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June 24, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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K: This is kind of... Is it really okay to borrow this room?

A: Like can we really record it here? Before, I said "I wanted to be by Kana-chan." But actually, I bit my tongue.

K: Right now, it's 23:30 (11:30 PM).

A: It's the middle of the night.

K: The two of us are at an inn in a futon. The two of us.

A: By each other.

K: Sleeping.

A: We have Can Chu-Hi. There's sake.

K: During the title call, let's have a toast.

A: Then. What should we do?

K: Ore no imouto ga... kapshwww...

Both: Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni kawaii wake ga nai.

<Sounds of bottles opening>

K: Cheers.

Both: Yay.

K: Alcohol.

A: This is alcoholic. 6 percent.

K: That's 2 percent up.

A: Guess we'll drink a bit. It's sweet.


A: In private, I don't drink much. Since this is for work.

K: Work involving alcohol.

A: Yeah. This is okay, right? They won't be mad at us later, right?

K: Our managers said "okay" and bought us the alcohol.

A: I have snacks. Kana-chan, eat some.

K: Thanks. I like Kake Peas. We should introduce ourselves.


A: Good evening. Kousaka Kirino, I'm Taketatsu Ayana.

K: Good evening. I'm Kuroneko, Hanazawa Kana.

A: It's sweet.

K: What an adult. You're drinking a lot. I feel like I shouldn't be eating peas in the futon.

A: If you ate at home, people would get mad.

K: Eating snacks with a friend, that's nice. It's the first time we stayed together.

A: I feel kind of excited.

K: But why do we have a third pair of eyes today?

A: Right. My female manager-san is sharing the room. She's standing watch. Everyone hopes something will happen. This radio's writer, Osada-san, was excited. He was grinning.

K: That's weird. So what should we do?

A: So tomorrow we have a photography session. For Oreimo Mook book. So the timing was good.

K: So our photos will be in the Mook Book.

A: So we're here to take AyaKana photos. Thanks Oreimo for various things. If I wish for Oreimo Radio to come true, it will.

K: Who is this person? Can we talk for 30 minutes like this?

My Taketatsu can't be this cute.


A: Isn't that weird. Why do I have to say it? Are you trying to embarrass me? This is for introducing episodes where Taketatsu is cute. How embarrassing! I don't like this!

K: Why not for this corner? I'll introduce some. There's a lot. Today, at dinner at the Chiba station. We all ate dinner. We went to this delicious place. We were at eastern Chiba station about 30 minutes. Chiba station's eastern exit, go up the left tunnel. That was about 30 minutes. The restaurant Kanta.

A: Kanta-san. It was delicious.

K: Ayachi ate uni for the first time there. Ayachi eating it for the first time was so cute. "What is this? It's delicious!"

A: I feel like I said that. Uni was recommended to me. I didn't know what to do. But I believed it was delicious, so took a bite. It was a harmony.

K: The uni at that place is more delicious than usual.

A: It was all delicious. I tried the musuku. I was touched by it's good flavor.

K: Besides the sushi, I have something even tastier for you, Ayachi! Everyone, let's go. Happy birthday! Yay!

A: Thanks.

K: Come out. You can hear the lighter clicking. Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear Ayachi. Happy birthday to you!

A: Thank you very much! There's a lot of chocolate. It's like an accident. Can we take a photo?

K: Ayachi, how old are you?

A: I'm no longer a loli.

K: You're 22.

A: I'm 22. The legendary 21 (loli). I'm 22. Kana-chan, how old are you?

K: I'm 22.

A: 22? You're 22? For real?

K: We're the same age.

A: The cake shaped like a tatami mat is quite a collaboration. The cake on the tatami. This is a cake set? Best shot. Food.

K: Wow. Happy birthday, Ayachi!

A: Kanatasu? For me? Why?

K: It's a birthday present.

A: Really? It's got DIOR written on it? D I O R. Really? I really like Dior. I'll open it up. What?! There's a lot in here.

K: It's a bath set. Samples. Something bubbles. The colors are nice.

A: Everyone, Dior makeup is expensive. Did you know that? Can I really take this?

K: I feel like a boy who gives things to a cute girl.

A: You're my boyfriend?! Kana-chan, you're amazing. How cute! I'll take a photo of this too. Later.

K: There's pink gloss. Please use it.

A: I'll open it. How cute! It's like strawberry milk. How cute. I'll use it tomorrow. I'll tell the makeup artist to use it. Thanks, I love you!

13:00 K: When Ayachi's birthday really comes up, let's go.

A: I'm so happy. I feel like I can cry.

K: That's good. Use it.

A: Really, thank you. Too bad I can't use it at an inn.

K: What a unique thing to say. Sorry.

A: This is free talk. This is how we normally talk. I can't rewrap it.

K: This is... Chiba... Chiba station... Ayachi came in late, right?

A: Oreimo in the opening. That monorail.

