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Team Gaim (チーム鎧武)

A group in the show Kamen Rider Gaim. One of the Beat Rider teams in Zawame City.

One of their greatest rivals is Team Baron.


Sumii Yuuya


Played by Sakimoto Hiromi (崎本大海)
The leader of Team Gaim. In the first episode he tries to counter his team's losing streak by obtaining a Sengoku Driver. However, he mysteriously disappears, leaving behind the Sengoku Driver for Kouta to find.


Kazuraba Kouta


Armored Rider Gaim
Played by Sano Gaku (佐野 岳)
20 years old. Birthday January 30th.
He was the number 2 member for dance team Gaim, but left the team after graduating.
He went straight to work to put his older sister at ease. She's his only family, and raised him after their parents died.
He has a tendency to stick his neck out to help others when in need, with little care for himself. He happened to pick up the Sengoku Driver belt. Transforming into Gaim, he became caught in the battle between the teams.
He always fights for others. He is always trying to find his reason for fighting.

Kureshima Mitsuzane


Armored Rider Ryugen
Played by Takasugi Mahiro (高杉真宙)
16 years old
Nicknamed Micchi (ミッチ) by his fellow Team Gaim members
Team Gaim member. He's like a little brother to Kouta.
He keeps it secret, but his family are members of Yggdrasill Corporation. He also hides the fact that he goes to an elite high school from his friends.
Despite growing up affluent and having his future set for him, he still dreams of overcoming his destiny and breaking free from his rails.
He adores and slightly envies Kouta for being a dependable leader.

Takatsukasa Mai

高司 舞

Played by Shida Yuumi (志田友美)
17 years old.
A heroine who hopes to become a pro dancer.
Kouta's childhood friend and a Team Gaim member.
A determined young girl who acts like a big sister, helping take care of the other team members.
She treats Kouta like a competitor, but actually cares for him deeply for all the times he's stood up for her.




Played by KANON (津山香音)
Team Gaim member. A top-level dancer in the team. Strong-willed and can be somewhat tomboyish.




Played by MIINA (横田美菜)
Team Gaim member. When it comes to dancing, even Chucky can't outdance her. Has a my pace personality.




Played by Ozawa Ren (小澤 廉)
Team Gaim member. Quite a dancer, prefers showy performances. He's endlessly cheerful, and acts as the team mood maker. He can get easily excited, which can lead to him getting hurt.


  • Team Gaim dance at the end of Kyouryuuger Brave 31. Their team title was "Kamen Rider Gaim starts next week, check it out-san".
  • Micchi's name is similar to Michi/Path. Since part of his character is having his path set for him as a rich boy, and his character arc is making his own path. His full name Mitsuzane 光実 means "fruit of light".