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March 25, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

Guest: Hayami Saori - Ayase

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Kirino: It's all warm. It's definitely spring.

Kuroneko: Indeed. My little sisters won't wake up. Every morning is trouble.

Kirino: For real? maybe I should go wake them~

Kuroneko: No thanks!

Kirino: Speaking of spring, it's time for flower viewing. Eating while under sakura trees. Playing games!

Kuroneko: Nothing to do with me. Leave the flower viewing for the lowly real juu (real life satisfaction) people.

Kirino: Why the tough act? Saori said we'd all go together this year.

Kuroneko: Oh? I see...

Kirino: Eh? Are you planning on not going?

Kuroneko: I didn't say that! If everyone is going, then I can go if you guys insist.

Kirino: Yeah, yeah. We'll have no choice but to bring you along. Leave the bath towels to us, I have someone who's fit for carrying them.

Kuroneko: I think I can hear your older brother crying.

Kirino: Now then, I'd like to read this letter. Pen name Korone-san. Thanks. "Hello. I'd like to request that you talk like Saori Vageena." What an amusing topic is it not gozaru na Kuronushi.

Kuroneko: You're really into that...

Kirino: Come, come. Kuroneko-shi, join with me in *gozarugo!

*Gozarugo: A fake language name that Kirino came up. Obviously it's based on all the gozaru in Saori's speaking.

Kuroneko: This isn't funny!

Kirino: My, my, how unsociable!

Kuroneko: Do not make me repeat myself. Anyway, my appearance with you on Twitter and the radio has ruined my aloof image. You and the listeners of this radio would do well to remember this: I am queen of abusive language. I'm a cool and dry character.

Kirino: Ha ha ha! That's why Kuroneko-shi has no friends besides myself de gozaru!

Kuroneko: Saori wouldn't say such a dark thing.

Kirino: Kuroneko-shi. I, Saori Vageena, am actually an abusive character!

Kuroneko: Oh, is that so?

Kirino: Yeah! Every time Kuroneko-shi mocks me, I secretly lose it!

Kuroneko: I am sure the real Saori is listening to this show and is losing it.

Kirino: Eh? That'd be bad.

Kuroneko: She'll probably scold you later.

Kirino: Oh crap. I better apologize. So it's like that. Keep sending those letters in.

Kuroneko: I would especially welcome letters that get this woman in trouble.

Kirino: We're looking for letters that mock her! Alright, see you again!



Ayana: Hello.

Kana: Put more spirit in it!


A: Episode 12 True Route has aired on Niconico Douga. Apparently Kuroneko is a lot more popular.

K: What?

A: I'm sure they think Kuroneko is cute. Seeing her in the school uniform.

K: That was refreshing. She's always wearing goth loli stuff. So when she wears a uniform you see she's a pretty girl. She has a real noble air to her. But inside she's got chuunibyou "middle school syndrome".

A: Yeah, that's all ruined when she talks. But that's probably why she's popular, her anti-mo-e.

K: But I miss Kirino.

A: Well she went to America.

K: When doing recording without Aya-chi around, it doesn't really feel like Oreimo.

A: I missed it too. "You're on break." Eeeh?! "I'm the heroine!"

K: Apparently can see it in places besides Niconico Douga. There's also the official site.

A: If you haven't seen it, go find something.

K: Oh right. Aya-chi. Did you see Sakura?

<Creepy laughter>

A: That's right, in the recent Maschera Vs. Meruru battle, I talked about Sakura. So I watched the DVDs and it was fun. Sakura changes her costume every time. She also goes "hoeeee" while running. It made me glad to grow up on this anime.

K: Creepy.

A: Why?!

K: But I want to watch card Captor Sakura with Aya-chi.

A: Really? Then visit my place.

K: Also, I experienced a reaction. I said "I didn't know about Pokemon cards..." No, Aya-chi said she didn't know about them, which surprised me. Did you know about them?

A: I didn't. It wasn't popular in my crowd.

K: Really? Well, I got a bunch of Pokemon cards in one minute. What an attack. Well today, I called in a child who knows about Pokemon cards.

A: So what do you do with Pokemon cards?

