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April 22, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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Kuroneko: Golden Week starts next week. How do you intend to spend the consecutive days off?

Kirino: As usual, I suppose.

Kuroneko: I suppose that means a lot of eroge, right?

Kirino: I suppose. What about you?

Kuroneko: The same as usual. I'll be home all week.

Kirino: What a boring vacation... Hey, don't you have little sisters?!

Kuroneko: Do I sense a rise in tension?

Kirino: Well it's just that if there's little kids around, I can't believe you're not going anywhere. I feel sorry for them. This is no time for eroge, let's all go somewhere together!

Kuroneko: You merely want to meet my little sisters, do you not?

Kirino: W-w-what are you saying?!

Kuroneko: You ooze with wicked intentions.

Kirino: No way. Let's all go on a picnic. We'll eat your obentou full of grasses. It's sure to be fun!

Kuroneko: Do you have some complaint about the ingredients I used for my spring bentou?

Kirino: Nope, nope, no way. The food you make is always healthy. I love it. I wish I could eat them everyday.

Kuroneko: R-really? T-thanks...

Kirino: To change the subject, episode 19 has a special guest.

Kuroneko: Who can that guest be?

Kirino: Let me give you a hint. She's such a busybody.

Kuroneko: Busybody?

Kirino: She understands anime and games.

Kuroneko: She understands anime and games.

Kirino: She's tall.

Kuroneko: She's tall...

Kirino: She's someone we always rely on.

Kuroneko: Someone we always rely on... I see. I look forward to next time.

Kirino: Oh, you know already?

Kuroneko: Indeed. I have an idea. Everyone is listening to us on the radio. We shouldn't fight the way we usually do with the guests.

Kirino: Fight with the guests? Why?

Kuroneko: What are you saying? We always do that.

Kirino: Eh? Are you having some sort of misunderstanding? Nevermind. Everyone, look forward to the guest next time!



Kana-chan: Why add my name in it.

Aya-chi: Long time no see, Kana-chan.

K: It's been too long. Can we kiss?

A: No. We're recording. Wait till no one's around.

K: I had a dream. I was buying Aya-chi a dress. A frilly dress and Had you wear it.

A: Are you a pervert or something?

K: Sorry. It was a dream, so forgive me.

A: You seemed a little too happy to see me. When we met, you pretended to fall and had your head at my leg.

K: Don't say that. It makes me seem like a sekuhara (sexual harassment) old man. I didn't really fall.

A: I thought I was being attacked. It surprised me.

K: Sorry.


A: Last time we had Hayami. Hayami Saori-chan.

K: It was fun.

A: We did imitations.

K: I didn't do that well. We have a letter


A: From Shimagin-san: "Taketatsu-san's war cameraman Watanabe imitation reminded me of someone else. It reminds me of Segawa Eiko-san. So try it someday. The "Mou!" voice is easy. When my friend was listening Hanazawa-san's radio show, he thought she sounded like Kanon Miho-san. So try that."

K: What's she sound like?

A: Isn't Kanon Miho-chan naturally cute? How do you imitate her?

K: There's no features stand out.

A: Mou. Mou.

K: You okay?

A: Let's continue.

K: Let's do something that won't make people angry with us.


A: Some small news. Oreimo Blu-Ray and DVD volume 5 goes on sale April 21st.

K: That's soon. I look forward to it.

A: This time it'll be episodes 9 and 10. BOnus CD is the ending theme Kousaka Kirino's "Suki Nanda mon" and Kurusu Kanako's "Iie, Tomu wa Imouto ni Taishite Seiteki na Koufun wo Oboeteimasu" (No, I remember my friend getting sexually aroused at me being a little sister". What an amazing title.

K: It has impact.

A: But the song is cute. Why is the title like this. And episode 13 ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kusatte Wake ga Nai is being broadcast. It's over? I hadn't seen it yet.

K: Eh? You should have watched it.

A: No way! Wait a moment! Tell me! And episode 14 Ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kawaii ga Nai will be broadcast soon.

K: You better not miss this one. But you hadn't seen 13, so for you to watch 14...

A: Yeah. Someone urgently get me episode 13. Please.

My little sister can't also be this cute


A: Kana-chan. Your clothes are cute today.

K: Thanks. What?

A: But Kana-chan is more cute!

K: Ack!

A: What?

K: My manager bought this for me.

A: It looks delicious.

K: I forgot. It's written there.

A: Say it when it's not written too.


