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February 25, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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Kirino: Everyone's been waiting for this. Oreimo 12 True Route has finally aired, have you all seen it?

Kuroneko: It's been two months since the end of the TV version airing. You sure kept them waiting.

Kirino: Blu-ray and DVD 3 goes on sale 2/23 too. How exciting.

Kuroneko: Did you see the last scene? Clearly I'm the heroine in the next episode.

Kirino: Well, let's see your skills then.

Kuroneko: Indeed. Well, please watch. Now then, we're introducing another letter this time too. Radio name Mizuri-san: There is someone I like. Guys often say I'm tomboyish. I've tried to fix this, but can't. Just how do you act like a girl?

Kirino: Oooh! Love advice? This is my first time, so I'm a bit nervous.

Kuroneko: I really sympathize with Mizuri-san. I've often thought about whether people accept me or not.

Kirino: I think that you should first change your appearance. I don't know if you can wear accessories in school... If you have short hair right now, then try it long. It's feminine and cute and will change how you feel.

Kuroneko: I see. So start with one's appearance.

Kirino: If you talk like a guy, then add -kun when talking to a guy. It's pretty trivial, but it starts a change in your actions.

Kuroneko: It takes a lot of courage to change. I think it's very noble of you to try to change for the person you like. But, I don't want you to lose yourself in trying to be more feminine. Maybe people make fun of you for being boyish, but it's also part of your charm. I'm cheering for you, Mizuri-san.

Kirino: I don't know how much my advice will help. But it'd make me happy if it helps you change, Mizuri-san.



Aya-chi: Do you want a meal? Do you want to take a bath? Or... m-e?

Kana-chan: Oh man. That really raised the tension.

Aya-chi: What's that supposed to mean!

Kana-chan: Well I choose Taketatsu.

A: No way!

K: I don't need a meal or a bath.

A: Take your bath! It's bad if you just have me, right!?

3:38 K: The reason this happened was because the radio show's wrter sent me an e-mail saying if there's anything I want Taketatsu to say, I should do it. So I wrote a few things.

A: I was surprised. Last time I thought, "Next time it'll be Kana-chan's birthday, so what should I do for her?" I've got to do my best since it's Kana-chan's birthday. So when this goes up, it'll be Kana-chan's birthday. You're an ex-loli. Congratulations! As a warning, this time it'll be a Kana-chan birthday special!

K: I'm so happy!

A: If Kana-chan wants me to say anything, I'll do it.

<Suddenly starts playing Kuroneko's theme>

A: Happy birthday!

K: What is this cake? Thank you! The staff gave me a cake. It's great! I'm so happy.

A: Let's sing. Let's sing together.

Happy birthday to-

<Realizing she's singing alone> So that's how it is?! <Taketatsu continues to sing alone>

K: I'm so happy.

A: Congratulations on no longer being a loli. 22 years old?

K: Going from 22 from 21 doesn't seem like that much has changed. I've got college.

A: That's true. You're going to graduate soon.

K: Ayachi threw me a party to celebrate my advancement in school. I was so happy.

A: And I have a present for Kana-chan! What can it be? I had to think about this one since it kind of copies the Christmas present.

K: Eh? What is it? There's a lot inside. Ah! How cute!

A: It's a bath set. Shower jell. And bathing liquids.

K: There's animals. How cute. Thanks. Thanks. And what's this?

A: Plate. There's other things. Soap and... Lip cream. Hand cream.

K: I'm so happy. Thanks! What is this? You want to take a bath together?

A: If Kana-chan wants it...

K: What?! Really?!

8:20 A: Yeah. Today, I can be your present too.

K: Wait a moment. What do I do? Ayachi wraps herself in a ribbon and says "I'll be your present"... I act happy, but then say "that kind makes me feel creepy" and send her back.

A: I think everyone knows.

K: Is it okay for me to play a creepy chara?

A: Last time it seemed like Kana-chan was broken. I want to eat this cake.

K: Maybe if we had a fork. We'll eat it later.

My little sister can't be this cute either

10:15 A: It's cold! Kana-chan, let's hold hands!

A: What is this? This is a line you wanted me to say, Kana-chan?

