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July 8, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

Guest: Nakamura Yuuichi (Voice Actor)

Kyousuke Pictures. Left to right is Kana, Aya, Nakamura

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Kuroneko: Long time no see.

Kirino: Today we have a surprise guest.

Kuroneko: Oh my. This time there was no warning beforehand. Who could it be?

Kirino: You'll see when I call him. Come in.

Kyousuke: Pardon the intrusion! I'm the guest, Kousaka Kyousuke.

Kuroneko: It's you?!

Kyousuke: Yeah. Let's get along now.

Kirino: And so. The anime's last episode shows how gross siscon Kousaka Kyousuke-san is. What do you think of your first time on the radio?

Kyousuke: I'm pretty nervous. Hey! Who are you calling a siscon! I'm not that way!

Kirino: What are you saying? Everyone listening to the radio probably are shocked by what you said.

Kyousuke: Eh? Why?

Kirino: Because you're a siscon. Right?

Kuroneko: A siscon

Kirino: A chou ultra great delicious siscon.

Kuroneko: A chou ultra great delicious siscon.

Kyousuke: You guys...

Kirino: How gross.

Kuroneko: How gross. I'm so embarrassed that I can't watch.

Kyousuke: I'm leaving! Why did I come on the radio?!

Kirino: How gross. How really gross.

Kuroneko: And you seem really happy tempting his siscon.

Kirino: Huh?!

Kuroneko: I feel happy just watching. I'm sure Niisan thinks so too.

Kyousuke: That doesn't make me happy! What kind of masochist do you think I am?

Kuroneko: But you have such a brocon little sister.

  • Brocon (pronounced bracon because brazaa) is having a complex for one's brother.

Kyousuke: Brocon little sister? Who?

Kirino: Are you stupid or something? There's totally no way I'm a brocon. What proof do you have?!

Kuroneko: This anime itself is proof. If you don't believe it, check out Blu-ray and DVD volume 8.

Kirino: Do you know what you're saying?! People shouldn't look at that!

Kyousuke: Don't tell people not to watch the anime on its official radio show.

Kirino: But!

Kyousuke: My my. In the end it's how it always is.

Kuroneko: Little fool. Of course this is how it turns out when we three talk.

Kyousuke: I suppose. Since I'm here. I was hoping to talk about more frivolous things.

Kuroneko: That's true. What would you like to talk about?

Kirino: So before the radio listeners, tell them what you think is cute about me.

Kyousuke: Heh. I see now. You're using the radio to bully me! Isn't that it?!

Kuroneko: You're imagining it. So let's end the radio show with your response.

Kyousuke: Kirino's cute points? None.

Kirino: Huh?!

Kuroneko: Don't tell me you plan to end it like that.

Kyousuke: Not my problem! My sister always pisses me off, she's not cute at all. Oh well. We've never got along. We always clash. We don't have anything good to say to each other. But... doing her life consultations and doing various things. We faced a lot of hard times. I felt like we really had to get to what's real. In times like that, I'm not sure about Kirino. Only sometimes.

Kirino: I don't know what you're talking about.

Kuroneko: Let me translate. If you two are both honest, your little sister is cute. Is that right?

Kyousuke: It's not that definite. I wasn't sure last night either. Well. That's why it ends like this. My little sister can't be this cute.



N: Kousaka Kyousuke, I'm Nakamura Yuuichi.

A: Usually Hanazawa Kana and I do the title call together. It's usually off.

N: Even after a year.

A: Yeah. A whole year. Only recently have we been matching. Just as expected from siblings.

N: She seems to have gone silent. What were we talking about? Oreimo. There's rumors that the Blu-ray and DVD that I'm ridiculously happy about it.

A: Those rumors.

N: I don't know if I'm really happy. But ever since Blu-ray volume 3. I've started getting two.

A: What?

N: Volumes. For one and two I got one. From three on, at the office I'd be like "Why do I have two?"

A: Hanazawa-san, have you heard this?

K: Maybe they had too many.

N: But I don't need more than one.

A: Hey! Don't say that on Oreimo radio.

N: I should give it to someone.

K: This is Oreimo Radio 23.

