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June 10, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

Guest Satou Satomi (Tamura Manami)

Manami drawing created on this show

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Kirino: As reported last time. We have a special guest.

Kuroneko: Let's call her right now.

Kirino: Special guest Tamura Manami-san, if you'd please!

Manami: Hello. I'm Tamura Manami. Kirino-chan, Kuroneko-san, let's get along today.

Kuroneko: Let's get along, Tamura-sempai.

Kirino: Let's get along.

Manami: I heard the last radio show. I'm sorry for making you all feel guarded around me.

Kirino: So she did here! Ummm... A lot happens in the main story, but on this radio show let's have a truce. Well. Let's talk cheerfully and make the radio show lively.

Manami: Yeah. That's true. Thank you, Kirino-chan.

Kirino: You don't need to thank me.

Kuroneko: Well said. Very commendable.

Kirino: Don't act like my big sister! Umm... For now. May I call you Manami-san?

Manami: Of course! Oh. You can also call me Mana-chan like you did in the past.

Kirino: Pass! That'd be embarrassing.

Kuroneko: Speaking of which, Tamura-sempai, are you also this woman's childhood friend too?

Manami: Yeah. Kyou-chan and Kirino-chan and myself often played together.

Kirino: Although I don't remember that anymore.

Kuroneko: I see. I remembered something good. Tamura-sempai, tell us an episode about this woman from her past. I'm sure it would be exciting.

Manami: That's a good idea!

Kirino: W-

Manami: Little Kirino-chan really liked to play house. She'd often ask "let's play house" to Kyou-chan and me. Isn't that nostalgic.

Kuroneko: That's surprising.

Kirino: I don't remember that. Not at all!

Manami: She was also cheerful. Smiling. She'd say, "Mana-chan, let's play." The shy look on her face was very cute.

Kuroneko: I can't imagine that from the cheeky bitch that she is now.

Kirino: Hey!

Kuroneko: If I recall, Tamura-sempai has a little brother. He didn't play with you?

Manami: Apparently he hated Kyou-chan at first. At that time he didn't play that much with us.

Kuroneko: Let's get to the main question. What Kousaka Kyousuke as a child?

Manami: Kyou-chan as a child?

Kuroneko: What was he like? I wonder about that.

Kirino: Who cares about that?

Manami: Kuroneko-san. Do you remember anime episode 3's climax scene.

Kuroneko: Of course. The scene where he confronts his father.

Manami: And episode 14's scene where he says "Let's make an ecchi game"

Kuroneko: What a foolish scene. Of course I remember it. Why do you mention it?

Manami: Kyou-chan as a child was from morning to night like that.

Kuroneko: If true, then he must have been quite an annoying brat.

Manami: How do I put it. He was more cheerful than he is now.

Kuroneko: Are you talking about a different person? Is that really the same person as the Kousaka Kyousuke that I know?

Manami: Of course. And Kirino-chan.

Kirino: Stop! Stop stop stop stop!

Kuroneko: What's the matter?

Kirino: This topic is over! It's time. We've got to end this corner.

Manami: It's this time already? Then let's end it here.

Kuroneko: You! You haven't actually forgotten those time, have you?

Kirino: What are you talking about? Look, it's time.

Kuroneko: My, my. Then... Tamura-sempai. Thank you for today.

Manami: Thank you. Kuroneko-san, Kirino-chan, I'm happy to talk with you.

Kuroneko: Tamura-sempai, I'd like to talk with you soon.

Manami: Do you have some worries? I'll listen to anything you want. You can always rely on me.

Kuroneko: Thank you, but that's not it.

Manami: Really?

Kuroneko: I just want to ask something. I want to know about what I don't already know about the Kousaka siblings.

Kirino: You don't need to hear that!

Kuroneko: Right, right. Tamura-sempai, it's a promise.

Manami: Okay.

Kirino: When did you two start getting along?!

Kuroneko: Feel free to end.

Manami: Thank you to you all for listening. Please enjoy the rest of the radio show.



Satou Satomi: Tamura Manami, I'm Satou Satomi.

Ayachi: This is the 21st one.

Kana-chan: I want to be closer to Satou-san.

Satou: Me too.

A: That's no fair. This girl is always talking about wanting to touch my thigh. But she's cheating on me.


A: It's June.

S: After recording, we don't see each other much.

A: It's weird for us three to be together, since that doesn't happen.

S: That's true. How fun. I thought it's a radio done by two girls, so it'd smell nice. So when I came in...

K: Yeah, that pink smell.

A: Smells like vegetables.

S: A fragrant smell.

A: I'm sorry for worrying you.


