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May 27, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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Kirino: Today... I have need some life counseling from you.

Kuroneko: Oh? From me? What could it be?

Kirino: To be frank... there's a special guest coming for the next radio show.

Kuroneko: And who is that?

Kirino: I usually draw it out with hints here, but... But I'll just tell you today. Next time's special guest is, Tamura Manami-san.

Kuroneko: My, my. That is indeed a problem. ...for you.

Kirino: What do you mean it's my problem? You're saying you're fine with it?

Kuroneko: I don't have any problems with Tamura-sempai. She's a kind person. We even did a commentary section together.

Kirino: Just on the DVD.

Kuroneko: Be quiet.

Kirino: Anyway... from fans who've seen anime episode 11 or read the novel volume 4... we don't get along.

Kuroneko: Apparently. So your life counseling is...

Kirino: So plain girl and I have to talk next time. What should I do?

Kuroneko: Impossible.

Kirino: Ain't that right?

Kuroneko: I can say without any doubt. The booth will surely become unbearable as soon as you two stat talking. And it will be mainly your fault.

Kirino: My fault?! What about this plan? I'll just have a light hearted talk with plain girl. We haven't done it in the anime or novel. It's not like it's impossible.

Kuroneko: Why not use this opportunity to get along with her?

Kirino: Impossible. Frankly, why are you so relaxed?

Kuroneko: The other day, thanks to you... I had an interesting talk with Aragaki Ayase.

Kirino: Oh right.

Kuroneko: Compared to the despair of that moment, having a light talk with Tamura-sempai is nothing. Actually, I'm looking forward to it.

Kirino: Was talking with Ayase really that bad? Umm.... Sorry.

Kuroneko: Forget about it. Prepare yourself! Tamura-sempai and us two will have a fun radio show.

Kirino: Really? I don't know if I can.

Kuroneko: Do it.

Kirino: Okay... What's with you? Calling her oneechan and stuff.

Kuroneko: I'll do my best to follow up on you two. If that doesn't work, then there's no helping it. We'll apologize together.

Kirino: I'm amazed to hear that from you considering how poorly you talk. OK. I'll try. But for real, I won't be responsible for what happens.

Kuroneko: So next time we will have a special guest. Please look forward to it.

Kirino: Bye bye.

Kuroneko: By the way... I am certain that Tamura-sempai listens to this radio show.



A: Everyone, konnozuwa. Kousaka Kirino here. Taketatsu Ayana.

K: Eh? What is that? Hearing that again, it's a strange greeting, isn't it?

A: This radio doesn't have a fixed greeting.

K: This is our 20th one.

A: So I made up a greeting.

K: I still haven't introduced myself. Sorry. Kuroneko, Hanazawa Kana.

A: Everyone knows. You don't need to. We did 20 shows.

K: That many?

A; When I think back on the first one.

K: We were more distant.

A: Back then, I didn't look you in the eye when talking.

K: Really?

A: So I'd always face the wall in Kana-chan's direction when talking.

K: That sounds scary for people who don't know. It's ilke, what are you looking at?

A: I pretended to look at Kana-chan's eyes, but was actually looking at that. At first, Kana-chan didn't try to touch my thigh.

K: No. Today you're in a short skirt. So I asked to see it.

A: That's not the same thing!

K: I didn't necessarily mean tell me. So you're hiding it.

A: What's with that high school male attitude?

K: But teasing Ayachi raises my tension.

A: What is that?

K: I tease, but it doesn't make anyone happy.

A: What? It makes me happy.

K: When I let my guard down you turn it around.

A: We're late today too. But that's fine.

K: Apparently Ayachi got a lot of mail for Seigura no Kyoushi. Mind if I read them?

A: Sure, thanks.

K: Handle name PUff puff-san: "Ayachi said 'I've never dressed as an amaloli before'. Kana-chan said 'Do another Seigura!' (Seiyuu Grand Prix) This month at the Seiyuu Grand Prix, Ayachi got to be a loli." Ayachi was a loli? Why didn't you tell me?

A: Didn't I mention it?

K: Seigura-san.

A: I'll let you have it. I wore amai lolita clothes.

K: Ayachi is amazing. Ayachi you don't even do certain things.

A: I don't. So I didn't have anything to represent.

K: But if Ayachi was on the cover, I'd buy it.