K: I took photos of the monorail.

A: For real? I'm jealous. This is lovely. Including a cake.

15:00 A: I'm one of the rumored O blood type.

K: My manager is O type. When he gets his photo taken his face was really close.

A: I put on various clothes. When I remember that, I laugh a lot.

K: There's more. Like holding your arm.

A: Kana-chan, your white hand. When I feel this squishiness. I feel like I want to be Hanazawa Kana's boyfriend. I'm sure the guys who like Hanazawa Kana are jealous.

K: Really?

A: It's slippery. And squishy.

K: While holding Ayachi's hand. I look at her and laugh.

A: Tehehe. It sure is hot. Maybe the alcohol is working.

K: I want to sleep.

A: You want to sleep after drinking.

K: This is my first time drinking during a recording.

A: Mine too.

K: What happens when you drink?

A: My face turns red.

K: Your nose and head are red.

A: Really?

K: Laughing.

A: Kana-chan. You don't seem that different.

K: I don't change that much.

A: You drank at the sushi restaurant too.

K: I don't change much.

A: I see. I envy that. I worry.

K: That you'll get drunk?

A: But then it becomes "Maybe I shouldn't drink any more." There are some people who push themselves.

K: We have a special corner next.

A: Then let's close this corner.

Let's Love Hanazawa

Pun on the game Kyousuke finds in episode one, "Let's Love Little Sisters"


A: Hm? Oh, it's started? What is this?

K: This title.

A: What are we supposed to do? My iPhone. Oh, she got it for me.

K: Thanks.

A: On this corner, it's the Oreimo game "Let's love little sisters" Kana-chan version.

K: I see. Last time, Ayachi requested a Kana-chan love-love time corner.

A: Should I be grateful or annoyed?

K: You're the heroine of the galge. Pick choices to continue the event.

A: If it works out, can I kiss Kana-chan? How far can I go? Hold hands?

K: It depends on your choices. If the tension max! Waaa

A: I'll do my best.

K: Think it over as you progress. But you said love-love time. But you're sleeping in a futon, it's already love-love.

A: Love-love. I'm fine with this.

K: It can be better. The situation this time: Birthday. You have three choices. Depending on your choice, it'll raise my tension.

A: What is that? Scary.

K: If you choose well, I'll be in a good mood.

A: How realistic.

K: Heroine. But Ayachi knows better about what to do as a galge heroine. But these are couple choices.

A: How new.

K: One is super good. One is good. Then one is okay.

A: That's too real. Those are real girl's reactions.


K: Start. What do you think of the situation? Let's start.

A: So the setting is this us on vacation? How exciting!

K: I'm a heroine.

A: I'll do my best to play the boyfriend.


A: This is our first trip.

K: Ayachi, you're really bad at this.

A: I'm a girl. This is a nice day.

K: Chiba is a nice place. The sushi was tasty.

A: I had uni for the first time. It was delicious.

K: Oh right.

A: What? What is it, Kana?

K: Read the choices.

A: What do you want for your birthday: 1) Homecooked food. 2) Flying in a helicopter. 3) Ayachi wrapped up in ribbons on the hotel's top floor. So I'm Ayao in this?

K: Yeah. Ayao has to pick a present.

A: I see.

K: What do you want to give Hanazawa for your birthday?

A: What do you want?

K: You can't ask.

A: Well... Ayachi wrapped in ribbons at the top of the hotel.

K: You'll get that for me?!

A: What is that?! Was that just an okay response? A good one? Or satisfied?

K: I'll open it up.

A: So it doesn't hide the breasts?

K: I can't believe you'll get that for me. I love Ayao.

A: That's good.

K: It's supposed to be romantic.

A: You're such a pervert.

K: I'm not.

A: People will really think Kana-chan is a pervert.

K: I'm like this since Ayao is going out with me. I'm so happy. My tension is going up.

A: How wonderful. Look forward to your birthday, Kana.

K: Thanks. By the way, Ayao. I haven't been feeling very confident lately. What do you think my good point is?

A: 1) Your color is white. 2) You have a nice nose. 3) Everything about you is lovely, let me be your servant. Kana-chan sure is greedy. What? Eh? Three. Everything about you is lovely, let me be your servant.

K: Hey, put more feeling into it.

A: The direction is like that.

K: Ayao. Ayao is gross. What? I don't understand.

A: I had a Korean star in mind. Saraheo.

K: Why Korean?! Thanks. That was correct. I'm so happy. My tension has gone up. Ever since I met Ayao, I've thought you were a wonderful.

A: If I had said your color was white, how would you have reacted?

K: Screw off you jerk!

A: Who is that?! But earlier I said I liked your white skin. It's so slippery.

K: Love-love time has started.

A: Naturally.

K: This is good. Hey Ayao. We've been going out for 10 years.

A: 10 years?! We should get married! We were going out that long?! You surprised me.