A: Here's some news. Blu-ray and DVD volume 7 goes on sale June 22nd. This time it's episode 12 "My little sister's life consultation can't end like this True Route" and "My kouhai can't be this rotten". It also comes with special CD. "Ready" sung by Taketatsu Ayana / Kousaka Kirino. And "Life is short, fall in love, young maiden" by Kuroneko-tan Hanazawa Kana-tan.

K: You added -tan.

A: Kana-tan is singing.

K: So please check it out. Satou-san, normally we have a drawing section here.

A: Let's do it.

S: Like when Nabatame-san drew Vagee-

K: Vageena.

S: Sorry.


K: This it's Manami.

A: We're drawing it too.

S: Manami, eh?

K: But she has glasses.

S: Yeah. But Manami's aren't spiral ones.

A: How did she look?

S: Short cut hair. Normal and with a short cut.

K: I don't know.

A: How did she look?

K: What should we do?

S: She works at a Japanese confectionery store. She carries dango.

A: I did it. I'm sure Kana-chan will be better.

K: No. That looks fine.

A: I'm done! Kana-chan. That's rude!

S: I'll cry.

A: Kana-chan, your picture of Kuroneko is also amazing.

S: This is it.

A: Let's show it off.

S: One two. Are those dangos?

A: What's that? Manami isn't like that?

S: She looks old.

K: If she were real, she'd like this.

S: Kana-chan, this is a 2D character.

A: Yeah!

K: You two drew it cutely.

K: Aya-chi's is close.

S: Kana-chan's would make me cry. Like this. "Kyou-chan."

A: Why is Kana-chan's like that? That's a pity.

K: But the dango.

A: No one asked for it to be real like this.

S: Yeah. If this were a Halloween costume.

A: I think it'll be put on the homepage.

Otaku Girls, Gather!


K: Satou-san, are you an ota?

S: Am I an ota?

A: I never hear you talk about liking anime.

S: That's true. I don't get real deeply into things. I'm more the type to see this or see that.

K: Satou-san, I really think you're quite the lady.

A: I think so too.

K: I can tell. When you talk. You sound really desperate. Like "Please. I'll make candy." When the camera is recording. That's amazing. It makes me wish you were my girlfriend.

A: You seem like a real competent girl. All the guests who come tend to be real ladies.

S: Like Nabatame-san is really amazing.

A: Hayami too.

S: Saori-chan is real nice.

K: Compared to us, we're probably bringing the average down.

A: And each time, we're down on our lady qualities.

K: But I want to be a bride.

S: Talk more. I don't often hear that I'm really a lady.

K: No, no. If you weren't, you couldn't make snacks.

A: I can't make any.

S: Lately, I've really enjoyed making cookies or hot cakes. I always put milk in my hot cake, but the strawberry time. Or I'll put in orange juice. 100% juice. So I look forward to it. Also I made strawberry jam.

A: Wow!

K: I've only made that in Harvest Moon.

A: What is this. You should be proud.

K: I don't want to make hot cake.

A: Yeah, I'd just want to buy it and eat it.

K: Adding milk to cornflakes is my limit.

A: Well adding furikake to my rice is my limit.

S: I see.

A: This time, let's absorb her girly properties. Then return.

16:25 A: Let's read some mail. The first one. "It's not necessary for you"-san: "When we act out an anime part, I always play the male. I ended up tending to say "ore" or "boku" when referring to myself. Have you ever picked up a catchphrase from something you were into?"

Reenacting anime.

K: How?

S: Like reading a manga. Then splitting up the roles.

A: That sounds fun. I want to try it.

S: So you act out an anime.

K: Have you ever picked up a catchphrase.

S: I picked up "Tehe, pero"

K: That's normal.

A: Shoujo. You did say it once.


A: I do a lot of cat roles. So I might say nya.

K: I don't have that many cat roles.

A: It's done unconsciously.

K: I don't really do catchphrases. But I like laughter. Or I'd say, "That's not the case!"

A: What joke is that? Write it down so I can Google it.


A: "I want to enjoy high school life"-san: "My first submission. I'll get straight to it. I have a childhood friend from preschool. Like Kyousuke and Manami, we're more than friends and more like girlfriend and boyfriend. The other day a friend asked if we were going out. I thought about it. It's true that I like him. But how do I confess? Please give me some advice."

K: How real. Hopefully they don't end up with someone else. That's why when I see Kyousuke with Manami, it makes me nervous. Like a drama.

S: Like they sleep in the same room.

K: And everyone said, "And they didn't do anything? What is that?!"

S: But it's embarrassing to say that now.

K: But it's like "Eh? It didn't feel like that before." That might end their childhood friendship.

A: That's sad. A mistake could ruin everything.

S: When in school, I think you need infiltration tactics.

A: What is that?

S: Instead of handling this problem by yourself. Ask around. Then create some collaborators. Find out if he likes another girl. In high school, you have to be likes spies.

A: I've never done that before.