A: From Aozora Santa-san. From a girl. "I have this one younger twin sister. I thought she was cute when the other little sister was in the bath. That little sister was using conditioner when, 'Oneechan, this is called Rinse but also Condetanaa.' I thought that was cute." She couldn't say Conditioner. They don't call it rinse. They're different things.

K: Conditioner and rinse are different? How are they different.

A: Treatment? I don't know. Conditioner is what you put in the hair to prepare? Then rinse is just oil? Rinse? Su?

K: Why su? Aya-chi what shampoo do you use?

A: I use chara stars.

K: What's chara stars?

A: It's sold at beauty shops.

K: Really?

A: Like for photographing or for events, it would go wild.

K: So it's a special shampoo.

A: For special days.

K: I use Pantene.

A: How is it?

K: It's good. It smells good.

A: I'm sure your lovely hair is protected by Pantene.

K: I'm sure it's the oil.

A: Why say that about yourself? Stop it.


A: From Harem Nitou-san: "I have a three year old little sister. The other day, she called Anpanman Anpanyan."

K: It's like she's from Osaka.

A: A three year old little sister is nice.

K: Anpanman is easier to say.

A: Why Anpanyan? It's cute.


A: From Gotsuan-san: "I have a younger sister 8 years younger than me. She's in fifth grade. This is embarrassing, but since she was born, she always called me Nii Nii. It hasn't changed and has become my title. It's about time she started calling me Oniichan, so I told her, but she is showing no intention of changing it. One day, my little sister's friend was over. When she came out, she said "Oh, it's Nii Nii." But her friend as well as the friend's parent was there too, so she panicked and said, "It's O-Oniichan." and turned red. She won't change despite me telling her to, but at that moment I thought it was cute." Nii Nii? Satoko?!

K: Who's Satoko?

A: There's a show Higurashi no Nakekoro. Satoko is a loli chara. She always calls her brother Nii Nii.

K: What a difficult way to convey it.

A: How cute. Nii Nii.

K: I should make my little brother call me Neetan.

A: Nee Nee. Oh. I called a cousin Nee Nee.

K: Nee Nee? I don't hea Nee Nee that much.

A: My cousin has an embarrassing name. But it'd be weird for me to call my cousin Oneechan. At first it was Ne Ne. But it changed to Nee Nee. When I was in fifth grade, she asked me why I called her Nee Nee. So I ended up calling her by her name.

K: How you address someone is complicated. Even if you get along, adding the -san seems weird.

A: That's why I call Kana-chan, Kana-chan. I don't say Kana.

K: Call me Kana.

A: K-Kana. It's embarrassing!

K: Good. From now on, it's only "Kana". Till the end it's Kana.

A: I'll do my best. Kana-chan. Kana will need to call me Aya.

K: That's good. Aya.

A: Aya?

K: Aya.

A: Isn't it embarrassing.

K: Aya, finish it up.

Meruru Vs. Maschera


Battle 8: Plastic Models Vs Figures

K: Aya-chi, do you have either of those?

A: I have figures.

K: You get figures. Like for shows you work on. I don't have many plamodels.

A: I don't have many plamodels.

K: I mostly imagine it being made by guys.

A: It's so detailed. I'm scared I'll mess up or lose parts.

K: It seems hard.


A: Taketatsu Plamodel, Hanzawa figures.

K: Ayachi's way of saying figure... Aya-chi, I don't think you'd be allowed to do a CM for figures.

A: Why?! Figure.

18:03 Start

18:27 Real Start

A: ?? Romance-san: "This time I'm for Ayanyan's plamodels. Because you build them yourself. Gunpla's famous Bandai Building Factory, Bandai Hobby Center. There's a lot of local mecha. Last year, there was 1:5 scale Gundam at Tokyo Harbor. It was big news. Shuzou Kaken plamodels sell to 90% of the country. They originally were a gathering of artisans in the Edo Era. They made dolls. That state of mind for building exists even now."

So Shizuoka-ken makes a lot.

K: I had no idea.

A: That's amazing.

K: I thought Bandai Visual made them all.

A: I thought so too. But Shizuoka?

K: From the shinkansen I can see Gundam.

A: That's amazing.

K: I had no idea.


K: Pen Name Anime no Aishitemasu-san: "I definitely for figures. Plamodels have too many parts and seem too hard, so I don't feel like making them. And I'm not good at such little details. I can take a figure out of the box and immediately decorate it. I think figures are good for people who don't have much time. Figures lately have been high quality. Hanazawa-san, please let us know if you have any figures."

That's right, I have a figure for Black Rock Shooter.