A: Thanks for the explanation.

K: Amazingly it's the three of us. The opening surprised. Nakamura-san and me.

A: I was surprised too.

N: Well. The anime is just one quarter. It's short.

K: Nakamura-san you need to introduce yourself.

N: I did. You need to.

K: Sorry. Hanazawa Kana here. So you're finally here.

A: I'm glad you're here, but why do you seem half tired. Well, people are saying Nakamura-san being here on the radio is the flag that this show is going to end. So this time Nakamura-san is here. So it's like "aaah". We're happy, but also sad.

N: Actually. I don't know. But if it doesn't end with me. Then I think that means there's a next one.

A: Nakamura-san should draw a character too.

N: I'm drawing? Right now? Now?!

A: Don't draw that much.

K: Each guest draws their character.

N: Where are we drawing it? On this paper?

A: We're drawing Kyousuke.

K: I think Kyousuke has a lot of memorable features.

N: No he doesn't.

K: He doesn't.

N: He's normal.

K: But I really like Nakamura-san's Kyousuke.

A: I do too.

N: Do you want a Blu-ray and DVD? For Oreimo.

A: I've got them.

N: So you don't need it. Kyousuke.

A: That nose is real big.

N: It's Kyousuke. You see him first, right?

K: Kyousuke's eyes has small eyes. Nakamura-san, are you any good at drawing?

N: Not at all.

A: I don't know.

N: I suppose this is wrong.

A: I can't remember at all.

N: His eyes are more sharp.

A: Not round? No good. Let's save Nakamura-san's for last. Like this? Was it like that?

K: That's it. Amazing. We don't know what the right answer is.

A: Kana-chan! What is this?

N: Sort of real?

A: In elementary school in art class. It's like you drew the boy in the next seat.

K: No, it's Kyousuke.

N: In manga there are no guys with lips like that.

A: Nakamura-san! You're not one to talk! What is this?! Wow!

K: How scary! Nakamura-san's is like a magician's uncle. It's scary.

N: What's this? A mistake?

A: I meant to make the eyes round.

K: Who is that?

N: The friend.

K: Akagi-kun.

A: Here's the correct answer.

N: No way. You knew.

K: The bangs have just one.

A: Oh right. Kirino is the same. Kirino is also like this.

K: That was hard.

A: No resemblance.

K: But the bangs are the same. I'm sure you'll see it on the home page.


A: Some news. Blu-ray and DVD last volume 8 goes on sale July 27th. My dad's birthday.

N: Congrats.

A: Episode 14 "My kouhai can't be this cute" and Episode 15 "My little sister can't have such a last episode". The special CD has "Shakuzai no Serenade" Kuroneko and Kyousuke sing it. What kind of song is it?

K: Well. It's a passionate duet, I think.

N: It's a Maschera song, right? Kuroneko is singing a Maschera song, and Kyousuke is forced to join along. That's why he's not really into it.

K: Eh?! But you were so excited. I want to hear that.

A: Look forward to it.

My little sister also can't be this cute


A: By the way, Nakamura-san. Do you think Kirino is cute?

K: He just laughed.

A: Why?!

N: Cute? Not at all at first. Being kicked and punched. Well Kirino spacing out in her hobbies. She's cute when her brother isn't watching.

A: When she's in her hobbies. That's cute?

N: You too.

A: Is that a compliment? That was fun for me too.

K: That was the real Ayachi.


A: Sempai but my kouhai don't think of me as a sempai: "I have a little sister a year younger who's a freshman in high school. At first, our relationship was just like Kirino and Kyousuke's. For over four years we haven't really talked. But for some reason she calls Ajipon Shapontare. She doesn't even realize she's doing it wrong. That made me think she's cute. And she says Jigoujitoku (reap what you sow) as Jigoujigoku (jigoku = Hell)."

K: How old is she?

N: High school. So 15-16?

K: 15-6. Jigoujigoku?

N: If someone said you got your jigoujigoku. People'd go "Huh?"

A: How would you respond?

K: I wonder why Shapontare? I don't know why. But it's cute.

A: You should tell her.