S: When in middle school I researched a boy I liked. It's like that. When you have information, you attack.

K: If the two of us answered, it probably wouldn't be as good as that.

A: It's more like, "Good luck." Wow. Also, to flip it around it. Why not get him to confess his feelings.

S: There's girls who think of techniques like that.

A: Make some collaborators with girls. Ask how it's going lately. Have the boy hear stuff. And have him go "Things have been going well. I should make a move." You want to enjoy high school, right?

K: That'd be fun for high school.

A: Good luck!

Pick this


K: Who is that?

S: So this "pick one". Tamura Manami is called "plain girl". So this one time, I'm getting my own corner. So on this corner, in the submission form, you can choose which corner to send it to. That's how mail is sent in.

K: Is this just mail that has no specific subject?

A: Like it's plain. Don't worry about it.


S: From Dears-san: "I enjoy the radio show every time. In a previous broadcast, you mentioned the manga Gag Manga Biori. I'm the same gender and have the same name as that writer. On Twitter, people ask if I'm the one who wrote Gag Manga Biori. I haven't read it myself, but this must be fate. I plan to read it someday."

K: You should read it.

A: This is pretty plain.

S: I've never read it. Please tell me what it's about.

K: It's Gag Manga Biori, so it's a gag manga. So these unexplainable characters. But real characters appear.

A: Like Onono Imo.

S: People from history.

K: So it's surreal.

A: They're gags. You should read it.

S: It'd be easier to understand?

K: There's also an animation.


S: From M Genus-san: "I always grin when listening to you two. Kana-chan, keep going down the pervert's road."

K: But I'm not a pervert.

S: "By the way, you two have been in Dog Days along with Tange-Sakura who was in Card Captor Sakura. Have you talk with Sakura-san? What did you talk about? And I've seen you have two-shots with Horie Yui-san. They're both cute." Have you talked with Tange-san?

K: I just greeted her.

A: I also talked with her only a bit.

K: She's so nice.

A: On a different radio show. It was Aikata-san's birthday. She sent a message. And Tange-san's new song was on that radio show.

S: For a year, weren't you with Tange-san for a year?

A: You mean Kirimin?

S: She was so cute. Her hair was so glossy.

A: Apparently she cute her hair recently. So I had just cut mine myself. She said "Ayana-chan, you cut your hair?" "I did." "I cut mine too." But I only cut mine a bit.

S: Speaking of cutting hair. Horie Yui-san cut hers down to 15 centimeters. But no one noticed.

A: She said she cut mine. And the response was... "Oh... really?" Looking to see what was differnt. No one noticed. And she got angry at me.

K: But this has nothing to do with me.


S: Vageena no Honkei Quarataru-san: "Lately I've been smiling hearing you two flirt on the radio. By the way, the last episode is going to be broadcast soon. It's a pity. I have a request. Can you ask Nakamura Yuuichi-san to come. I want the star to appear soon. By the way, Nakamura-san has said he loves Gunpla. I hope he can give commentary on the Meruru vs. Maschera about it."

K: That's right. All these guests... Apparently our radio show is ending.

A: So to clear up those rumors.

K: If Nakamura is the next guest. Then it's almost over.

A: So please wait.


S: This is Danmaku Usui zo nani yatten no-san: "About imitations. How about Eruru-kun? Well Tokoton Jounoui is easy, isn't it? Everyone should try. Kana-chan is really Enari."

A: Enari? Kana-chan is Enari?

S: You did imitations?

K: When Hayami-chan came, we did them. The quality wasn't that good. Satou-san, why not join us?

S: Me? So just read it like that.

K: Torio Satou-san please. I'll start. "Isn't it easy?"

A: Hey! I'll go. "Isn't it easy?"

K: Surreal.

S: I'll go next. "fasdlkjds"

K: You're laughing.

A: That's no good.

S: I can't do it. I need an easier one.

But it's easy.

K: But it might be similar.

S: How difficult.

K: We'll get a lot of mail.


S: From Ayatomo-san: "I saw Oreimo 14. The opening changes each week a bit, so I look forward to it. For the main show, Kana-chan, you did a good job."

K: For what?

S: "As usual, Kuroneko was cute. I also really liked the ending. Oreimo ending songs are all great, so please put out an album. Will the staff please do it? Well then, for now, the next episode is the last one. Are you going to announce a second season? I believe there will be one! I will be awaiting in wktk!"

  • wktk: Excitement

K: There's no second season.

A: I don't think there will be one. This radio show ending should make that obvious.

S: That's true. But the original work is still coming out.

A: Yeah! Volume 8 went on sale!

S: I hear the story development is surprising.

A: Really?!

S: I want to see it in the anime. Aya-chi can't hang out with Kana-chan.

A: Thanks.

S: Wktk. What's that?

