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May 13, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

Guest: Nabatame Hitomi (Saori Vageena) Link to Listen to Show


Kirino: Amazingly, we have a special guest this time!

Kuroneko: Special guest?

Kirino: I said so last time. Did you forget?

Kuroneko: Cool, meddlesome, cool, reliable person... Right?

Kirino: I think that's kind of wrong. You said "cool" two times. I said someone meddlesome, tall, reliable.

Kuroneko: So that person is coming as a guest...

Kirino: What is it? You seem pretty pleased.

Kuroneko: Not really. Call the guest already. I'm sure they're waiting.

Kirino: That's true.

Kuroneko: I don't think this is so, but in the offhand chance it's the same guest as before, I will run away.

Kirino: You're too scared of Ayase. Special guest Saori Vageena-san, if you'd please.

Saori: Hello, hello! Pleased to meet you radio listeners! I'm the special guest Saori Vageena de gozaru!

Kuroneko: Did you mean the special guest was Saori?

Kirino: Who did you think it was?

Kuroneko: That doesn't matter!

Saori: Cool! Meddlesome. Cool. Reliable. Indeed that is myself, is it not?!

Kuroneko: Be quiet.

Saori: The three of us are finally on the radio. To be honest, I was jealous listening to you two talk on the radio.

Kuroneko: It's not like we were getting along.

Kirino: We weren't.

Saori: That, that! That's how the two of you are!

Kuroneko: As usual, words do not get through to this giant.

Saori: Now that we are here and free to talk, mind if I say something honestly de gozaru ka?

Kirino: Why not?

Saori: Don't you think I've been left out too much!

Kirino: I didn't think you'd be that frank.

Saori: But but! This radio show, Twitter, and character goods are all Kiririn-shi and Kuroneko-shi! It's no fair de gozaru! I want to be on the regular character de gozaru yo!

Kuroneko: There is no point in asking myself about it. Go ask Aniplex and Ascii Works.

Saori: When will my figure come out de gozaru ka?

Kirino: Maybe it shouldn't.

Kuroneko: You have no mercy. This is your fault. Say something!

Kirino: I suppose. C-cheer up. There are goods for you, even if it's not as many as ours.

Kuroneko: That's true. The other day, in AKiba's Gamers I obtained your figure.

Saori: S-such goods exist?

Kuroneko: It was you in your maid form. It was cute.

Saori: Wow.

Kirino: Me too. I wanted a cute Kiririn little sister figure. I went there, but I couldn't get it. It was all plain girl and Vageena.

Kuroneko: I quickly completed my collection. This regularly happens for me.

Kirino: For real? Who's the secret figure? could it be... Saori?!

Kuroneko: Well...

Kirino: Nevermind. It's the most popular one... me!

Saori: Kiririn-shi! What color is your blood?1

Kirino: Don't grab and shake me!

Kuroneko: In the end, it has become like when the three of us gather. Plus, I needed to follow up on this callous heroine. Apparently her Saori figure is as cherished as her Meruru figure.

Kirino: Stop it Saori! You're exposing my panties!

Saori: Why not?!

Kuroneko: Sorry to interrupt your fun. Is there anything you want to say in the end?

Saori: To the goods maker who are listening to this radio show! Please... please Saori Vageena figure! A very cute Saori Vageena figure please de gozaru!

Kirino: Thanks for coming today!



Nabatame: Playing Saori Vageena, I'm Nabatame Hitomi.

Aya-chi: Radio episode 19. She's like our older sister, Nabatame Hitomi-san has come to play.

Kana-chan: At last, we meet here.

A: Welcome!

N: I was here before. When you first started.

K: That was hard.

A: It was mostly Kana-chan.

K: I have some news first. Oreimo Blu-Ray volume 6 goes on sale May 21st. This time it's episode 11 and 12. We sing the ending theme. "Akihabara Dance Now" You, Kuroneko, Saori Vageena. Gross otaku.

A: "Akihabara Dance Now" is mostly sung by Nabatame-san.

N: It was really hard.

K: That was complicated song.

N: It was so complicated. I was sure all three were singing. So we'd split it up. But it ended up being mostly me.

A: Basically we sung the elegant parts. But Nabatame-san's voice stood out more.

K: Of course. It's Akihabara Dance Now, after all.

A: It really is a song fitting for Saori.

N: That was difficult. But it's a good song. It's very exciting.

K: I like Chameleon.

A: I like it. You sang it at an event too. It's a good song.

