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April 8, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

Guest: Hayami Saori - Ayase

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Ayase: Hello, radio listeners. Pleased to meet you. I'm Aragaki Ayase. Starting today, Kirino and I will be starting a short drama corner. This is my first time doing radio work. There's a lot I don't know. But let's get along.

Kuroneko: Please don't lie from the very start.

Ayase: Oh? Who are you?

Kuroneko: Kuroneko. I guess I should say pleased to meet you, special guest Aragaki Ayase-san.

Ayase: That's right. Pleased to meet you. I was wondering who you were. So you're the ex-host Kuroneko-san. What's wrong. You don't show up this time. Ah, perhaps you made a mistake. How silly you are, Kuroneko-san.

Kuroneko: Thank you for suddenly picking a fight. I have fun news for you. Apparently you and I are doing the radio this time.

Ayase: What nonsense are you saying. Hey, where's Kirino?

Kuroneko: I have the phone. Hear it from the horse's mouth.

Kirino: Hello? Ayase. It's me!

Ayase: Kirino? Where are you right now?

Kirino: Sorry, Ayase! Today, there's a new game that I've gotta play! Hanazawa-san does the voice from one of the characters. So can you fill in for my radio spot?

Ayase: I guess I have no choice... eeeeh?!

Kirino: Sorry! Good luck!

Ayase:! Wait! Kirino? Kirino! Eeeh!

Kuroneko: On the radio this time is the Kuroneko and Ayase buddy-buddy combi.

Ayase: Buddies?! We don't even talk in the main show!

Kuroneko: But we have fun talking in the PSP game.

Ayase: We were at the point of killing each other actually.

Kuroneko: I hope we don't meet in the main show.

Ayase: Exactly.

Kuroneko: Now that everything's cleared up, I'd like to read a letter.

Ayase: We really have to do this?

Kuroneko: We have no choice. A certain someone is focused on a new game. She asked you to fill-in because she trusts you. Are you sure you want to disappoint her?

Ayase: You are right. I have no choice. Let's do this.

Kuroneko: We announced a special guest on Twitter, but amazing there's a request for you.

Ayase: Someone predicted I would be a guest.

Kuroneko: Go ahead and read it.

Ayase: "Hello, Ayase-san. I always enjoy reading about you punishing Kyousuke-oniisan. Next time, which tool will you play with?"

Kuroneko: Thank you for the request. So guest-san, what's your answer?

Ayase: A lighter.

Kuroneko: A lighter?! You mean, for starting a fire? I'm scared to ask, but how will you punish him with a lighter?

Ayase: Umm... well... Burn him to death?

Kuroneko: What a funny joke.

Ayase: Eh?

Kuroneko: Eh?

Ayase: Of course I'm joking!

Kuroneko: Why do I have to do this radio show with this devil?

Ayase: Don't say this. I'm so glad to meet you, Kuroneko-san.

Kuroneko: What are you saying?

Ayase: After we're done recording for the radio, let's talk in the boiler room. ...about Kirino.

Kuroneko: After recording, I will run away... for my life.

Ayase: Looks like it's about time. I will close it out today. Please continue to enjoy the main radio show. Ah! She really ran!



Hayami: Aragaki Ayase, I'm Hayami Saori.

Aya-chi: Yay!

Kana-chan: What's with that yay?

A: This is the 17th one.

K: Hayami-chan joined our drama.

A: Ayase is scary.

K: Kuroneko ran away.

A: She must be scary for Kuroneko to run away.

H: But she's a good girl.

A: Yeah.

K: But she has a black side.

H: She says what she really thinks.

K: She likes Kirino too much.

A: Well, next month Hayami-chan turns 20?

H: I am.

A: So you're not 20 yet?!

K: No, Hayami is a forever teen.

A: Eh? 17?

K: To me, Hayami-chan will always be a teen.

H: How many years has it been.

A: Since you were 14?

K: You really can do a lot.

H: Yay!

A: It's like me.


H: Let's talk about Oreimo.

A: On the homepage are pictures of or character.

H: What happened to Kuroneko? She looks like she hasn't been eating.

K: She's been eating. But she's tired from house work. Taking care of her little sisters. Since Hayami-chan, please do an illustration of Ayase?

H: Really?

K: But the yadon you drew last time. That's not anywhere. We've got to put it up. It's scary. I see Hayami-chan a lot.

A: Me too.

K: Draw a bold picture. I look forward to it. You're drawing it now?

H: Ayase...

K: Hayami have you read the original light novels?

H: I have. I had already read the original work when I did the audition. At first I thought she was cute, just Kirino's normal friend. I thought she was a normal character, so... It's practice.

A: Kana-chan and I can't talk about it.

H: How much should I draw?

K: So you read the original work, so you had that image in mind. When that black side appeared.

H: It surprised me. When doing the audition, I tried to be cute. But in the manuscript it's not cute at all. The gap is so refreshing. I think it was really worth doing.

K: Yeah.

H: It's exciting. I think it's fun.

K: Hayami-chan has been so lively lately.

H: She's not really scary.

K: I think it's so funny.

A: But she really is scary.

H: Really?


