Tokusatsu GAGAGA 01

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Episode 01
Tokusatsu Girl
Tokusatsu GAGAGA episode
Writer Tanbe Shigenori
Director Suenaga Sou
Action Director Ogura Toshihiro
Original air date January 18, 2019 (2019-01-18)
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Fan Rating 4.67 / 5
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Tokusatsu GAGAGA
Tokusatsu Girl
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Important things that happened[edit]


  • Karaoke Kaijin - Inada Tetsu カラオケ怪人 - 稲田徹
  • ?Tokunaga (Gossiping office lady) - Inuzaka Asana (SKE48) 徳永 - 犬塚あさな
  • ?Satsuki (Gossiping office lady) - ? 五月 - ?


Theme Song


  • No CMs because NHK is a publicly funded station.


  • Kano has a slight Osaka accent that slips through sometimes, like when she talks to herself. Her actress is also from Osaka.
  • When Shishileo summons his Lion Blades, the font is similar to the GaoRanger logo, a Sentai famous for its animal motif.
  • Kano curses her co-workers with golf games interrupting their favorite shows. Since Toei's super hero block happens on Sunday mornings, it's frequently the victim of being preempted by sports events like track or golf and such.
  • Kano likens her Shishileo keychain to the Christian's Ichthys symbol. The idea is that Christians would identify fellow members using this symbol, the way Kano will use her keychain to meet fellow otaku in secret.
  • Kano refers to the little kid as Damien. This is a reference to Damien, the son of the devil in the Omen series.
  • List of songs on the karaoke tablet:
    • Influencer by Nogizaka46.
    • Countless by SHINee. This is a Korean band.
    • Ito by Nakajima Miyuki. This song has been covered by many bands.
    • Zankoku na Tenshi no These by Takahashi Yoko. This is the theme song for Evangelion, a famous anime.
    • Memeshikute by Golden Bomber. Golden Bomber sings the theme song for this show. Their main singer also sung the theme song for Kamen Rider Wizard.
  • Child Kano buys an August edition for TV-Kids. This is a parody of the magazine TV-kun, which covers anime and tokusatsu shows. On the cover are some ninja looking heroes called Strangers (because it has rangers in the word?) and Emerjason.
  • Tokunaga is played by Inuzaka Asana who's in the group SKE48 like Uchiyama Mikoto who plays Mai in this series.


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