K: Please talk about Saori Vageena.

N: What? I have to do all the talking? It's fun.

K: Thanks to Vageena, the three of them are able to remain at peace.

N: It's fun. But really, Vageena can't be made into figures. No goods. I like Vageena.

A: But Vageena's backpack with posters. Just make a toy out of that.

K: Nabatame-san's voice. You really got into the gozaru phrasing. Nabatame-san, maybe you should always say gozaru.

A: It feels natural.

N: Sometimes I say gozaru. My manager, is here. He doesn't know it, but when on the phone he'll say things like, "Is that so de gozaru ka". So I'll respond, "Yeah de gozaru ne." It's my manager's influence.

K: It's your manager's influence.

A: A secret story. On the show's homepage are illustrations of Kirino and Kuroneko. I think you should draw a Saori Vageena.

K Last time, Hayami-chan was a guest. So she drew one.

N: Eh? Who's that?

K: Umm... Hayami-chan was supposed to draw Ayase. But it's scary.

N: I wonder why?

K: The lines are thick. And not enough.

N: I wonder why. Maybe that's how Ayase is to Hayami-chan.

K: Nabatame-san, are you good at drawing?

N: Let's see. I suppose I'm at stage 5. That's my grade. Let's try.

A: Just draw the spiral glasses.

K: What is her hair like?

A: I think it's twin tails.

N: No, no. It's like a ponytail.

A: Eh? it's a ponytail?

N: It's just one tail.

A: Really?

N: I think so. What if I got it wrong?


A: The Oreimo game complete guide has Saori without glasses. I thought she had twin tails then.

K: Maybe that's just when her glasses are off.

A: Eh? When she takes her glasses off she gets twin tails?

K: I think she's amazing.

A: Eh? They're saying twin tails.

N: Really?

A: See!

N: Wasn't it just one? But it's not really twin tails. She's not a bunny chick.

K: I had no idea.

A: I drew mine. That's cute.

K: You're really good.

N: Really?

K: But it looks a bit like Benzou-san.

N: What is that?

A: The mouth is cute?

K: How's Ayachi's? Oh, Ayachi's cute.

N: That's good. I'm sure it's like this.

A: Twin tails.

N: It's lower though.

K: Since it's lower, it didn't feel like twin tails. Please take a look at these images.

Otakuko Gather!

12:10 Trivia: This corner is named after Saori's group, so it's fitting to have this on a show where her voice actress guest stars.

A: Hey, hey. can I come over to play, Kana-chan? Then I'll bring pajamas.

K: I'm sorry, if this is weird. I'm sorry. This is like a ritual we do each time.

N: I see.

K: She's trying to make me feel better.

A: I try to excite her.

N: I see.

Ayachi explains the corner.

N: Really?

A: It has "do it cutely like Vageena". Can you do it?

Vageena: Next time, is it okay if I come play, Kana-sama de gozaru ka?

K: It's okay de gozaru yo.

Vageena: Oooh! Then I will bring sleep wear!

K: How cute. Really cute.

A: Let me join in de gozaru.

K: Sometimes when Vageena talks to Kuroneko, she doesn't say the gozaru.

A: Nabatame-san, do you have any otaku goods?

N: Well, I don't know. I might have a hand towel.

A: A hand towel?!

K: It's a collection?!

A: What do you use it for?

N: I have them on display.

K: There are a lot of types.

N: You can change the hand towels with the season. Like for Christmas, I'll have Christmas hand towels. In spring, I'll use ones for spring.

K: What an adult.

A: How fashionable.

K: That's the first time I've heard of someone who had a hand towel collection.

A: Me too.

N: And if it gets dirty you can use it as a dish cloth.

A: Wow! What an adult. So this is how noble women decorate.

N: I'm not a noble!

K: Do you cook? We're in trouble. We're behind.

N: You don't cook?

K: We do. But we have no specialty.

A: It's curry.

N: I can make chashuu. You can buy cheap meat and strings at the supermarket. I made chashuu. I added egg and made boiled egg and chashuu.

A: That sounds delicious.

K: You've got to get that feeling. I've never thought of making my own chashuu.

A: You can eat chashuu at a ramen shop.

N: But chashuu is handy.

K: Yeah. You can make fried rice.

A: We've got to learn. But this is making us feel bad.