K: Eh? Well, you do Pokemon battles with them.

A: So it's like the Gameboy game.

K: You can bite.

A: You can bite on the Gameboy.

K: Really? Oh? So the boys all played it.

A: On the roadside. Did any of them go, "My turn!" Like a duel.


A: So we should introduce you. Sorry.

Hayami: It's okay. That's how it is.

A: Introduce yourself.

H: While looking at the Pokemon cards, I'm Hayami Saori.

A: We called you out here today.

K: I'm sure the listeners are surprised. Since we haven't had any guests.

A: You're officially appearing in the next broadcast.

H: I'm a guest next time. So this is like practice. I don't have a script or anything.

A: So just leisurely listen.

K: Aya-chi, what an amazing move.

A: Well the more the merrier! So let's make this exciting.

K: Thank goodness Hayami is here.

H: I'm just here to watch.

K: We have mail for the Otakuko Gather. "Last time Kana-chan talked about Pokemon cards and Pokemon games. In college, I was a part of the trading card club. I play Pokemon cards even now. Aya-chan doesn't seem to know much about Pokemon cards, so I'll teach her. First, the pictures are cute. The cards are cute in a way different from the games."

H: The pictures are different from the game, aren't they?

A: Like ?fashi?

K: Fashi? By Yadon (Slowpoke) seems surreal. Yadon is laying on a rock or something.

A: I don't know what you guys are talking about. I feel left out.

K: "Two, the card game. Of course there are tournaments. Unlike other card games, this is broad reaching."

H: Yeah.

A: Like what? The Makehare?

H: In a really spacious place.

K: In April, there was a Japan representative tournament. And the winner of that tournament would go to America, San Diego, for a world tournament.

H: Well you know in America they're like "Pokemon. Pokemon." The card game is the same, right?

K: "Besides the English. It's popular worldwide. I hope this explanation makes Aya-chi interested in Pokemon cards."

A: I am interested. But I want Pokemon cards.

K: I've got some.

A: No way!

H: You have Pokemon cards?!

K: Yeah, I've collected a lot. When I was cleaning my room... I found Yadon.

H: You really liked Yadon back then, didn't you?

K: I loved Yadon. I traded for Yadon.

A: Someone show me Yadon.

H: The status is written in a cute fashion too.

K: Just as you expect from a Pokemon professor.

A: How long have you had Pokemon cards?

H: I've heard about it.

A: Really?!

K: Hayami, have you heard Imakuni-san イマクニ ?

A: I know him!

H: Imakuni-san?

A: Isn't he the singer?

H: Is he your neighbor, Hanazawa-san?

K: No. Not my neighbor!

A: He wears tights on his whole body.

H: Eh?

K: He's one of the developers.

A: A developer? He's not a singer? I've seen him before.

K: Wow, he's done a lot.

A: Like a cat. Like a pig?

H: A duck.

K: He's not a duck.

A lot of arguing.

My little sister can't be this cute either


K: Hayami's Yadon is scary.

A: That's dangerous.

K: Hayami, if a child had done this, that would have been okay. Like if a little kid went "Look Mama, Yadon."

H: The mouth is like a duck's beak, right?

K: If it had wings, it'd look like a bat.

H: It was fun drawing this Pokemon. It's like this is Pokemon radio. Well, I don't have a script, so...


K: Hayami, do you have any siblings?

H: I don't have.

A: You're an only child? Really? I'm sure you would want one, right?

H: I wanted siblings.

K: I won't let you marry Hayami.

A: So it'll be like a sibling relation with Hayami-chan but without the blood relation. Why don't I introduce you to my older brother...

K: Wait, that's not okay! He's older.

A: Then just marry Kana-chan.

H: Who and who?

A: Kana-chan's little brother marries Hayami. And Kana-chan marries Oniichan, then we'll be siblings.

K: That's no fair, Aya-chi! You don't have to marry anyone!

A: It'll be like we're family.

H: What harmony.

K: More like this conversation is really unrealistic.


A: From Aoineko-san: "I'm a girl, but my 3-year-old little sister really touches me. My little sister tripped on a garbage can. When she did that, 'Ow. I'm an idiot. Oneechan, be careful.' She said something like from an anime."

