary battle.
  • At Toei studio they have a poster for Gabian the Movie, the bootleg toy from the delusion from episode 5.
  • When Mitsuki is dueling Hoya in the warehouse, she makes the <gan> and <bashi> sounds that Niibori taught her.
  • The otaku who fell victims to Hoya's trap are fans of Yoshii Yuuna 吉井優奈. This idol also appears in the ending song along with the AkibaRangers. Googling this name shows no results, so this must be a made-up character.

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