Wangan Midnight

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Wangan Midnight
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Director Muroga Atsushi
Writer Murakawa Yasutoshi
Muroga Atsushi
Composer 佐藤和郎
Release date(s) September 12, 2009 (2009-09-12)
Running time ?
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湾岸ミッドナイト Wangan = Bay coast

September 12, 2009 release


After Eriko's brother, Asakura Akio (朝倉晶夫), dies racing in his car, she sends the wrecked car to the junkyard to be scrapped. However, in a twist of fate, another young man also named Asakura Akio (朝倉アキオ) buys the wreckage for his own racing dreams. Is the Devil Z cursed?


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