A: Was it episode five? On the way back from Comike, Kirino meets Ayase. And she's like, "Why are you running away?" And she grabs her.

K: Did the direction tell you to be very scary?

H: They told me that. After that, they were half laughing.

A: That was amazing. After that, it was hard to talk Hayami-chan.

H: Really?

A: It was like, "Hayami-chan, how do you want to do this part of the script?" But... I didn't say it.

H: Really?

K: Aren't you drawing too much? But they're scary. Why are their eyes all dots?

H: They're not. Like a Yadon? The outline is right.

K: Yeah. I suppose. Oh no! How scary!

H: It's not scary.

A: It's like a girl from a book.


K: It's drawn.

H: Also, speaking of Oreimo. Those lines for the game.

K: How was that? Ayase's were amazing. The rumor is Ayase route is amazing.

H: Ayase route has the biggest extremes. She's really happy when happy. When it's bad, it's the end of life.

A: Bad end. When picking between Ayase and Kirino. Ayase is like, "Oniichan, you said you picked me! You liar!"

H: It was scary even for me while I was saying it. The game scenario

K: I bet it was tiring.

H: It was. It was a personal battle. It was hard. But I think it was worth doing. Everyone, try it if you haven't.

A: Please do. Another big opening this time. So let's start.

Not a corner


A: Kana-chan, what time do you end work today?

K: Today? Probably 8 o'clock.

A: I got it. Then I'll wait until you finish~

K: Something was in it.

Otaku Girls Gather!


K: Oh no. So I'm making Taketatsu Ayana wait till 8 o'clocK?!

A: I'll wait all this time. That line just now. If Ayase had said it, it'd be so scary.

H: <Ayase voice> Hanazawa-san, what time do you finish work today?

K: About 8 o'clock.

H: I understand. Then, I will wait until you finish.

A: How scary!

K: I'll be killed!

A: She's waiting. What will happen then?

K: I'll stretch out my work.

A: But if you make her wait longer, that'll be scary too. She'd be waiting all that time.

H: Why don't you come?

K: Ayase has so much force.

A: By the way, Hayami-chan, what kind of otaku are you?

H: What otaku?

K: What otaku is Hayami?

A: Maybe you're not an otaku?

K: What's your hobby?

H: Like watching movie? Oh, I'm an art otaku.

K: Do you go to museums?

H: I go to museums a lot. Kana-san is really interested in photos. I like live events.

K: Really? Artists and lives?

H: Last year there was a ramen thing.

A: You're active.

K: Hayami is active. You go out a lot.

H: If I want to do something, I do it.

A: I see.

K: Your future seems bright.


A: I like Kiririn-san, but I like Kuronyan more! "I have male otaku friend. We recently fought over manga. He's a strange guy who likes Hunter x Hunter (Hantahanta), GunSlinger Girl (GangaGirl), Kami no mizushiru Sekai Wo (Nomizora). So we fought. I can't forgive him for shortening my favorite work, Itazura no Kiss, to Zurakiss. You understand right?"

K: Itazura no Kiss is probably shortened to Itakiss. Not Zurakiss.

H: I see. So different people shorten things differently. Like in Kansai, it's Makudo.

K: Like FamiMart.

A: Binicon.

H: She likes that manga after all.

K: Oreimo too.

A: Oreimo.

K: OreNoImo also exists too, right?

A: Yeah.

K: Which is it?

H: Is there any others?

A: Like OreKon, OreNai.

K: But Oreimo, it has to have the imouto.

A: Orenai.

K: You have no sense for shortening things. Please stop Zurakiss though.


A: From Otakuko Mihori-san: "I always listen to this radio show while grinning. I love shows like Oreimo, Keion, ?Reiru shows where girls appear a lot. Of course, I play galgames. I have 9 year-old little brother. When I'm in my room playing galgames, he'd come in my room saying "let's go to the toilets". And he saw me playing a galgames. I told him not to tell, but he exposed it to my parents who took them all away. How can I get them back. Help!"

H: It's like Kirino's household at first.

A: Yeah. It seemed like Father would take it all away. But why were they taken away?

K: Because she was playing a galgame that she shouldn't? But I wonder what the little kid said.

A: "Oneechan was playing a game." How can she get them back.

H: Ask why it's not allowed.

A: My household was pretty free going.

K: Yeah, you played galgames in your living room.

H: You don't hear about them getting taken away. Maybe the mother likes other galgames. So she doesn't like those.

K: The family should play together.

K: This is hard.

H: Talk it out.

A: Just buy some. Galbee. "I'm such an idiot". Say that they're not a bad influence. Seiyuu Taketatsu says it's okay. Since I turned out okay.


A: Pink no tofu 27 year old male.

K: Not a otakuko.

A: But it was delivered. Seems special, so I'll read it. "I always listen while working. I suppose it's weird for a male like me send to a corner for otakuko. But there's something I need to tell you two. Oreimo has a lot of otaku. My wife is actually quite an otakuko. In the summer/winter Comike I always go alone. Everything she requests are BL. Of course, I buy the books. But I have to go through the drama of the girls around saying I'm buying BL. I have two daughters, but they like the anime my wife likes. The older girl is already three. I worry about her future. I like my wife, so I'll always support her."