A: From Kanata-san: "It's just use two sisters in my family. My little sister is like Kirino. She's always tsuntsun to me. She always says "Uzai (shut up), kimoi (gross), otaku, go away". Apparently my little sister got in a fight with my mother in the night. My little sister sent me an e-mail. The title is ?Niemu. Subject: I fought with Mama. <Down> Since my sister isn't like this, for the first time I thought she was cute."

K: But normally she's like Kirino, right?

A: Shut up. Gross. Go die.

K: How scary.

A: But the title is ?Niyamui.

K: What do you think, Nakamura-san?

N: I don't know.

A: A real Kirino. A 3D Kirino.

N: I don't have any siblings. I don't understand. I'm an only child. You two have ones right?

A: I have an older brother.

K: I have a little brother.

N: So no sisters.

K: Yeah.

N: Maybe swap mail addresses. If you live apart, you'd know. When you live together. Do you ever go "I have to let oniichan know."

A: I do. My brother is so good at Chou Makai Mura (Super Ghouls n' Ghosts?) So I sent an e-mail saying, "Oniichan, how long does it take you to clear Chou Makai Mura."

N: You went to the trouble of asking that?

A: In response Oniichan responded. He said about two hours. But maybe I don't e-mail that often.


A: My little sister can't wear such sexy underwear what are you looking at: "I'm an older sister. So I do all the laundry. So I found some gaudy underwear. I was sure it was my mother's. I thought, 'What is my mother doing wearing such gaudy underwear at her age?' Then my little sister came in. She grabbed the underwear and with a red face said, 'Don't look at my victory underwear!' Plus she kicked me. Surprised. I realized my little sister has become an adult. I thought she was cute. Whether she wears it or not. It's not unusual for girls in their early 20s to have. If it's not too rude, what's the difference between normal underwear and victory underwear."

  • Shoubu Shitagi = literally "victory underwear". In other words, underwear used for seducing others.

N: Let's ask that.

A: Why turn this into your own question? You just want to know!

N: Who will go?

A: Well, oneesan, Hanazawa-san.

K: Wait. I'm 22.

N: So you're about the age of this girl.

K: Well, victory underwear. Do a good job making them.

N: Making them? You make them? What?

K: Well. It's to make you seem more feminine. Well.

N: Quality high?

A: It's to raise your own tension.

K: What about Ayachi?

N: You too. I'm fine. I don't know about victory underwear. This is just a question to answer.

A: If I reply this. Nakamura-san would lose it.

N: Why would I?!

K: In the end we'll ask Nakamura-san about victory underwear.

N: I don't Men don't.

A: But I was thinking of buying my dad new pants. So I thought, men's underwear are pretty expensive. Right? Like in the department store pants are brand pants.

N: But men's clothes are expensive. Men's don't have variations. I suppose girls seek variations. So they all can't be expensive. But that doesn't matter.

A: But we were talking about it!

N: If we end it here it's no problem.

A: Like for auditions, you want to do your best.

N: But you can't see them during an audition!

K: But I'll still wear them.

N: Oh, it's for yourself. So as long as you're satisfied.

K: It's cute.

A: And Kana-chan. We were at Chiba on location. I'm sure she was wearing victory underwear. I was by Kana-chan.

N: You were on location, so she wore victory underwear.

A: It was the same room. I thought it'd be okay for Kana-chan to see.

N: Hanazawa-san, what did you think?

K: We slept together. That was weird.

A: I was looking forward to Kana-chan's underwear.

K: What are you making me saying?

A: Hey! I'll sue the office. Mou! To continue.

N: This has nothing to do with little sisters.


A: From Inari Kyouichi-san: "I was at my girlfriend's home to talk about marriage. I didn't know how to bring up marriage in front of her parents. Her father and mother are usually silent. When I thought it was no use, her little sister returned from school. She looked at me and smiled and said, 'Oniisan, pleased to meet you.' Eh? Oniisan? Eh? The father then said, 'Mother, if Kaoru says so, then we should acknowledge it.' In the end they approved our marriage. We have a child now and are happy thanks to that little sister. It really hit me in my heart. I'm looking forward Oreimo season 2."