A: But if people don't normally buy it, what would I do if it's my fault people buy those up?

K: It's okay. Everyone will lick the magazine cover.

A: Not everyone is Kana-chan.

K: Sorry, everyone. I apologize to you all. What if people at school who listen to the Oreimo radio and are influenced by Kana-chan.

A: what are they doing?

K: Soon I will be their mistress.

A: You lie! That's too crazy.

K: I don't know what I wanted to say. I'm not doing anything. Ayachi is on the cover. Get it if you haven't seen it. And send me one.

A: If you're serious, you'll get a lot.

K: Oh right. Oh well, I might as well just buy one myself. You might appear on the cover again.

A: What? Like my appearance increases sales?

K: Yeah.

A: You're embarrassing. This is getting to real, let's stop.


A: A notice. Oreimo Blu-ray and DVD volume 6 went on sale May 21st.

K: Oh, that was two days ago.

A: Yes.

K: 11 and 12?

A: I see. I haven't seen 13 or 14 yet.

K: For real? But if you watch it, for Kirino it'd be like "What is going on with this plot development?" You might not like it.

A: Eh? What? That actually makes me interested. What?

K: But. It's a good story.

A: Kuroneko has a big part too.

K: There's a lot of new characters too.

A: Akagi-kun's little sister right? I want to see it!

K: She's a pervert.

A: For real?! I look forward to it. I'll see it someday.

My little sister can't also be this cute


A: "My little sister (child) calls herself "ore". She addresses me without an honorific." I'm sorry, I forgot to say the radio name. It's from Aitei Ryoute Fusagaranai-san (I can't stop her with both hands). "This year, I completely forgot about my little sister's birthday. When I was sleeping in my futon, unusually I got mail from my little sister. 'Well, today is my birthday. <Feeling down> It makes me sad that you didn't say anything to me. <Feeling down>" It includes emoticons.

K: How cute.

A: "For the first time, I realized it was her birthday. For the first time, I thought she was cute." Her appeal that it's her birthday. Cute.

K: How cute. And personally, calling oneself watakushi by mail is cute.

A: I want a little sister.

K: One that asks to celebrate their birthday. My little brother doesn't celebrate his at all. He just passes through them.

A: Really? Then does he celebrate Kana-chan's?

K: I... I guess I don't.

A: Isn't that why?

K: But I get him a few things.

A: What do you get him?

K: A few things. It's fine. I don't expect a lot.

A: He's in puberty, right?

K: In puberty, that's a weird way to put it. Well I suppose he has his own thing going on. Since he's a boy.

A: I suppose he's ignoring his older sister.

K: It's already that?

A: How lonely. In the past, my older brother didn't celebrate with me. He didn't even say "congratulations". He doesn't say it now either. But he'd buy me a DS or something. So the original... Not the original. A Lite. When I was high school he bought it for me.

K: How nice.

A: But he's shy. So he'll never say "congratulations". So on birthday he'll suddenly enter my room. I'll think "what is it?" Then he'll say "Here." and gave me a DS. Then he left.

K: What a nice older brother.

A: Isn't that cool?

K: Nice.

A: My brother is a tsundere.

K: That's awesome.

A: Or he'd throw the new year's present.

K: Is that really okay? Maybe he should use some communication.

A: He does. We played Momotetsu together.


A: Radio name My Little Sister is Stupid-san: "I'm 20. I have a sister two years younger. My little sister is in high school. She's in a dorm, so she's not home. One year ago, my little sister called mother. 'Koike Teppei-kun is on TV today. Don't forget to record it. For real it. Record it. Record it! Endless. If you forget to record, I'll hide your DVDs' I joked with her and she said 'But if I went any further, that would have been scary.' I don't know if she was acting tough or not. I thought she was cute. Apparently my mother forgot to record it. Don't mind. <Kira>"

K: But she was so insistent.

A: I'm sure the little sister hid the DVDs.

K: So she likes Koike Teppei-kun.

A: She told her to record it since she would hide it.

K: I wonder if she couldn't record it herself.

A: She's in a dorm. So she's not free. How cute.