K: I see.

A: What's Kankeitsura?

K: But it was three years ago. She's three years ago.

H: Kusano? Kusano-chan? Family name.

A: What kind of name is it?

K: They should just get along. But a male buying BL.

H: I'm sure the seller is like, "He's a male. So he's one of us."

K: Isn't it like Kyousuke.

A: Ordered around like Kirino. Good luck!

K: It's for your wife!

A: You should just go together.

K: They have children though.

???? Wake


A: ?????? wake

K: Let me explain to Hayami. Listeners send in requests for us to imitate people. Hayami, we want you to do it too.

A: We should all do it.

K: Hayami, Kuroyanagi Tetsuko.

H: That's too much.

A: Do it.

H: Evening. It's in the room.

K: You should always talk like that, Hayami.

A: Maybe we can do them at events.

K: Imitation Mail.

H: Why are we doing this corner.

K: We imitated Bandou Eiji-san. Aya-chi in an life counseling corner. She read it like Bandou Eiji-san. Start with Aya-chi.


A: From Dream Fighter-san: "In episode 14, you two requested imitations. Please try a Sakana Gunsou." Gyo gyo gyo gyo.

K: It's like a monster.

H: I've seen Sakana Gunsou. Kyokyokyo. It sounds like a middle schooler.


A: Pen name Kinnen Mawari Miru Chinju-san: "For 14, I recommend fan favorite Wakamoto-san. A lot of seiyuu have tried it. His famous phrase is 'Fugata-kun, hurry home. Tada-chan and dinner is waiting.'"

K: That's long.


H: From Yanmei-san. "I've thought of something you can imitate. How about the sound when Mario jumps? I think it'll be simple."

A: Let's all do it.


A: From Kiririn-san @ Otaku.net: "How about Nakama Yukie who was in Trick and Gokusen?"

H: But that's hard to imitate.

A: How's she talk?

H: Even when upset, she is calm.

K: What was her famous Gokusen line?

H: In Trick it was "I see through your trick!"

K: Not so much nose!


K: From Clover-san: "I always enjoying listening. My first is war cameraman Watanabe Yobichi-san. The other is Tanoshingo-san."

K: I want to talk to Britney Spear-san.

A: Who? Why Britney Spears?

?: Hello. I'm the real Watanabe Yobichi.

K: Hayami is last.

H: You two did it cutely.


A: From Nikai Kara Botsu-san: "Mayamiki-san". Don't give up!

H: Don't give up!


K: From Radio Name Shigeki wo motomeru otoshi-san: "18 Arare-chan".

A: This is hard. I thought it'd be more anime characters.

K: Or famous lines.

A: Let me announce. I get one. Kana-chan got zero. Hayami-chan got 2.5.

K: Please send easier ones.

H: But this is hard to do without some research. We don't know what the special characteristics.

Life Consultation


A: Chan Hayami.

H: You flipped Hayami-chan around.


A: Pompu-san "Why can't I remove the excess?" -Kodama Kiyoshi

Hayami explains it.


A: 7.6% human-san: "Lately, I don't know what I am." - Cellphone.

H: I thought it was Acchan. It was cute.

K: Why?

A: Because it has a lot features. Like iPhone.


A: Kirin-san: "I'm a manga little sister character, but I don't have any goods!" - Jaiko

H: It's true.

K: I've heard of Jaiko goods. Jaiko clear file. Jaiko notebook. Jaiko key holder.

H: Jaiko hat.

A: A red beret?

K: Jaiko dakimakura.


A: From Marurun: "Is it this person? Even hearing it, I honestly don't know." - God of romances.

H: This person is in position from god.


A: I'm Christ-san: "Return to your original form! Koike Shou's little sister" - Old brother.

K: What is that?

H: Card Captor Sakura.

K: She made her own cards.

A: I drew the Clow Card pictures.

H: I bought the Clow Card set.

A: You're rich.

H: Which Clow Card did you like?

A: I liked them all?

H: Windy?

A: Windy. Jump. Firey.

H: Which character did you like?

A: Shaorin. His character song.

H: I liked Yukito-san

A: I think I liked Touya-oniichan.

H: Touya-kun and Yukito-kun...

A: Seemed love love.

H: Eriol-kun. Yukito-san is the Yue character.

A: Kana-chan!

H: Kana-san, you didn't watch?

K: I saw it, but forgot.

A: I have the DVDs. Let's watch them.

K: I didn't think you'd know so much, Hayami.

A: Which costume do you like?

H: Costume? I remember the first one, the white and pink one.

A: The one with wings. I like the one from the opening.

H: Yukito-san on his bike while slyly throwing the candy.

A: Sakura going "hoe" is cute.



K: Miki-san's glasses. I tried not to look at them.

A: Thank you, Hayami-chan.

K: But we only talked about Oreimo in the beginning.

A: Come again.

K: Card Captor comrade. At first she was my Pokemon card comrade, but Aya-chi took her. We need to find another common point.

A: Talk to your manager about your schedule. Come again. It's time.

Bye bye!