A: Black Rock Shooter. Weren't they already a singer?

K: It was a motif. An animation was made. They're good. You just look at them.

A: They're relaxing. It's good when they have panties. A lot of them properly have them.

K: At first, I check that.

A: Yeah. From above and look from below. You go "Oh they're wearing them." And get impressed.

K: It makes you sound like a perverted old man.

A: Next.


A: From Hiraki-san: "I'm for plamodels. it's because you when complete one, it's no small feat. You open the box and are shocked by the parts, but the time it takes to make them is what's good about plamodels. And if you lose a part, if you mail in, there are companies that send you the part."

K: I see.

A: It takes time.

K: Once made, you want to always leave it.

A: It'd take hours to make it. So it's like your child. Maybe that's exaggerating.


K: Pen name Azumanga Daioh no Osaka wa Gunpla Kuwashiin nan da (Osaka from Azumananga Daioh knows a lot about Gunpla). Oh right. I love Azumanga Daioh. Osaka is cute. She's cute, she has an osaka accent. "This time I'm for figures. The reason is plamodels people and creatures are as stiff as robots. It's hard to pose them. Figures are created with expressions, skin, and clothes that are realistic. You can pick a pose you like. Lately, there have even been figures with joints that you can move. And when I make plamodels, I always have parts leftover. I even read the manual."

Figures with joints. But are those still considered figures?

A: Figures?

K: Robos.

A: Figures are like dolls. That's amazing.

K: Technology is amazing.

A: They're growing.


A: From Taikukei-san: "I'm definitely for plamodels. It's fun to put the parts together. And you feel sad when it's complete. The excitement at looking at the final product. You can only get that feeling from plamodels. Plamodels are the best! By the way, my favorite plamodel is Gundam Seed Destiny's Infinite Justice Gundam."

K: What an amazing name.

A: Infinite Justice Gundam. Sounds strong. It's justice.

K: Gunpla.

A: Gunpla is popular. When I was small, there was gunpla. It was called the dream of boys.

K: My brother didn't really get into them.

A: My childhood friend made them. Were those plamodels? Maybe they were mini unku.

K: Poor childhood friend.

A: I remember helping.

K: Mini unku? I made Bomberman.

A: Bomberman?

K: Bidaman? Beat them up.

A: What are you talking about? I don't know what sounds you're making.


K: Radio name: Betsu ni anta ni tame toukou shitan ja. (I didn't make this submission for you.)

A: Tsundere.

K: Yeah. A tsundere. "I'm definitely for figures. Figures are good because they're a successful creation. It's like they're real. I'm touched looking at them. And it takes time to gather them. When you line them up, you can feel a sense of achievement. Lastly, it doesn't take up space. I once made a plamodel. It quickly took up all the space. Frankly, it was a nuisance. But figures don't take up that much space. A plamodel takes up the space of 3 figures."

A: I see. How handy.

K: But there are large figures. Maybe pile them up. Figures, are like Gunpla. It takes up space.

A: Gundams are big.

K: Are there small ones too? A lot of the ones on the figure side this time are girls.

A: Girls don't tend to do detailed works.

K: It's a pain.

A: How honest. But they're both good. Same result as always. Thank you for your mail.

Life Consultation


K: That music. It's a bit surreal. Last time Chan Hayami knew about Card Captor Sakura. So she and Aya-chi really got into it. I was left out. I thought it'd be like our usual radio show.

A: Kana-chan, let's watch Sakura-chan.

K: Right? Someone show me.

A: I have the DVD box.

K: Lend it to me. I sang Catch You Catch Me at karaoke.

A: How cute.


A: From Sakana-san: "It's not a luxury. I want to appear with everyone on DVD." - Steam. Huh, what's that mean?

K: I see. Steam hides erotic scenes. Steam and light hiding stuff is a frequent pattern.

A: I see. It happens a lot with midnight anime. It wants to appear on the DVD too.

K: Poor thing. On DVD, they're gone.


A: From Sakura Saita Yo-san: "Lately, haven't you forgotten about me?" - Chou very bad.

K: Oh.

A: That's true.

K: It's old.

A: What's Chou Very Bad?

K: It's Chou Very Bad.

A: A feeling? What is very bad?

K: Various things. Like "it's chou very bad." I never used it.

A: It was popular when we were small.

K: chou very bad. You don't hear.

A: If you used it now, people would call it a dead phrase. Sorry, you're a dead phrase.

K: I don't know how to translate it English.

