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March 11, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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Kirino: We gave some love advice last time. This time we're responding to some mail asking for advice.

Kuroneko: Oh, is that so? If you're alright with it being us, we'll gladly respond.

Kirino: From radio name Amemijinkaku-san: I enjoyed the anime and hope for a second season. I know this is sudden, but I need some advice. I have a younger brother who is two years younger. My parents expect me to be a good older brother. He's more athletic and has better grades than me. I'm proud of my little brother, but don't want to embarrass him. What do you two think is the ideal older brother?

Kuroneko: An ideal older brother? Let's both say our ideals.

Kirino: Okay. Let's see. It's nice to have an older brother to rely on in a crisis. Even if you're not good at sports or studying, if you can help your little brother when he has a problem, help him solve it!

Kuroneko: If he has trouble and his only ally is his older brother, then you can be very reliable.

Kirino: Yeah!

Kuroneko: Maybe you appear apathetic most the time, but you can't help worrying about your little brother. I'm sure you'll grant even your little brother's outrageous requests.

Kirino: But don't give your little brother special treatment. Be sure to care for your friends around you. Maybe your little brother puts up a front and feels like you're meddling, but in his heart, he'll appreciate it.

Kuroneko: (Kind of not sure about this part) No matter who it is, if you get closer to him, I'm sure your little brother will love you as an older brother.

Kirino: I'm sure of it! Well, this is all idealized stuff. There's no one that good in real life.

Kuroneko: That's right. This is all hypothetical.

Kirino: Some news here. The Net version of the anime is still being uploaded. Oreimo Blu-Ray and DVD volume 4 is going on sale March 23rd!

Kuroneko: The bonus this time is Masquerade which I sang. It was a bit embarrassing to sing, but I'm proud of the results. Please listen to it.

Kirino: It might sell really well thanks to you. Be sure to get it!

Kuroneko: You sure promote yourself.

Kirino: Eh? Really?

Kuroneko: Don't you think it's rare to see a heroine who promotes her work this much?

Kirino: I love the products the most, so it's only natural! And I'm going to keep being a promotional heroine!

Kuroneko: You better work hard to make up for your lack of appearance in the anime.

Kirino: Don't talk so much! For now, that's it. Bye bye!

Kuroneko: Fair tidings to you



3:33 Aya-chi: Back to our normal work. Kousaka Kirino, Taketatsu Ayana!

Kana-chan: How boring! Kuroneko, I'm Hanazawa Kana.



K: Why call this normal work?

A: Well, we're done celebrating your birthday, Kana-chan. Since it's not your birthday, I don't have to spoil you. Nyan.

K: Oh? Did you slightly lick me just now?

A: But that's what is written down!

K: What the heck?!

A: I tried saying it. First, some promotion! Oreimo Blu-ray and DVD Vol. 4 Mar 23rd. The bonus CD ending theme Masquerade sung by Hanazawa Kana-chan and Saori Bajina's Nabatame Hitomi-san's Chameleon Daughter.

K: We made it this far. Four volumes!

Both: Heeeeh.

A: The DVDs keep coming out. It feels like it's going to end.

K: How long will this radio continue?

A: I hope it continues.

5:04 K: I want to at least celebrate Aya-chi's birthday.

A: Three more months. Everyone write in everyday.

K: Episode 22. This is 15, so... We just need to 7 more.

A: I see. I'm counting on you guys. I hope we continue! I also wonder if there'll be a second season.

K: That's true. If they decide to do that and we announce it on the radio, then before it even airs we'll continue doing the radio.

A: Yeah. I'll stay with Kana-chan all love-love and stuff. Let's aim for that.

Otaku Girls Gather!


A: I love this Evangelion-like music. Apparently we received a lot of Oreimo related mail this time.

K: Really? Maybe they got into this from Oreimo. That'd be nice.

6:55 A: From At-san. "Oreimowa! (Oreimo version konnichiwa?) I always enjoy the Oreimo radio. I have a childhood friend of 13 years, ever since before kindergarten. Because of that friend, I'm becoming an otaku. Now I'm a staunch (lit. metal reinforced), no, I'm a iron-bar reinforced otaku. So I have a question. Do you have any stories about your childhood friends?"

A: Kana-chan, do you have a childhood friend?

7:33 K: I do. Since kindergarten. A male and a female. The three of us are always together. I always liked the guy. One day, he asked me for advice because he had a crush on a girl. So he was a lost love.

A: What's the deal with that?!

K: It might have been for the elementary school graduation. I got in my mother's car to go home. I remember crying on the way home.

A: On your graduation? You should have been happy, but instead got the shock of a broken heart. How sad.

K: Such an episode happened.

A: Do you keep in contact now?

K: Not really now. But sometimes I run into them.