K: The last part is totally irrelevant.

N: That was a good story.

K: Marriage.

N: Have your siblings give support. Like Hanazawa-san's little brother be like "Oniichan".

K: Don't make fun of my little brother. Wait a moment! Ayachi's older brother really likes Ayachi.

N: You guys get along?

A: Why?

K: I'm sure he likes you.

A: You decided that on your own? What are you imagining. I suppose we get along. Like we play games together.

N: I suppose the older brother would be different. He might side with the parent. Yeah he and your father will line up to stare at your boyfriend.

A: Stop that! No way!

Meruru Vs. Maschera


A: This is the memorable 10th battle. We've had a lot of battles. Nakamura-san, have you ever thought, "I get to be a part of the 10th Oreimo battle!"

N: Nope. Well the first Karzu SP vs. Akiba Blog, how did that end up?

A: We thought they were both good.

K: To be honest, we don't know a lot.

N: Who was who?

A: I was Karzu SP-san.

K: And I was Akiba Blog.

N: So it has nothing to do with yourself.

K: But Nakamura-san. Didn't you play Dragon Quest or FF?

N: Let's not bring that up. They have their good points.

K: Let's have a battle now.

N: It might be like that today. It might end with both having good points.

K: No, today. Nakamura-san will make the final decision.

A: Kirino Vs. Kuroneko. So it's finally come.

K: We've got to have Kyousuke decide.

N: It's a last episode topic.

A: You need to decide. Taketatsu Kirino. Hanazawa Kuroneko. Battle start... where's the paper?

K: Ayachi...


A: From The Kousaka siblings are my justice-san: "If forced to choose, I would pick Kirino without a thought. Kirino's appeal is her annoying factor. She's got a sharp tongue, loses her temper easily, and extremely jealous. Surely a shitty brat. In the original, Kanako also has a wicked tongue. Doesn't Kirino make the other character shine? Doesn't it make you think Kuroneko is cute? Or Kyousuke is cool? Yes. But Kirino isn't a bad character. She has a terrible attitude against Kyousuke, Kuroneko, and plain girl. In that gap, there must be some complicated thinking. I can't wait for when she's honest. I'm glad Kirino is Taketatsu-san. As much as Nakamura for Kyousuke."

K: I see. That really conveyed the love. But what was he trying to say in the end.

A: What was it? That she's annoying?

N: That's she's a necessary role?

A: Since Kirino is there.

K: She pulls the other characters along.

A: If not for Kirino, Kyousuke wouldn't try so hard. He'd just be a boring student. That's all.

N: He'd end just as a boring guy.

A: With plain girl.

N: Kuroneko wouldn't have a friend. She'd just be alone in school.

K: That's true. She'd be cleaning alone.

A: So Kirino is the core.

N: I understand. Since there's one annoying person, everyone has to clean up. That's true in reality.

K: You make Kirino sound like a step stone.

A: That makes me sad.


K: From radio name We all say we like big breasts, but we actually like small breasts: "I'm for Kuroneko. It's because Kuroneko has a lot of skills. She has kappa long hair. She has a tsuntsun personality, but is so gentle with her sisters. When Kyousuke or Kirino compliment she becomes shy. That's really appealing. And when she calls Kyousuke 'Oniisan' that really gets me."

N: Eh? That's it?

A: That's just a personal opinion.

N: That's just his personal opinion.

K: No way. She says she has a lot of appealing points.

N: I think everyone does. What about the kappa long hair? That's just for people who like that. For people who like long brown hair they'd say they'd like Kirino.

A: It's about appearances.

N: But being gentle with little sisters and being tsuntsun is also in Kirino.

K: Yeah.

N: Why did you pick that one?

K: It was short.

N: That's not good!

K: Nakamura-san. I'm amazed you asked. I thought it'd be good for the first attack. To have it short.

N: I'm relieved.


A: Hoshiku Witch... Ore no Imouto... From Oreimo Radio Nagi-san: "I like Kirino and Kuroneko, but I'm siding with Taketatsu-san's Kirino. Kirino's appeal is that she usually has a harsh personality, but after a life consultation she turns gentle and says "thank you" or "sorry". That's really cute. That gap is the best. My lovely angel Kirino-tan. The anime or novel moments like always make me grin. I hope there's a second season."