A: From Taketasu = Ako-san Love-san: "I'm really into galgee right now. I even completely cleared the PSP Oreimo game. Amazingly, I have 80 galgee. Do you have any galgee that you can recommend to a minor. Hanazawa-san, maybe you should try them?"

Have you played galgee, Nabatame-san?

N: I did in the past. Like the Tokimeki games. I was amazingly bad. I tried my best to do it without a strategy guide. I'd work hard to get a person, but I'd always end up dropping out of college and getting rejected. The dark ending.

A: Like the friendship ending.

N: More like the ending alone in a room ending.

K: You don't understand the heart of girls.

A: Tokimeki 1?

N: One. It was too sad. I wanted my 7-8 hours back.

K: But Ayachi knows a lot about Tokimeki.

A: Tokimeki 1 really was hard.

N: That's the fun part. Like how do I get Fujisaki-san.

A: You can never get Fujisaki-san no matter how you try.

N: You need good grades and good looks.

A: But to improve your looks, you need to raise the excitement levels with the other girls. So it's a series of bombs.

K: Bombs?

N: If you don't pay attention to them, bombs appear.

A: Like malicious rumors.

N: Quit those girls!

K: What do you mean? Like jealousy?

A: If you don't pay attention to one and date just another girl, that girl gets jealous and spreads rumors.

K: How dark. But it seems kind of interesting.

A: When the bombs explode, the boys in the class will act like you hurt that person.

N: It's a pain.

K: Being popular is hard. You played a galgame 80 minutes.

N: Which was the minor storyline?

A: Minor? Doing the minor storyline can be done in 80 minutes. Like the PSP version. Then it must have been the first Playstation. Personally, I like Ayakashi Ninden Kuno ichiban.


N: I like games.

K: You like games?

N: But I'm stopped at the Famicom.

K: You're stopped in the Famicom?

N: I love famicom. I still have a lot of Famicom boxes.

A: Don't Famicom break down easily?

N: They do. When you put the software in and the screen is all pink, Then I rebuy it.

A: Do you ever blow into the cassette? N: But I was told that was bad.

K: That's bad?

N: Apparently the spit gets into it.

A: Really?

K: You like Famicom?

N: I was told to buy the Wii and download the games. But when I go into the game shops, I look at the cassettes. I love Famicom.

A: So the galgame I recommend. Kuroichiban.

N: I liked Nakayama Miho's Tokimeki High School.

A: What is that?

N: That was on disk. Famicom had a disk system. You didn't know about the disk system?

A: Famicom had disks?

N: Yeah. Yellow or blue disks. Nakayama Miho Tokimeki High School was a blue disk. Nakayama Miho one day transferred schools. The protagonist really likes Nakayama Miho. While talking with her. He quickly transfers.

K: Was it live?

N: It was drawings. So Miporin could get in a lot of relationships. But Miporin's birthday came. If you choose the wrong present, for some reason you would give Miporin takoyaki as a birthday present. The next day she won't come to school.

A: Miporin is delicate.

N: I'm sure you'd never find it now though. It was fun. You called to get hints.

K: Oh, you mean really call on a phone.

N: Yeah, the phone number appeared on screen. If you called, they'd tell you where to wait for the girls.

A: That sounds fun.

N: Maybe a new version will come out.

A: I want to try that.


A: From Chuichi Fujoshi-san: "Hello. My first submission. I am a listener and viewer from America. Every time, I open the home page and do my best to avoid looking at the title. By the way, my whole family are ota. I'm an anime, light novel, manga ota. Dad is a tsuribaka (fishing nut), in other words, an outdoor ota. Mother is a drama and Kdrama ota. My older sister is a kdrama idol ota. And my older brother is an anime, manga, light novel ota like me. That makes me think, why must ota hide themselves? Even among the local Japanese, we're open about being ota. Even with family. Is this weird for others? Or are the people here just too nice? Please tell me. P.s. My state is in the country, but please have an event here."

K: Which state?

N: Isn't she in America?

A: Where in America.

N: Wow, an event in America.

K: The scope is vast. I see. Do otaku hide themselves now.

N: They don't now.

A: But sometimes we get mail from people saying they can't tell their families.

K: It's like their child raising policy. Like parents who don't let their children watch anime and stuff.

N: I don't think it's weird.

K: Well, lately not many people hide that.

N: It seems natural.

A: "Coming out" is good. Don't hide it. "Going my way."

N: I'm sure this fan would be like, "Let's all come out."

A: If you're listening, try coming out.