8:44 A: I have a childhood friend. I used to live in a mansion (apartment). There was a boy who lived in the next mansion. Next to next to that one lived a girl. The three of us went to the same school. I lived at that mansion from four years old. The boy and girl moved in. Ever since they moved in we played. Like in elementary school. We played Pokemon on the Gameboy. But the boy, after graduating middle school, transferred schools so we haven't kept in contact. Sometimes I mail the girl still. About two years ago, I think, we met and had a meal. I think even if you don't see them often, you can quickly reconnect with childhood friends. I was pretty shy, so I didn't talk with many people. But I can freely talk with those childhood friends.

10:30 K: It really brings you back to your childhood.

A: It's kind of sad though. We had such fun back then, but not now. How nostalgic. I kind of want to see them. Yuuta-kun? What was it?

K: You even said his name?

11:11 A: To continue. From Naopa-san: "I'm a freshman in high school and I love 'Koukaku kidoutai/Ghost In The Shell'. But I don't have any friends that know of this. I want to talk more in school. What should I do with these feelings?"

K: Say it, Aya-chi.

A: Why not just recommend Koukaku?

K: Find girls who might like it.

A: Like fellow otaku girls, recommend the DVD. "This is interesting, you should watch it." Although the setting is complicated. Even when I watched it once, I didn't understand it. After watching it a few times, I realized, "Oh, so that's what this means." You might not understand it the first time.

K: Then watch it a few times. Watch it together.

A: There's this movie, The Matrix. It's based on Koukaku Kidoutai.

K: Really?!

A: The director watched the anime and was touched. So he used the motif to make The Matrix. So recommend it like this. "This is the anime The Matrix is based off of."

K: Is there a character like Keanu Reeves?

A: The characters are different. But the set up and world are similar. I don't know many girls who like Koukaku either. So I should talk about it too. I want to watch it. That's good.

13:43 A: From Donna koto demo byon to kaiketsu shimasu/Solving everything in a snap: "When I was a 2nd year in middle school, I had been hiding my otaku hobby for over a year. Thanks to this anime, I tried coming out as an otaku to my brother 3 years older. When our parents weren't around, I came out <She came out? Whoo!> I was wondering what my brother would say... 'I'm an otaku too,' he said. I thought, 'What a weird development!' I think we talk more because of this. It's all thanks to Oreimo. Thanks!" Oreimo? Why's that?

K: Oreimo was the impetus for telling her brother.

A: I see. Like Kirino's coming out, so she came out herself. That's good.

K: It's nice that her brother is an otaku too.

A: My brother isn't an otaku. He won't understand. It's good to have to have someone who understands. And for siblings to get along.

K: She said they talk more too.

A: That's good. Watch Oreimo DVDs together. Oh, but mine is a gamer. But he doesn't like gal games or simulation games at all.

K: He doesn't watch anime?

A: He doesn't watch anime at all. But he likes Koukaku Kidoutai. He likes anime that people in general like, or anime aimed at males. But he has no interest in mo-e types. Musou series, FF. RPG and action games. I once recommened Tokimemo and had him play it. He played it about a year, but got tired.

K: Which one did you recommend?

A: Probably three. But starting with three, they were on the PS2. I recommended it to Oniichan. The main heroine was Yukiko-chan. I told him to try getting that character. But in the middle he said forget it. But Oniichan like Koukaku, One Piece, shonen manga so we can talk about that.

17:12 A: That's it? Thanks for all the letters.

K: Are you tired? You okay, Aya-chi?

A: I'm cheerful. I wonder what's wrong? I'm cheerful!

K: So forced! That's no good.

I don't know what OO means


(Kana introduces this segment. Does Kana usually introduce segments?)

K: By the way, we've done more than 20 of these.

A: That many?

K: I used San-kake a lot when watching the Asia Cup.

A: Me too.

K: Kawashima-san. Did you see him in the black tanktop? He was all flexing. I was going "haa haa".

A: I wish I could see.

K: PK. So cool.

A: Really Sankake.

K: I normally don't watch soccer.

A: Aya [21 year old loli].

K: You're one to talk. Aya-chi is still a loli.

A: Graduate from being a loli.

19:22 K: From radio name You don't so cute my sister-san.

A: That's a long one!

K: "What is the meaning of Watari" Wataru? Kanji?

A: I don't know.

K: What could it mean? Does it mean stylish? No?

Both: We don't know. A hint please

K: A name?

A: Hiragana? Katakana?

K: Don't know~ Watari Tetsuya-san?

A: Tetsuya?

K: It's a synonym for Koumuro, Takedano, etc.

A: Tetsuya is good enough!

K: Isn't the kanji complicated?


A: I have to pick it? From Guard Skib Jakigan-san: "GR8! My English teacher said this is used in America."

K: What?! What could it be?

A: GR? Great?

<Ding ding>

A: It's great. G is gu, r is re, 8 is eight. Together it's great.

K: That was too fast for the radio, Aya-chi!