A: Radio Maruniya-san: "I have a five year old little sister. I want to tell me about a time my little sister really touched me. One summer day, my little sister told my mother "I want to eat chupachupa ramen." I asked what that was. Mother whispered to me, "She means hiyashi chuuka (cold chinese)". So my sister thought hiyashi chuuka is ramen. And it's suppai (sour). That's why my little sister thinks of it as suppai ramen, and calls it chuppai ramen." How cute, what is it?

K: How cute.

A: Chupa chupa ramen. She's five. At that age, they're all cute.

K: I'm sure they're all cute. You're going haa haa.

A: This is a good corner.

Meruru vs Maschera


Battle 9: Comiket Public Circles Vs. Industry Booths.

A: Taketatsu Public (Circles). Hanazawa Industry Booths. Battle Start.


A: I calculate I can only hear the Oreimo radio once in two weeks-san "I recommend public booths this time. Unless the industry booths, you can meet the people who made them directly. You can feel directly feel the creator's passion. You can also convey your own passion and thoughts. In summer, that heat is a problem. Ayachi Kanatan, it's better to meet in person, right? I think that's the same thing. Lately, famous people have been attending circles too."

K: So there are famous people.

A: I've never even went to Comiket for work.

K: You're packed in pretty tightly I think for Natsucomi.

A: I see. It's hot. The air conditioning doesn't work?

K: There's too many people, so I don't think it works.

A: I'd like to go someday. It's nice that you can meet people in person.


K: Here I go. Pen name Boko bokorin-san: "I recommend industrial booths. You can get limited goods or buy advance items. I like seiyuu radio shows. So I can get the radio CDs before CD shops. Especially at FuyuComi. You can get a lot of things that normally don't go on sale till New years. It's very touching. Furthermore, there are seiyuu events. It's very touching. I save up my money to go to comiket." Seiyuu event and industry booths.

A: Really?

K: That's what she says.

A: Standing on a stage and having everyone go "waaa!" That would make the fans happy.

K: They must look forward to seiyuu appearing.

A: It must be fulfilling for otaku. Industry booths sure have a lot of things.


A: Hirokei at banana koukouseikatsu Kanon-san: "I'm new and have only been there once, but the public booths have a lot of people who will draw pictures for you. Of course the industry booths put out high quality items, but Oreimo and other anime can be experienced in a new way."

K: I see.

A: Like doujin.

K: Doujinshi! Wow.

A: I see. Doujinshi.

K: Once, I saw a One Piece. My friend lent it to me.

A: How was it?

K: It was amazing. Sanji and Zoro were going waaa.

A: So it's that kind?!

K: I went aaaah, and closed it. My Sanji!

A: Doujinshi can be made with such freedom. So often. I don't know if it's often. Like a Kirino or Kuroneko coupling.

K: I think that happens.

A: Really? Aaaah!

K: I want to see Oreimo doujinshi.

A: I want to see. But I'm sure they'd be amazing.

K: Eh? What's amazing?

A: In various way. Like waaaaaa! Like the stuff Kana-chan saw.

K: Like Kyousuke and Akagi? Like that?

A: Or something yuri yuri.

K: If it's yuriyuri I might look.

A: I recently read a yuri manga. For work, I had an opportunity to do a yuri type job. So I bought it to see. So I had no idea what yuri was like. When I opened it up, I saw an amazing spectacle.

K: I see.

A: I went waaaa. And closed it in an instant. I put it away somewhere private.

K: There are various worlds

A: Worlds that we don't know. There's still a lot we don't know.

K: Should we enter them or not. I don't know yet.


K: Pen name Garake Hitotsuji-san: "I'm for industry booths. You can get various anime and game paper bags from industry booths. There are some who are embarrassed by it, but if you see those, you can tell what people's interests are. If you're with people using the same paper bag, that raises your tension. And if you have a large bag, people open up the way. The industry booth is good. But of course if you're in a full booth you bump into other people a lot."

A: I see.

K: Like paper bags with characters on them.

A: Do you get it for free? That's good.

K: I want an Oreimo paper bag. Good.

A: In summer, Natsucomi, everyone has those anime paper bag when on the train. They must have got them at the industry booths.

K: So which ones they pick shows what their tastes are.

A: So if you see someone with the same cover, it's like "You too?"

K: When I was riding a train with comiket people. A person next to me had my character on their paper bag.

A: So that person didn't realize he was sitting next to you.

K: He didn't.

A: Really? If he knew. It'd be like, "Oh, Hanazawa Kana is next to me."