H: How cute.

?: "I'm an idiot."

H: I want one.


A: From Taihen Moushiwakenai-san (I'm really sorry-san): "This is a story about my family's little sister. When I returned home, my little sister was taking an afternoon nap. When it became dinner time, my mother tried to wake her up, but she wouldn't. She gave up and decided to start eating. Past 8 o'clock, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. For some reason my little sister entered the living room with her school bag. She said, 'I'm late! Mom, give me a ride!' Mom and I were shocked. My little sister looked around, and noticed the storm door was closed, finally realizing it was 8 at night and not 8 in the morning. After that, she wasn't late to school again. It was embarrassing." Haha, oh no. How embarrassing. "That made me think she was cute."

K: Well stuff like that happens.

A: To you?

K: You oversleep and don't know what time it is.

A: When I was in kindergarten, I'd take a nap. I'd wake at 9 at night, and go I have to go to kindergarten, "I'm late. Mama, what about kindergarten?" She reacted like, "What are you saying?!"

K: Since she's in high school. That's cute.

A: Let's hope she's always that way


A: Next. From Chiri mo tsumoreba yamato nadeshiko-san kana (Even if there's a lot of dust, still an ideal Japanese woman): "I graduated high school the other day. Sensei called me and my parents as well as five-year-old cousin was there. She said "Oniichan" it was embarrassing. After graduation, we were talking in the classroom afterwards. One girl said 'Oniichan, take a picture with me.' In a second, I gained 18 little sisters. There's no way I can have so many little sisters (parody on series title)! This is 1.5 the scale of Sister Princess. I never imagined being called Oniichan would hit me right in the heart like this. I also gained 20 little brothers."

K: So she even gained little brothers. That's no fair. She has a real cousin. Now she has the whole class calling her Oniichan.

A: Oh, it said little brother on here. It was a little brother. Good. I want to hear that too. How cute. I want to dress her up according to my fashion.

K: It's like you're forcing yourself on her.

H: I learned a lot for next time.

K: Although we don't know if we'll do this next time.

H: Really?

A: We might do a different corner. It's good to be free.

K: You're terrible.

Meruru Vs. Maschera


Battle 7: Shounen-shi Vs Shoujo-shi

K: It's the other way.

A: Apparently males reading Shoujo-shi and females reading Shounin-shi is a pattern that happens a lot.

K: Really? I knew girls read shounen-shi, but guys read shoujo manga too?

A: Oniichan likes shoujo manga.

K: Really?

A: He often reads the manga I buy.

K: I wonder if that can be used as reference material. Like a Bible for relationships.

A: Really? But shoujo is so fluffy, it doesn't seem realistic.

H: It's like it clashes with the numbers.

A: It's like I'm an idiot.

H: So this girl is actually a transfer student.

K: Do you really read that manga?

H: Don't shoujo manga give that impression?

K: Hayami, do you read shoujo manga?

H: I read a few. Like Ribbon.

A: What manga do you like?

H: Maybe Tanimura-sensei. Genre. Like Fruits Basket.

A: I like that too! So let's start the battle.

H: How do you battle?

K: We take mail from the listeners. I take the Shoujo-shi side. Aya-chi take the shounen-shi. We use the listener mail to battle.

A: Yeah we read them.

H: And in the end, one of you win?

K: Either way.

A: It often ends with either.

H: What a peaceful corner. I look forward to seeing the battle.

A: Start: Taketatsu Shounin-shi. Second: Hanazawa Shoujo-shi. Battle start.


A: From PSP Hoshii-san. (I want a PSP). A girl? "I'm a girl, but I'm on the shounen manga side. Shounen manga content is fun, but I also like the idols on the cover. Magazine, Champion, Sunday, Jump, all the magazines sometimes have idol photos on their cover. I always look forward to seeing who's on the cover. Lately, a lot of AKB members have appeared. It's a must for AKB fans."

K: Hey, who do you like among AKB?

H: I only know like five AKB members.

K: Five?

H: Jan, Oshima-san, Tomochin, Mayuyu... Huh?

A: Mariko-sama?

H: Who's that? K: Don't call her Mariko-sama.