She's always tsuntsun. But she always says thank you or sorry.

K: That's important. A gap. Everyone is so passionate. We couldn't read all those.

N: Well everyone likes them.


K: Radio name Maintis-san. This is a foreigner.

A: What a delicious name.

K: "I'm a foreigner, but Kuroneko's cuteness is world class. Kuroneko's goth loli clothes, and black hair, on the surface she's black. Inside she's white. She's pure. She's kind. That gap is cute. Kuroneko's kindness to her little sisters is really touching. I think the dot under Kuroneko's eye is appealing in our country. What does Japan think?"

N: The mole? The dot under the eye.

K: The tear mole. "So good luck at your work." A mail from a foreigner. The outward appearance is charming.

A: Foreigners like to cosplay, don't they?

K: They like goth loli clothes.

N: But these clothes. But this goth loli clothes was originally from Japanese culture. So that's why they like it. Since it's Japan's culture.

K: I don't know.

N: Don't know.

K: But gothic lolita is from literature. So that western clothing.

N: But foreigners wearing goth loli clothes. When they wear it compared to Japanese, it's a different image. It looks like it fits them. For Japanese it seems like it floats a bit.

A: An unbalance?

N: It's appealing because of that unbalance. But inside they're pure white.

A: What are you looking?

K: I've never seen Kirino cooking.

A: Well. In the original ending, she gave some rice.

K: That's all.

A: "Here's yours."

N: Counterattack.


A: At-san. From a girl. "I always enjoy Oreimo radio. I love you both, but this time I'm cheering for Taketatsu Kirino. Kirino can't be honest with her feelings, but she's a good girl. She's straightforward. There's a lot of things to admire. More than anything, she's normally tsuntsun, but her dere point has such a gap between them. This is a knockout! I really love Kirino."

K: I see.

A: There are people who say such wonderful things.

K: Kirino is a hard work.

A: She's stoic. Despite complaining, she works really hard.

N: Yup.

A: What?

K: There's no more comments, so I'll go.


K: From radio name Malchese-san: "I'm with Kuroneko. Because Kuroneko has juvenile syndrome. It increases her cuteness. She cares for her family and is good at housework. She gallantly thinks about Kirino or Kyousuke. She never diverts from her hobbies. She has a lot of good points. And her biggest feature, her juvenile syndrome makes her cuter. Her delusional comments also create an opportunity for funny retorts. I'd like to see Kuroneko and Kirino or Kyousuke do a manzai comedy act. When serious, Kuroneko has cool lines. Her word choices: makai, next life, ceremony are examples of her juvenile syndrome, but in serious moments they seem more earnest than delusional. It really rings with me."

A: So there are people who like juvenile syndrome. It's an appeal for 2D.

N: It was just Kuroneko and me in that situation.

K: When playing the game, it's surprising. There's so much Kuroneko. Even when dere, her juvenile syndrome doesn't change.

N: The pose. That juvenile syndrome. She's not a person who opens her heart. Like when she's at home, she's talking on the phone alone. In the game when we're alone and the mood is nice... she'll say, "Hurry and make the contract."

A: That ruins the mood.

K: I suppose. But the feeling is there. The words come out naturally.

N: But she's a good person.

K: So how is it? I think the fans are split among Kirino and Kuroneko. Nakamura-san.

A: It's time.

N: Eh? Oh? I have to decide.


N: Let's leave it at Kuroneko.

A: Why?!

N: Well. Well, anime, novel, manga. 2D contents. It's all Kirino. A lot of fans say they have a sister like Kirino or they want a little sister. But no one says the want a girl like Kuroneko. I suppose that's because it's 2D. I think Kirino works because it's a 2D work. But I don't want the 3D version.

A: It'd be bad if it was 3D it'd be bad.

N: What if that girl came to Comiket. "She's like that at home?!"

A: I lost. You're my older brother, but I lost.

K: No, that's not so.

A: He's being objective.

N: Well. Forget it.