A: It was on one of the "What is the meaning of this". It means "wakuwaku sugite kao ga tekuteku".

K: Your face is tekuteku (to go long) ?

A: Didn't I mention it before? wktk. At first we didn't know how to read wktk.

S: So this is wktk.

A: In mail, it's written as wakuteka in hiragana. Huh? Isn't it used often?

K: We do.

A: Wakuwaku means "yay!"

K: When I update my diary. Everyone goes tekuteku.

S: Good. That's all with the mail.


K: Since Satou-san, we haven't talked about Manami. You forgot about yourself. Manami is plain. Satou-san's portrayal of her makes her seem really unique.

S: She's fine with being plain. She's supposed to be like a grandmother. She's supposed to make being with her supposed to feel warm and welcoming. So her unique points are important.

When I referred the phone call that said I passed the audition, I called my grandmother. So I thought, "Oh, so this is how grandmother talks." Of course, I have a lot of affection for my own character. A lot of people say she's plain. But I like to play with that character.

K: That's amazing. She has a grandmother's tempo. In the audio commentary. Kuroneko and Manami have one. The tempos were obviously not matching.

A: In the anime main story too. Kirino and Manami don't really talk. Normally Kirino goes waaa. Then Manami responds in one tempo.

S: DVD and Blu-ray owners. If you went, she's plain and forgot about her, please watch it again. Please rewatch and think of this.

Life Consultation

K: Why did the volume go up?

A: I thought there'd be unbalance.

S: Wasn't that just you with your stomach full?

A: Do you have any worries?

S: I was thinking. Your hair really bounce.

A: I do my best.

K: Just go around with a hair iron. I want one.

S: And animals don't like me. When you see a cat. Then they run away. When I reach out my arm, they stare.

K: I wonder why?

A: Maybe it's just a stray cat.

S: There's a lot of cats near me. Maybe it's a pet cat. How can I be liked by animals?

K: Do they like you, Ayachi?

A: I'm disliked by other dogs. I have a dog. I probably smell like dog. So normal dogs growl at me.

S: Kana-chan, I have an image of you with a small bird, a hamster.

A: Or a bunny.

K: I have one. A sparrow.

A: Positive.

K: They smell nice.


A: Fishing from the Tokyo skies: "Which is three (3)? Three is a normal 3. Three is written tsurii". Shall I read it again? (What, is this just the name?) "Gyogyo! If I caught Nessie, what shoyld I do?! Gyogyo!" -Sakana-kun (fish boy) If Sakana-kun caught Nessie, then he probably hear our response.

K: Yeah, Sakana-kun, who knows everything in the sea, probably has never seen Nessie before.

S: Nessie. You only see its neck, right? The thing that's a shadow.

K: Like a kirin.

S: Skydive, no, I mean scuba diving. Why not go looking for it?

K: It is Sakana-kun.

A: Go find it.

S: He'd go, wow and gyogyo.


A: From Skinhead Medusa-san: "My little brother isn't this clever no da." -Bakabon. By the way, Bakabon's little brother talked soon after being born.

S: Wow.

A: I don't know Bakabon.

S: He was like a child. The mother always carried him.

K: A little child.

A: No da? Papa.

S: It's papa's catch phrase.

K: Like "This is fine no da."

A: That was Bakabon's papa? Then who's Bakabon?

S: The son. Since he's Bakabon's father.

K: Apparently Bakabon's papa's name is "Bakabon's papa".

A: Bakabon ga bak...

S: This is getting confusing. Let's move on.


A: From Delicious Stick Maigo-san: "Don't turn around. It's your fault we crashed." - ?Kansu no kado

K: But that'd hurt. Your little finger would hurt.

A: It might break. It might bend backward. Like your nail breaking.

K: At home, there's a wall. There's towels above. When I take something out of the washing machine, I always hit that. Maybe that's why I'm a pervert.

A: That's why? So try not to hit it so you don't become a pervert.



S: How fast.

K: Thank you very.

S: It was fun.

K: How free.

S: I had fun.

K: Well we did it 21 times.

A: It's very my pace.

K: Thank you. Even though the ending flag is standing up.

S: Try to keep Nakamura-san from coming.

K: Nakamura-san. Maybe we can stop him below the studio.

A: Let's do it. Next time maybe we should have Isei-san.

K: Next time is the Taketatsu Ayana birthday special.

A: I want to have love-love time with Kana-chan.

K: We can't air that.

A: I'm disappointed. I want to do something fun. My birthday won't be the last one. We won't end it up on my birthday, right?

S: They're really laughing. It's fine.

A: I don't like. For my present, I want the right to continue the radio show.


S: Diary.

A: Anime diary. They're all avoiding looking at us.

K: If you buy DVD or Blu-rays it'll be a nice birthday present.

A: Come again.

S: I'd like to come again.