H: I only know that many . Mayuyu.

A: I like Mayuyu, but... Lately I like Tomochin.

H: Tomochin seems really fashionable.

A: She's cute. Really cute. When she smiles, a bit sticks out.

K: I want to try out that CM. (Probably referring to the controversial one where the girls pass gum or something between each others mouths)

A: Aren't they cute? I want to date them. I want to be boy.

H: Aren't they going to create an AKB gal game?

A: I won't. I think I prefer two dimensional.

H: There's an appeal to 2D.


K: Pen name Tsugen no at mark OIP Manami de wa nai-san: "I'm completely for shoujo manga. Works like last time's Sailor Moon or Clamp works, as Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, Fruits Baskets makes me buy shoujo manga. In middle school, it was very embarrassing to go to the shoujo manga corner. I nostalgically remember waiting for no one to be around, then quickly buying it. Now, I buy them normally. Right now, Kimi ni Todoke is famous. Shoujo manga is popular among males and females. Aya-chi, Kana-chan, let me know if there are any shoujo manga that you recommend."

A: Shoujo manga is good. Like Fruits Basket.

H: I'm sure I'd cry if I read it.

A: It sure is warm.

K: Boys read them too.

A: Yeah, they like it. He wants us to recommend shoujo manga.

K: Chibi Maruko-chan.

A: Is that shoujo manga? It's in Ribbon.

K: I read up to volume 10. I really like it.

H: Sakura-sensei.

A: I read Nagasa-kun. Nagasa-kun is a story about of going from middle school to high school.

K: Tamanegi. (onion)

A: Maru-chan doesn't appear, but Fujiki-kun and the other boys appear. Nagasa-kun's poor personality stays with him throughout school.

H: Is Nagasa-kun still a tamanegi?

A: Yeah.

K: What a dark laughter.

H: I want to see Chibi Maruko-chan's world in high school.

A: I want to see Mana-chan in high school. How cute. And Chibi Maruko, sometimes goes to clubs. And Mana-chan grows up, and becomes a manga writer.

H: How interesting.


A: Machoco brownie-san: "I love shounen manga. There are a lot of handsome guys! Sports manga has all the team members. In school manga, there's a lot of students. There's a lot of handsome guys! But when I show it to my dad, he said they didn't used to have so many handsome guys. But times have changed. Why shounen manga is passionate and cool may be different from when guys read it, but we both enjoy shounen manga."

K: In school, we'd talk about Prince of Tennis. Puripuri.

A: Tetsuka-sempai is cool.

K: He was so cool. I met his voice.

A: What is that?

K: I met him in Animate.

H: How popular.

K: I liked Sengoku.

A: Sengoku-san.

H: The orange one, right?

K: Hayami knows!

A: You know a lot.

H: I watched it.

K: I have a lot of the manga. Two of the manga.

A: Just two? At the time I liked pure characters.

H: You don't like Sengoku-san?

K: Sengoku-san?

K: "I'm such an idiot."

A: Oh right. Too late!

K: Who else was there besides Sengoku-san? Alphabet?

A: Who's Alphabet?

H: The most popular character in Prince of Tennis. He's the one with money.

K: He's rich.


K: Pen name Ore no Haha ga Konnani Arashi fan wake ga nai: "I like shoujo manga. Shoujo manga has a lot of relationships. I know a lot of people stare when I read shoujo manga in a convenient store or book store. Shoujo manga is great since it'd be a dream if these people were real."

H: Shoujo manga is amazing isn't it?

A: In elementary school, I wish I had a voice like in shoujo manga. In shoujo manga they forget their textbook. And the boy next to you... That was my dream. It's like "Excuse me, can I see your textbook?" and he'd go "Sure."

K: You like characters like that.

H: In elementary school it's easy to get embarrassed.

K: Shoujo manga tends to have a lot more exciting plot developments. Like when he changes, it shows he's a male.

A: What manga is that?

K: How forceful!

H: In shoujo manga there's always overbearing guy. And then there's the kind, shadow supportive guy.