A: Is there any more mail? That's it. I see. It seems like we get a lot of mail from otakuko. Otakuko really shine.

K: Really?

A: Don't they shine? Maybe it's a bias as a girl. I feel excited reading the mail.




N: What was that just now?

K: Listener send Net terms and we try to guess the meaning.

N: No way. No one could understand that.

K: It's Bandou Eiji-san.

N: Eh?!

A: Why?!

K: In a recording from before. We did an imitation contest with Hayami-chan. She's so good. Listen to it.

N: I can't do anything. I'm told I never sound similar.

K: Well, this isn't imitations.

A: Mario's jump sound.

K: It's just a nose noise.


A: Nabatame-san, are you familiar with Net lingo?

N: In the past, if it was related to stuff I was working on. I studied PC lingo. I don't know about Net lingo.

K: Net lingo seems to change daily.

A: If it's used often, like warai/laughter as w.

K: Let's check the mail.


A: Pen name Oreimo afmesu-san: Nino ni naru.

  • Ni naru means "to become"

K: Nino?

N: Ninomiya-kun? I like it.

K: Nino is in katakana? I think that means something.

A: Death.

N: To die? Ninomiya-kun.

K: A situation like Ninomiya-kun's?

A: To have a smile? But I saw Arashi.

N: I saw them too.

A: That's a good show.

K: Freeter (young people who subsist on part-time work).

Ding ding.

K: It means to be a freeter? "When I graduate, I will be nino ni naru." To be a freeter.

A: I see. That was a tough one.


A: From Megane Suits Moe-san: GHQ Shozoku.

  • Shozoku means "affiliation"

A: GHQ is in alphabet.

K: Capital letters?

A: Capital letters.

N: Shozoku?

A: I don't know.

N: Q Q Q. Gohan Club. Students use it.

K: Students use it? What could it be?

A: Like homeroom?

N: Shozoku.

A: Or a club?

N: All I know is that q is club.

A: Home cooking? Home room.

N: H is home. G...

K: I've got. Going Home Club.

Ding ding.

A: Go Home Q-q-q-quickly.

K: Oh, quickly.

A: Those who go straight home (instead of participating in clubs). Basically the Going-Home-Club.

K: But instead of writing GHQ Shozoku it'd be faster to write Going-Home-Club (Kitakubu 帰宅部).

A: But Going Home Club is fine. It's a club.

N: But it's not a club...

A: I mainly went home. I didn't really participate in clubs. I envy students. They have such a phrase.

K: It's cool.

N: Let me.


N: From Hikaru-san: tmt. All lower case.

A: What is this?! A emoticon?

K: It's not an emoticon.

N: Used in Nicodou.

A: Why?

N: Like one of those moving commentaries?

A: Like a comment? Like GHO.

N: Something will happen? Something will happen on the video. Like it's frozen?

A: Like it's frozen.

Ding ding.

N: It's short for tomatta (it has stopped).

K: I see.

N: When broadcast live on Niconico, when the video or audio has stopped, you put tmt as the commentary. That way the broadcaster notices. It's like "It's stopped!"

K: tmt is easier to use.

A: That's amazing. It's easy to use.

N: People sure like the Net.

A: It's modern. You can do it on your phone. iPhone. or PC.

K: I learned a lot. That was "I don't know OO"

Life Counseling


A: A lot came in. Last time at the Dengeki G's magazine cafe we didn't read even one. So let's do it with Nabatame-san.

N: Let's get along.

K: Yeah, Chan Naba-san.

A: She's an adult lady.

N: I'm not such an adult.

A: So let's read a lady.


A: From Aoi Kemono-san: "To be honest, I have a girlfriend. We're in a long distance relationship. I'm still a student so I don't have money. We don't really go on dates, how can I convey my love?"

K: Just say you like her.

N: Yeah. The two of you can just go home together.

A: The best thing is to just use the PC.

K: That'd be free.

N: And you can see the video. That's good. Long distance is hard, but that's good. skype is good. What do you two think of long distance relationships?

K: I'd like to try it. Like seeing how long I can withstand it.

N: A test of endurance?!

A: I couldn't bear it.

K: This distance will make our bond stronger, right?

N: I understand. I suppose when far away, when you do meet it'll be more amazing. But I think a medium distance away will last longer.

K: I see.

A: Halfway.

N: Like Tokyo and sorta away like Gunma. It's not impossible to reach, just a little inconvenience.

K: That's true.

N: That's how you measure the love.

A: But living close is best.