K: What would I do then? Like "Me me."

A: When I rode a train someone sitting next to me was watching an anime I appeared in. So I kept looking at that anime. I thought "The dubbing for that was hard." He laughed when I talked. He laughed at the right time. I wanted to go, "That's me." But... He didn't realize.

K: If you do see me, please don't call out to me.

A: You! How selfish!

K: But! I don't know what to do.

A: I space out a lot during my private moments. Well today, before Kana-chan entered the studio, I saw you behind me.

K: Really? I wonder why.

A: Someone who looked like Kana-chan was at the crosswalk. Kana-chan was waiting for the green light. I thought "That's Kana-chan. She disappeared. How fast." Then you appeared again. I thought, "What technique is this person using."

K: I didn't know Ayachi was looking at me. At the convenient store, I saw Ayachi from the back. I thought today was hot.

A: It surprised me. Kana-chan suddenly appearing in the convenient. Then touching my shoulder. It's like "Who's that" I was so scared. You could say "Good morning."

K: If I called to you, that'd...

A: What if someone was peeping at me. That'd scare anyone.


A: Chigai no wakaru 22sai-san: "I like industry booths, but industry booths last all three days, so you have a good chance of getting their stuff. Public booths only last for one special day. If you miss this, it's pretty hard to get their stuff. That's why some wait from 4 pm to 10 am the next day. In the summer there's heat, in the winter there's cold. It's truly a battlefield. People who go to Comiket are truly this era's heroes. PS The Comiket complex is sacred ground."

I suppose since it's cool.

K: But those heroes buy things only they can get.

A: They're serious about getting them.

K: There's a limit.

A: That passion is amazing. That's cool. They're all heroes.


K: Handle name Ichi Appu-san: "I love cosplay. But I'd rather look than do it myself. I check out the booths. The cosplay areas are crowded, so I can't see, but just walking around the industrial booths you can see a lot of cosplayers and companions. Sometimes I buy some goods, but my goal is the cosplayers. There's some really cute or beautiful people. As a woman, I really admire them. Am I strange?"

You're not strange.

A: Not strange.

K: Cosplay is amazing.

A: It's just fun to see.

K: Companions... I mean, cosplayers really make it seem like it's the real thing.

A: The quality is high.

K: They have good style.

A: Kana-chan, won't you cosplay?

K: Why me?

A: Have you never cosplayed?

K: Cosplay? For anime event, I cosplay as my anime character. Like Kuroneko.

A: That was good.

K: I've even done Ayana.

A: I never saw it! I've only seen Kuroneko.

K: I see. What about Ayachi?

A: I haven't. When in high school, during Precure, the outform was popular. It was kind of like a cheerleader. Sailor uniform.

K: But seiyuu now, wear stuff like that. I want to wear cute dresses.

A: Cosplay. You can do it because it's now.

K: Taketatsu Ayana should put out a photobook collection.

A: Even if I do or not, that doesn't mean I'll do cosplay.

K: It'll be a cosplay photo collection. And a normal photo collection.

A: Two of them? Who would publish them?

K: Aniplex will!

A: They will? Really? New York?

K: Why do you want to go to New York? Why not Singapore or something?

A: Or Italy? Kana-chan should join me. Like Ayakana book. For the last DVD volume, we should put one out to commemorate. They won't put one out?

K: Why?

A: Probably an adult situation.

K: That's good. A collaboration. It'll work out someday. We're out of time.

A: The last half was totally irrelevant.

Life Consultation


A: I'll introduce letters. Here I go. It's important, so I said it twice.

K: It's not that important to say it twice.

A: Shinkansen Hayee-san.

K: It is fast.

A: "I'm the only one who's sliced." Shokupanman.

K: It's true. If not, he'd become loaf man. He wouldn't be Shokupanman. It'd make his head too heavy.

A: That's true. It's good that he's just a slice of bread.


A: From 4869 Holme's. Sherlock Holmes, right? "Despite being in a bright place, I'm still black." -A culprit. When a culprit appears, they appear black even in light.

K: You can tell who the culprit is from the beginning.

A: Yeah, you get a hint in the beginning.


A: From Panaiya-san: "Frankly, landing is more painful than being stabbed with swords. No one worries about me, but mentally it hurts." -Kurohige (Blackbeard)

  • Kurohige is a game where you put swords in a barrel and eventually the person who makes Kurohige jump out of the barrel loses, I think?

