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Team Baron (チームバロン)

A group in the show Kamen Rider Gaim. One of the Beat Rider teams in Zawame City.


Kumon Kaito


Armored Rider Baron
Played by Kobayashi Yutaka (小林 豊)
20 years old.
The leader of Team Gaim's rivals, Team Baron.
Growing up in a poor family, he learned from an early age that the strong devour the weak. He views the world as his enemies.
He trains, because he realizes he'll need power to confront the world. Those around view him in awe. He is a ferocious leader.




Played by Matsuda Gaku (松田 岳)
A Team Baron member. A highly skilled dancer. Honest and devoted, he's Kaito's right-hand man. He's No. 2 for good reason.
Zack is the more manly one, the one with the black hair and calls Kaito by real name without any honorific.



Played by Momose Saku (百瀬 朔)
A Team Baron member. He's small, but a skilled dancer. He's extremely loyal to Kaito and the team, that's why he uses his schemes to try to win the Inves Games.
Peko is the younger and cuter looking guy, the one who got his slingshot broken by Kaito. Calls Kaito, "Kaito-san".


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