Tokusatsu GAGAGA 02

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Episode 02
Toraiger Lady
Tokusatsu GAGAGA episode
Writer Tanbe Shigenori
Director Suenaga Sou
Action Director Ogura Toshihiro
Original air date January 25, 2019 (2019-01-25)
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Fan Rating 4.71 / 5
Episode chronology
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Tokusatsu GAGAGA 01
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Episode List
Tokusatsu GAGAGA
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Important things that happened[edit]


  • Toraiger (Voice) / Gou (Tsuchiya Kyousuke) - Yoshihara MasatoBOYS AND MEN トライガー(声) / ゴウ(土屋恭介) - 吉原雅斗
  • ?Tokunaga (Gossiping office lady) - Inuzaka Asana (SKE48) 徳永 - 犬塚あさな
  • ?Satsuki (Gossiping office lady) - ? 五月 - ?


Theme Song


  • No CMs because NHK is a publicly funded station.


  • Nakamura claims that Tsuchiya Kyousuke was on a something something House. This might be referring the the Japanese reality TV show Terrace House. Yoshida mentions he's a member of Zunon Boys which might be a parody of Junon Boys.
  • Lovecute is this drama's parody of Precure. Even the name is a portmanteau of two words like Precure with Pretty and Cure.
  • Jyushouwan's episode 4 title is "Fugi! You too?! I'll never forgive betrayal!"
  • According to the calendar in the background, the show takes place August 2018.
  • Emerjason is appearing in a live show with Shishileo. This nostalgic cameo is a frequent trick that Toei uses to encourage excitement from older fans or fans who don't watch the current shows but have fond memories of older ones.
  • Yoshida's actress is really 10 years older than Nakamura's actress. Kurashina Kana is 31 while Koshiba Fuka is 21.
  • Genka Shogun resembles GaoRanger's Rouki. This villain was also wolf themed and wielded a long blade like a crescent moon.
  • Nakamura's two gossiping coworkers who are always talking about their friend's boysfriends have names. They are ?Tokunaga (徳永) and Satsuki (五月).


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