A: Yeah. Panete. JK. JK = Joshikousei (female student). So joshidaisei is JD?

K: No one says JD. Just say Joshidaisei (female college student)

A: Why is joshikousei JK? Don't they say joshichuugakusei JC? (female middle school student)

K: They say that? Well in middle school, they wear student uniforms.

A: That's nice. The young.

K: You're young.

A: Seems like a waste. Should we read the next one.

K: What was that conversation just now?


A: From Shita Kabuta-san: "No one calls my real name." Fukbiki Garagara. And his real name is Araishiki Kaitenchusenki.

K: What's that?

A: Arai-san made it?

K: So are there other shiki?

A: Like Tanaka-shiki. Hanazawa-shiki. Kana talks like a girl. Kuroneko. "Don't turn me around."

K: Make Taketatsu-shiki.

A: That's gross.


A: From Heiwa no Renkinjutsu-san: "3D is too popular. Am I forgotten?" - By Sadako. Sadako is the Ring, right?

K: Sadako. What was it. She comes out of the TV scene.

A: She comes out of a well.

K: How scary. Let's stop talking about this.

A: But how...

K: Why are you...

A: Why not? I have a question.

K: Why? It's scary.

A: She comes out of the TV. How did she do it?

K: Did she pass through the screen?

A: It's pretty old. You don't need to be scared of it. But it is scary.

K: I wouldn't see it in 3D.

A: That'd be bad. Sadako would appear and be in front of you. In Ring, did you know there's a ghost in the temple?

K: You're lying.

A: Kana-chan, you should watch Ring with me.

K: No. I'm definitely not.


A: Ore no Imo ga Konna ni Kawaiteru ga Nai: "Taketatsu Ayana and Hanazawa Kana have joined in a unit for Oreimo for 13 episodes. But we want to appear more." -Hanatatsu Kana.

K: What's that mean?

A: Episode 13. I'll read it. It's all about Kuronyan. Kirino is gone so it's a bit lonely. On the whiteboard is Hanetatsu Kana. I saw this and decided to write in. What's this mean?

K: Game Research Club. It's written on the blackboard.

A: Really?

K: I told you to watch episode 13.

A: Hanetatsu Kana, that's amazing.

K: But Hanazawa Aya, is my child.

A: Wait a moment. What are you saying?

K: Hanazawa Aya.

A: Takezawa Kana. Hanatatsu Kana.

K: It's true. Hanatatsu Kana, seems on purpose.

A: Takezawa seems normal.

K: Unit. Let's make a unit.

A: An unofficial unit. With no activity.

K: We'll go eat tasty meat.


A: Last. Ryuu-san: "I'm an idiot! Why don't you pay more attention to me!" -Ayana.

K: What?

A: Aya-chi's phrasing was cute. I wanted to hear it again so I wrote in. I did it last time. Tehe.

K: Stumble. Stumble.

A: I'm an idiot! I want to go.

K: I think it's good. Let's go eat meat.



K: Episode 19 will be May 13th.

A: The last episode will be out.

K: What will happen? An adult's situation?

A: Yes?

K: Every month? 2-4?

A: Two weeks. Daigo?


A: We usually broadcast on Friday.

K: I see. So the next one will be Daigo? (May? Not sure what this is referring to.)

A: We understand. And I have news. Amazingly next time Saori Vageena / Nabatame Hitomi-san will appear. Nabatame! I call her Neesan. But it seemed rude, so I stopped.

K: But you just dropped her honorific. So let's get life counseling from Nabatame-san.

A: Since she's an adult lady. I look forward to it.

K: We'll be waiting for mail. The subject of Meruru vs Maschera 9 is Comiket Generic Booths Vs Industry Booths.

A: What's that? What's a generic booth.

K: It's booths by normal people. They sell various things.

A: Comiket is amazing.

K: There was a lot I didn't know today. The next Comiket. I've never went to Comiket to play.

A: I haven't went.

K: But we went to Comiket in Oreimo. There really are a lot of people.

A: I want to see it just once.

K: It seems like a lot of work.

A: Look forward to the next one. Oh, it's the 9th one.

K: I said 9. Not that it means anything.

A: I thought we had just done 9.

K: I thought we really only did 9 episodes.

A: For the radio, this is the 18th one.

K: I see. This is the 18th? So why 9? Oh, I see. Sorry, I got it mixed up.

A: This is 18th radio show. But it's the 9th time we had this corner.

K: I thought we just did 9 radio shows.

A: Is your memory that bad?

K: Let's finish it.