A: Guess that wasn't that interesting.

K: Americans use it?


K: From pen name Utopekka-san: "kirin. k-i-r-i-n lower case letters."

A: An abbreviation?

K: Probably Kirino.

A: Apparently it's a famous phrase on the Net.

K: Kanojo iru/have a girlfriend.

A: More like kanojo inai/don't have a girlfriend.

K: iqual/equal nenrei/age?

<ding ding>

K: There it is. It's an abbreavtion for "Kanojo inai reki iqual nenrei/Number of years without a girlfriend = age".

A: There it is!

K: It's easier to write this abbreviated.

A: It sounds cuter.

K: I'm a kirin.

A: I see. If I heard that it'd be like "Ah, I'm sure you'll have one someday."

K: How interesting. I had no idea.

<They agree to try to use the phrases they learn>

Life Consultation


A: I want to redo that.

K: What?


K: Aya-chi just now... The writer gave you something. What is that?

A: This is kind of funny, but we can't really read it on the radio. So he showed me. It is funny.

K: This is funny. This is an old man's problem.

A: Not this. It is funny.

A: From Ore no shimai wa konna ni yasashii wake ga nai-san/ My sisters aren't this nice: I'm scared that my two sempai will make me wear various things -Hayami Saori

A: Eh? No way!

K: Hey, wear it! You're Hayami, right?

A: Anything looks good on Hayami. She has good style. I've got to use my rights as a sempai. Heh heh heh.

K: You share the same office.

A: I want to tell that to the actual Hayami.

K: How scary.


A: To continue, from Kodokusuishou-san: "I don't know the real me anymore." - Reversible.

K: Which is the real self? The back side or the front side?

A: Yeah. Who would win? Well, both are you.

K: You can see yourself from multiple points of view.

A: That's you, and do your best to remain reversible.


A: From Trippy-san.

K: Trippy, how nostalgic.

A: "Carrying 350,000 babies everyday around the world is tiring." -Stork

K: The stork must be pretty strong.

A: Good work! Thanks for your everyday work. Good luck!


A: From Hat Trick Shiori-san: "What would I do if they didn't die?" -Kenshiro

K: Eh, Kenshiro is dead?

A: No, Kenshiro-san is the, "Atatatatata, you are already dead."

K: Oh right.

A: So he says they're dead, so if they're not, it'd be like "Hey, I'm not dead."

K: That would be embarrassing.

A: "I'm not dead, nyah!"


A: From Sadly-doesn't-face-the-camera-Hanazawa-san. Is this a girl? "I'm worried I'm not dirty enough." -Baghdat

K: Bagdat? Oh, Baghdad!

A: What's Baghdad?

K: A name of a city in Iraq.

A: Huh? Oh I see, I missed the dakuten mark. I'm more interested in the name than this life counseling. Camera, which camera? I understand, you're kind of shy.


A: From Smiling Kewpie-san: "How long am I supposed to keep my arms up. My arms hurt!" -Kewpie. I don't get it, is his arms up?

K: He always poses like this.

A: Like Tarako~ Tarako~ (cold roe) Want to eat it? Kewpie has his arms up?

K: And he's so little.

A: Kewpie is a baby, right?

K: Good luck, Kewpie.


A: We got a lot of life counseling came in.

K: To be honest, the one we didn't read was the most interesting.

A: It thought it was amazing. Maybe we can read it at an event?

K: Maybe not.

A: Sorry!



K: The 16th comes March 25th. It's spring.

A: How nostalgic.

K: It's spring. A new semester, and graduation season.

A: Congratulations on your graduation.

K: Just a bit more.

A: Congratulations on almost graduation. You'll be an adult. An adult Kana-chan.

K: Maybe I should get a license.

A: You're going to drive? Everyone tells me not to.

K: Aya-chan, you better not.

A: Why?! My parents said so. When I said that, my brother said "Your legs won't reach."

K: That's it?! It's a lot of hard to work a car. It's dangerous. I'm sure you'd mix up the accelerator with the brake. Please don't drive.

A: I've always dreamed of driving. But I'd get in an accident everyday. It's so scary, even though it's just a dream. Kana-chan, if you get a license, come pick me up.

K: I might not return alive. I don't think I can drive either. Maybe a scooter?


K: It's spring. Even though it's spring, we'll have a lot of corners unrelated to it.

A: Watch out for allergies. Do you have allergies?

K: I do.

A: It must be hard for you.

K: It is. When I have my allergies it makes me sleepy.

A: I don't have any. It seems like there's 10 times more pollen this year.

K: When I go out with no makeup and pollen sticks to my face, it has a strong reaction.

A: Really?!

K: So when I go out, I put on makeup.

A: You need to take care of yourself. It's time. This has been Kousaka Kirino / Taketatsu Ayana

K: And Kuroneko / Hanazawa Kana.

Bye bye!