K: When you get out in the world, you can live together.

A: Love love.


A: Kuroneko ga Konna ni kawaii wake ga nai-san: "I'm a student. I learned about Oreimo from the anime. It was pretty interesting, so I thought about buying the original novels, but I don't have the money. Tell me an effective way of making money."

K: If you're in high school.

A: Get a part time job.

N: If the school is okay with that.

A: Or help out around the house and get an allowance. I had 500 yen in savings.

K: Everyday you got 500 yen?

A: Not everyday. When there was a 500 yen coin, I'd put it in. Like when there was a 500 yen in the wallet.

N: You did this as a student?

A: I did in middle school.

N: Wow.

A: Also. When your parents have coins they don't want. Like 1 yen or 5 yen coins. I'd ask if I could have it. Before I knew it, I'd have saved up a lot.

K: You get a lot of 5 yen coins.

N: There's no easy way to get money. Just don't use it.

K: Like skipping meals.

A: Good luck.


A: Tentai de wa naku hensai-san (Not a heavenly body but a natural disaster): "TKT2-san. If I know someone who has nose hairs, how can I tell them? Tell me a good way."

K: That's a real problem. What do you do, Nabatame-san?

N: I don't know. If it's a male, I feel like I can tell them. I would never tell a girl that.

K: If they had a mirror they'd cut it.

A: If we're close, I'd tell. I'd make it a joke.

K: If you're friends.

I'd avoid it.

N: It's hard.

K: I wouldn't be able to tell my Manager-san if he had them.

A: But I personally don't think nose hairs are that big a deal.

N: What about you? If you had them, would you want them to tell you?

A: Please tell me.

N: If you want to fool yourself, then you should be told. Better than spending the whole day like that, then going home and being surprised.

A: Personally, I don't think it's that big a deal. If nose hairs stick out, just say so and apologize. Personally, I'm not sure how I'd tell others. But I don't think it'd bother me.

K: But in winter. It's not fair.

N: If they were wearing a suit. What would you do.

A: It depends on the place. And how close. After eating, check.

K: How embarrassing.

A: Let me know.


A: From Oreimo Niki Misaki-san: "Hello. I always listen. My school has a 2 month field trip. of course we're all going to the hot springs. But I'm middle school year two, but my chest isn't very big. The other girls at my school mostly wear bras. I don't want to go in the hot spring with this ugly body. what should I do? Please tell me if there's a way to bust up. This is a real problem."

By the way, this mail was from January. The trip is over. Apparently a lot of mail comes in talking about concerns about their breasts.

By the way, according Nakahara Mai-san, Nabatame-san is a D-cup rank up.

K: What kind of info is that?

N: Why from Mai-chan? No. My goal last year was to become a D cup. When I thought about it, I just told myself that "You're a d cup". For a year, I told myself that.

K: And you become a d cup like that?

N: I told myself "you're getting bigger". Recently, I couldn't put on my usual underwear. When I checked my size, they were bigger. They were bigger than D. I thought it was a dream come true. So I told Mai-chan on the radio. After that, is this really something to talk on the radio?

K: But you were happy.

A: You are a d.

K: I'll try.

N: Yours are big. Your shirt.

A: Size isn't everything.

N: But in middle school, you'd worry about getting in a bath. When I was in fourth grade, I really didn't have a chest.

A: Eh? You don't have breasts in elementary school!

N: There are some girls that do. There are some fourth graders that have ones like adults. You'd see those girls and go "so that's what women are like". In sixth grade I had no choice and was short. I once thought maybe I was a man.

K: Sixth grade? Pull yourself, you're just in sixth grade.

N: I wondered if I was born a boy but my mother actually wanted a girl.

A: You sure were desperate as a child.

K: You sure had delusions. But you grew up. I wonder if that trip went okay.

A: When you're 20, it'll all be okay. Don't worry about size. People with big ones have their own problems.

K: I think so.

A: So don't worry about size.

K: Why are you saying it to me? Okay. I'll do my best.

N: Tell yourself.



A: Nabatame-san, thank you.

K: But it was mostly talking about breasts.

N: Sorry.

A: But maybe the breast impact had too much of an impact, so all people remembered from this radio show was breasts.

K: Come again. Episode 20 is May 27th. who else will come.

N: Everyone should come.

A: Please call more. The two of us, it's like two idiots.

K: Oneesan is nice. She accepted it all.

N: It really was fun.

A: Thank you. So it's time.