K: That's true. You stab him a lot.

A: Then he pops out.

K: That must hard.

A: He was born to fly. But... isn't more sad if no one plays with him.

K: What, like Toy Story?

A: It's painful, but you can put up with it.

K: Yeah. Even in college I'll keep you.

A: Good luck in being sent flying.


A: From Captain Charisma-san: "I'm not complaining!" -That person who is complaining. What's that mean?

  • Seems like this is a pun on monku (complaints) and monk.

K: He's yelling a complaint, but that person is not necessarily complaining? Is he not complaining? Maybe it's a monk? Does it say monk?

A: The person who wrote it isn't a monk.

K: I wonder who wrote that?

A: But if you hear this person yelling, you'd wonder what kind of monk they are.

K: It's not a monk who's complaining.

A: It's complicated.

K: I learned a lot.

A: I might use it somewhere.

K: Where would you use it?

A: Maybe I'll add that face when I e-mail Kana.


A: Last. Ronyaku Imouto suki-san: "Lately I'm called a pervert. Does everyone say this?" - Hanazawa Kana.

K: I'm called perverted lately.

A: In the second opening, the subject was Taketatsu Ayana. At first I was the pervert character. But eventually Kana-chan became the pervert.

K: That's weird. Maybe Ayachi is a little devil.

A: Why? That's not so.

K: It's true. That makes me look bad.

A: You're cute.

K: But I'm a pervert.

A: But in my mind I laugh.

K: You should say so.

A: We were having lunch. So we were sitting next to each other while talking. In that moment, Kana-chan stared at me. It was so cute. You were looking at me.

K: What is that?! You should have said something.

A: We were talking. It was hard to say. Then we left. You were wearing shorts. I thought about touching your thigh. But I missed the timing. Even at lunch, when we were next to each other. It was embarrassing so I couldn't do it.

K: Ayachi is a chicken.

A: In my mind, I think like a high school boy. But I can't do it in real life.

K: Do it for real. Like an old man.

A: You said hello and hugged me.

K: I did.

A: That surprised me. So I felt happy. Pervert.

K: I'm a pervert? Ayachi made me.

A: That's not so.

K: Why not? Don't worry about it.



A: Hey, I was thinking. This song appears on TV a lot, don't you think?

K: It's used on TV a lot. It's Oreimo!

A: It's Oreimo! It makes me really happy.

K: It's used on the news, variety shows, and late night shows.

K: And episode 21 comes out June 10th. And for the opening drama, Tamura Manami / Satou Satomi-san will be coming. Hey, all these guests. Isn't that the flag that things are ending?

A: Wait a moment. Are you saying it's ending soon?

K: Our radio show.

A: No! No! Wait a moment!

K: But it's strange to have all these guests. And the DVD will soon stop coming out. There's no meaning to continue.

A: But what about season 2? We're not doing a second season? Novel volume 8 just went on sale.

K: Yeah.

A: Let's keep going.

K: What should we do?

A: What'll we do? We won't get paid.

K: Yeah.

A: I want to keep going with Kana-chan. Have a petition. Tell them you don't want Oreimo to end. Who should they send it to? Send it to someone in power. Send it to Aniplex.

K: But if there's a season 2, we might be able to continue.

A: I see. That's a pity.

K: Yeah.

A: I hope it continues.

K: We'll be awaiting your mail so that the radio keeps continuing. Meruru and Maschera's big battle 10 is... Kirino Vs. Kuroneko?!

A: What is this?!

K: Wait a moment. This really is an ending flag. This subject. The next one might really be the last one. Not next time, since it's the Manami episode.

A: So the one after next time?

K: Like it'll end when Nakamura-san comes.

A: No way! I'm taking a vacation! I'm NG. I'll be take several months off.

K: Then it'd end without Ayachi. This is scary. It's strange that this wasn't the first subject. So maybe it's the last episode subject.

A: Like they were saving it? But I say we won't end it.

K: But Ayachi doesn't decide that.

A: But I'll play it on my homepage. I'll record it on a PC. Doing it without permission. So it's time. Kana-chan, your bag has a lot of monk written on it.

K: It's true. That's not monk. They're skulls?

A: Really?

Bye bye!