K: The writer thought it up for me.

11:31 A: It was my idea to have an episode to show that Kana-chan is cute.

11:45 A: Today, in the studio before recording... The writer gave a pair of mug cups as presents. You completely forgot your cellphone. Normally you're so on top of things, but sometimes you forget things or space out which is cute.

"Kana-chan, you forgot this" Embarrassed, you made a grinning face.

K: If you say that, Ayachi, aren't you a clumsy girl? Like things falling out. Or being unable to undo the string for your choco or dropping it. Or bumping your head.

13:30 A: On the mic. No, my head was just so full of Kana-chan! So I was spacing out.

K: Oh, then that's okay.

13:45 A: From Ninjin gyuunyuu-san: My little sister was making fried egg. "I got sugar and salt mixed up. I wonder if I add sugar, the salt will disappear," is what she said. I responded, "There's no way the salt would disappear if you add sugar." In my mind I thought "Not only did you get them mixed up, you thought you can fix it by adding sugar. Do you think you're in an old manga or something?" Maybe she's just a dumb girl, but I think my little sister is cute. Desu desu desu...

14:28 K: What was that?

A: An echo effect.

K: I see. That's cute.

A: And a little sister cooking is pretty cute.

K: And that it didn't quite work out is kind of cute.

A: So if she got them mixed up, that means she added salt?

K: Yeah, it ended up with a salty taste.

A: I see. Sounds good though. How cute.

K: Fried egg is pretty hard.

A: I recently bought a tamagoyaki frying pan. I used to make it on a round frying pan, but it was hard to turn them over. My cooking has been getting better. I haven't used it once.

K: Really? You should use it.

15:47 From Perilist-san: I have a little sister in middle school year one. I don't know much about girls, but it seems like she's being more like an adult lately. This happened when the family was out eating. I ordered my usual, while my sister ordered this: One steak set, cooked to be bitter. I told her "no one would say that!" Seeing my sister proudly ask for it to be bitter made me think she's really still a kid. This kind of mistake is kind of cute.

K: I wonder if she stood up tall as she made that mistake. Cute. What's "bitter"? Something bitter.

A: I want a little sister.

K: But you have your niece. Your cute niece.

A: But I only see her once in a year, maybe half a year.

K: But isn't that the perfectly frequency for seeing her?

A: But if you only see her once every half year, she grows up so fast.

K: I see. She is a girl. They grows up fast.

A: Her name's Hina-chan. "Hina-chan got to have her nails done!" And she'd have these shiny nails, it was cute.

K: Girls nowadays sure are fashionable.

A: Yeah. And she's only in year one of elementary.

K: Apparently it's important to be popular with the boys.

A: Really?!

K: So, "If I wear this, I'd be really popular." Like wearing a bathing suit with spats.

A: Really?

K: I don't really know, but they're learning a sense of fashion from when they're little. It's amazing.

A: Girls nowadays are amazing.

K: I never thought about things like that.

A: Me either. I just wore what my mom bought me. Looks like that's it.

K: Oh, maybe we talked too much in the opening.

18:16 A: Kana-chan~ Just wanted to say that.

Meruru Vs Maschera


A: The 6th battle is Card Captor Sakura VS Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

K: Can you say it one more time.

A: Kana-chan~

K: What is it?

A: Can you read your thing?

K: Sorry. It's only amusing for me! It is my birthday. The cake's been cut. I've got it and have been picking at it.

19:25 A: People have really been looking forward to this one. A lot of mail has come in for it. Looks like we had the data from our listeners.

K: Apparently we've received hundreds.

A: That's amazing. Using all this user data, we will have this battle. Let's start, Taketatsu Sakura starts, followed by Hanazawa Sailor Moon. Battle start.

K: The first one is important.

A: This one is from Juusannichi no kinyoubi-san: I'm definitely for Card Captor Sakura. This is what got me into this genre and its full of so many memories. It's popular even thought it's already over. The reason is because the characters appear in other Clamp works. In Clamp's Tsubasa and xxxHolic, Sakura and Shaoran appear. Kana-chan was a main character in Kobato where Sakura's older brother, Touya, appears. Sometimes I still watch go back and watch it. The invicible spell "It'll definitely be okay" is important. Plus Sakura is a little sister.