A: I can't read this. Tengoron Musai kiwami. I wonder if that's right? "I'm an idiot!" From Teiin Muhou no Kiwami-san: "I recommend shounen manga. Shounen has sports manga that aren't often in shoujo manga. Slam Dunk, Tenipuri. It's popular among girls as well as guys. I think some people who read these start playing sports. I recommend shounen manga."

K: Like Hikaru no Go.

A: And you started Go?

K: I did Go. I reached stage five.

A: Really? I also played tennis because of Tenipuri.

H: Wasn't there a technique where you fell on the net? I had a friend who could do that.

A: Wow.

H: He was a legend.

A: If that happened during a tournament, it'd be like "wow".

K: Looks like we were all influenced. At the time, all you had to do was focus on your hobbies.

A: Doing this work is like an extension of our hobbies.


K: From pen name Puchin Purin-san: "In our family there's two sisters. My little sister and myself. We each buy our own magazines. I buy Hana and Yume. My little sister buys Ribbon. Ribbon is for kids, so it has color, posters, and bonuses. It seems luxurious. Hana and Yume comes with a bonus each time, but lately it's a drama CD. Tissue, or ??. I also appreciate the fashion stuff. It may not get the same publication as shounen manga, but I look forward to shoujo manga every month." They come with drama CD a lot lately.

A: We do it for work sometimes.

K: I just remembered, I liked Koucha-ouji. The protagonist is a girl who likes black tea. When she poured tea, a monster... a spirit comes out. The spirit turns into a person. So they start a relationship.

A: Earl Grey. That was satisfying. They're both good.

K: That's how this corner is.

H: I learned a lot.

K: Although we don't know if we'll do this.

A: Kana-chan, close your eyes. Da- Close your eyes!

K: Sorry. What?

A: Who's there? Don't look! Who's there?

K: Aya-chi.

A: No! It's your beloved Taketasu Ayana!

==Life Consultation-- 40:52

A: We do this corner each time. Hayami-chan, listen and enjoy.

H: Listen to this.

A: We don't do anything.

H: So I just listen.

A: From Nagebanashi-san: "I'm more popular than number one." -Button number 2

H: I see.

A: The first button is more on top, so the second button is used more.

K: It's a joke corner.


A: From My hair can't be this spiky-san: "I rang. But you're going to blame me anyway." - Alarm Clock

K: I see.

H: You stop it, then go back to sleep.

A: We all learn the feelings of an alarm clock.

K: Hayami being here really neutralizes it. Normally we criticize it.

A: How nice.

K: What a good girl.


A: From Futomomo-san: "I got it wrong. I'm such an idiot." "People often say I'm pretty, but they draw back at my face. What should I do?" - Jin member

K: Jinmember? A horse?

A: Wait. Jin member is a person.

H: The face is a horse?

K: If you saw the face was a horse, you would draw back.

A: Isn't it the other way.

K: Like a centaur?

A: I said Jin member. Wait, a centaur is human on top. Why is that a jin member.

K: We don't know.

A: Sorry jin member. So we read three this time. Last time, we read a letter for Hayami-chan.

H: Eh? Like I sent one?

A: Hayami Saori.

H: Eh? What was it about?

K: We said wanted you to wear various things, but it's like you don't want to.

H: You said that?

K: Since Hayami wasn't around, so we were imaginging dressing you up.

A: Like how cute. I think your manager would say okay.

H: How do you reply?

A: We just talk, we don't really remember.



K: I was looking at a different book.

A: Episode 17 will come out April 8th.

K: We'll be expecting mail for all corners. The 8th Meruru Vs. Maschera is Plastic Models VS Figures. Aya-chi is pro models, I'm figures. And next time. Aragaki Ayase / Hayami Saori-chan will be our guest.

A: Really?! Hayami-tan! Haa haa!

K: Although she's been here all this time.

A: But she's coming next time for real. We'll ask you various things about Oreimo.

H: Yeah. Let's get along.

A: This has been Kousaka Kirino and...

K: This role and what else?

H: What other role do you do?

A: I don't know.

K: You made a lot of mistakes this time, Aya-chi.

A: This has been Kousaka Kirino / Taketatsu Ayana.

K: Kuroneko / Hanazawa Kana and...

H: Hayami Saori!

Bye bye!