K: I think you should propose to me soon.

A: We've been going out 10 years?

28:24 K: And this is our first time staying the night together.

A: Just how slow are we taking this?! And... we started going out at 10 years old.

K: We're childhood friends.

A: 1) Let's get married. 2) Be my bride. 3) I swear to always be your servant.

K: Which is it?

A: Eh? Ummm... 1) Let's get married.

K: How normal!

A: No way. Should I use "Be my bride!"

K: How arrogant!

A: Eh?! I swear to always be your servant!

K: Aaaaaa!

A: No way! The servant one?! That's not equal. What'll happen when we get married.

K: That's how much spirit you have.

A: I want to be with you so badly that I'd even be a servant.

K: Unless you're that determined, my grandfather won't allow it.

A: Grandfather? Not father? What a high level. What a high hurdle to pass to marry Kana-chan. I have to persuade the grandfather before the parents?

K: Nice.

A: In the end what happens?

K: Normal.

A: Continue.

K: It's normal, but if you want to get married, then I'm okay.

A: Let's get married.

K: Where should we get married?

30:18 A: In a chapel? Or a church? Will we both wear a wedding dress?

K: Ayao.

A: I'm a guy. I'll wear a tuxedo.

K: Good. A tuxedo would look good on you. So I'm in a wedding dress?

A: Yeah. What color would you like?

K: I suppose I'd invite my co-workers and relatives.

A: How realistic. I wouldn't know who to invite.

K: You'd need to invite them all. It'd never end. Maybe it'll just be us two.

A: And with parents and relatives. And friends who have few relatives.

K: You mean friends with few friends.

A: Invite friends that I'm close to.

K: Ayachi is cute.

A: Why?

K: Nice. But it takes money to have a wedding.

A: Well I'll work hard as a seiyuu. This is really realistic.

K: Let's do our best.

A: This is why I worked so hard. That's right, I became a seiyuu to meet Kana.

K: Ayachi is drunk.

A: I'm not! I'm not that drunk. By the way, Kana. If you get married, will you be a seiyuu housewife?

K: I don't know.

A: Or will you be a seiyuu.

K: What do you want, Ayao?

A: Whatever you want, Kana.

K: If I get married, I've got to raise kids. My child with Ayao will have a really good voice.

A: No matter what gender the child, they'd have a high voice.


A: That's why I asked if it was okay to drink.

K: I think Aya is cute in this corner.

A: I'm sure our first kiss will be at the wedding.

K: Really? But we're staying the night, so we're not doing anything?

A: Eh? I'm sure the listeners... So this has to be all ages.

K: That's true. I guess kissing isn't allowed.

A: I think. Kissing is probably for 15 up.

K: Can we hold hands?

A: Hee hee hee. I suppose. There's a barrier we can't overcome so it ends there. But that was fun.

K: I feel like I missed a chance.

A: What's that?

K: A chance to get close to Ayachi.

A: Why?

K: It's too bad, but it has to be all ages.



K: Ending.

A: Already? How fast.

K: We've talked a lot. Over 30 minutes.

A: That was fast. We talked a lot. But it was fun.

K: I wish it was like this everytime.

A: But I don't like it. After this ending, there's not much till it ends.

K: Right.

A: No.

K: How cute. How was your birthday?

A: I was happy. I'd be more happy if this radio didn't end.

K: To let this cute girl cry. Although she just started. If everyone said "don't let it end" maybe Aniplex-san, like a parent.

A: Anieplex-san is like parents. I'm relieved. I hope this isn't cut.

K: Not cut.

A: Like it got edited out.

K: There's still tomorrow. Let's go to sleep for today. That photobook is coming out by ASCII media works. A mook book. I can hear Ayachi's nose.

A: No. But I'm talking. I'll move farther away. How sad... Tomorrow, I'm taking a bath with Kana-chan.

K: Yeah. Sorry, everyone.

A: We'll wake up earlier. And it'll just be us two. Love-love time.

K: Before dinner. Ayachi in a car sent an e-mail. "How is the bath? Want to go in together? LOL" That really raised my tension.

A: After that Kana-chan was like "That's okay?" I never imagined you'd write that. Normally when someone writes that, you respond "Eeeh?" Kana-chan is "That's okay?" With a shy emoticon. "Hurry in" and a heart mark. What is this, a couple's dialogue?

K: I look forward to tomorrow. And episode 23 comes out July 4th.

A: Summer.

K: Will this be the last one?

A: It's not the last one. It'll continue.

K: It was fun.

A: Thanks! I hope tomorrow's more fun.

K: That sounds like Hamatarou's ending. Like "I hope tomorrow's more fun."

A: I'm sure it'll be fun tomorrow with Kana-chan.

K: I'm sure you'll get depressed when you hear this.

A: I'll be so embarrassed. I'm sorry I'm weird today.

K: But youre usually pretty weird.

A: Not so.

K: Shall we end this?