Life Consultation


N: What is this music?

K: It's surreal.

N: This song doesn't appear in the show.

K: This isn't in the Oreimo BG.

N: It's never used.

A: By the, Nakamura-san, do you want to consult me with any of your problems?

N: I do. When I came. My my left shoe comes out.

K: That happens.

N: When wearing boots. One slips off.

A: That happens.

N: Why? Why just my left side?

K: Maybe you have a strange way of walking?

N: What do you mean?!

A: Maybe your feet are different sizes.

N: Which ones of your slip off?

A: Mine is also the left one.

K: Both of mine.

N: No answer. Maybe it's just too small.


A: Maschera-san: "Don't you guys think you're acting like strangers? You can at least address me by my nickname." -Pooh-san. Pooh-san always have -san. You can feel the distance.

K: Kuma no Pooh-san (Winnie the Pooh).

N: What's Pooh-san? So he wrote a comment in? His name is completely different. It was Maschera-san.

A: They're jokes.

N: A nickname. Poor guy.

A: Pooh-chan.


A: From Kingo-san: "I haven't been able to stop since I was born." -Pissing cupid statue.

K: But... when born... it's not coming out.

N: When they come out of the factory. But when they're put in, they don't stop.

A: When they're set, maybe that's when they're born? That's when they have life.

K: If the stopped...

N: What? They'd become an adult? No longer a child? Why do they exist?

K: For peace?

A: Peace. It's relaxing.

N: If no one stopped it, it'd be chaos. Right?

K: It's fine, since they're cupid statues. If they were adults it wouldn't be okay. Michelangelo's one can't.

N: Michelangelo?

A: It's pure. Since it's kid, they're naked and going yay.

N: I never did that.


A: From Akai no Pisson-san: "Mizuhide is seriously naughty." -Nobunaga.

N: When did Nobunaga make that comment? At Honnouji? When it was on fire? "He's so naughty." What is this corner? This is no life consultation. They're mostly throwaway lines. None of them are "do something for me."

A: I've never thought about that in the last year.

N: At first, you really did life consultation right? You responded, right?

A: It was like this from the beginning.

N: So there's no responses?


A: From There's no way Oreimo won't have a second season-san: "I have a height of 160 centimeters, but people think I'm small." -Kuroneko.

K: Eh?! As an anime chara, she's small. More than in the novel.

N: So she's actually supposed to be 160?

A: I imagine Kirino being much taller.

K: How tall is Kirino?

A: Isn't Kirino 165 centimeters?

K: She is a model. Kyousuke is also tall.

N: Kyousuke isn't that tall?

K: The same size as Vageena.

N: Vageena is huge. Vageena is 180 I think.

K: Everyone is tall, so it may not seem like it.

N: Kyousuke was 170 I guess? I don't think he's that tall.

K: But that's tall.

A: But Manami is tall. Manami 160 too, I think. Pretty tall.


A: The yawning crying person: "Even in the anime last episode, in the end my identity is unknown. Just what am I?" - The green thing in Kirino's room.

K: What is that? I want that. That's a mystery.

N: You only see it in Kirino's room.



K: Nakamura-san, thank you.

N: Yes, thank you.

A: Why the "yes, thank you."

K: Nakamura-san coming makes me a bit nervous.

A: Me too.

K: Why?

A: Why are we worried?

N: We shouldn't talk about it here.

K: I thought we'd hear a lot about Kyousuke, but we didn't talk about it.

A: It's the ending.

K: So read the handbook.

N: Handbook? The one with us three. The game strategy book. It's probably the first time the three of us talked.

K: We stayed together at Chiba. We recorded the radio.

A: Love-love two shot.

N: That's where you wore the victory underwear?

K: Actually. The anime mook book.

A: So everyone enjoy.

K: This is why Nakamura-san is called last. Thanks.

N: Sorry. Maybe I should have turned this down.

K: The next one will be the last one. 24 comes out July 22nd.

A: Huh? Last episode?! Why?! I made such a wish too. I even said it on the radio while drunk.

K: You said it. But I really am glad Nakamura-san came in the end.

A: It was fun.