A: That's amazing, they appear in a lot of shows.

K: Stuff in Clamp really has a lot of different characters. Doing Clamp creations is really fun.

A: Really? Yeah and in Tsubasa, Sakura and Shaoran appear. I see. So Kana-chan is in Kobato. I want to see it!

K: You should watch Kobato, It's such a touching story.

A: Really? You've really conveyed it. I really love the line "It'll definitely be okay." I liked it in the past. I'd pretend to be Card Captor with a friend. Sakura doesn't have many catch phrases. But there is the line "It'll definitely be okay." And there's the "Ho-a." We'd always say "It'll definitely be okay" to cheer each other up in school.

K: You pretended to be Sakura?

A: I did. I was in elementary fourth grade. Maybe fifth?

K: What a girly way to play.

A: But when you're in fourth/fifth grade, everyone is preparing to graduate. Yet we were playing Sakura.

K: That's fine. I think that's where your otakudom started, Ayachi.

A: Like Kuroneko. I'd be making phone calls by myself. Like that.

K: I see. Sort of acting like a teenager and losing yourself in your own world.

A: Looks like I had chuunibyou "middle school syndrome" in elementary school.

K: At the time, I listened to Pokemon songs. At home, the four of us would dance.

A: How lively.

23:23 K: Okay, here I go. From Boku ga Aino Minako-chan: I'm pushing for Sailor Moon. The reason being the main character is extremely famous. The opening song, Moonlight Densetsu, is known to people who haven't even seen Sailor Moon. And while the opening is well-sung and most famous, Sailor Moon's "Gomen ne sunao ja nakute" lyric is famous. Plus it's amazing that the series has the same theme song for the first four series. The ending songs are also good. Ishida Youko's debut song "Otome no Policy". (Ayachi: How nostalgic!) The original creator Takeuchi Naoko-san wrote the lyrics for that. I couldn't stop talking about this, so I'll stop here.

A: I've been thinking this, where is that well sung part? Oh, in the very beginning? "Miracle romance jang!"

K: We should try singing it later. I also really like the opening to Card Captor Sakura.

A: I also really like it.

K: What was it, Gumi-san? "Catch you. Catch me."

A: I think people would know that if they heard it. Both are famous. They're both cute. Moe moe. Next. Which one should I pick?

K: It's hard to choose. We have so many.

25:18 A: I'll do this. From Takami-san: I'm a guy, but I'd watch Card Captor Sakura every week with my older sister. I think guys like the intense battle scenes where she collects the cards. After beating the cards, she can fly, jump, or use a sword. Seeing Sakura use fire, wind, or water magic was exciting for me each time. I'll always remember when she takes out her magic staff to seal the card. I practiced to remember that phrase. My male friends liked it too. Sakura is an amazing anime that appeals to a wide audience.

A: I also practiced. When in fourth/fifth grade, like I said earlier, I pretended to be Sakura. Like with flame, I'd say Fiery. Sakura had a lot of cards for sale. Clow Cards were on sale. I wanted it. But I couldn't really buy them at the time, so I made my own. I'd draw it and cut it out and go "Fiery!" I'd say the phrase in an excited voice. I'd wear a shining necklace that I bought from the toy store. Then I'd take it out and say the phrase.

K: You're Kuroneko.

A: I completely had the middle school disease.

K: Cards are the theme.

A: You don't really see many use cards to battle.

K: I've fought with Pokemon cards. You've never heard of Pokemon cards? No way! None of you have heard of it?!

A: For card games, there's Yu-Gi-Oh...

K: Pokemon card is really intense. They even sold it for the Gameboy. Yeah, I played Pokemon Card Battle on the Gameboy.

A: What is that? I've never heard of it. You played it? Kana-chan plays her Gameboy? Wow!

29:04 K: Pen name Jibun no koto bishojo nante na norenai (I can't say my name since I'm a beautiful girl): I'm older than you two, in other words, I was part of the Sailor Moon generation. I'm remembering a lot of things as I write this mail. A lot of cute girls appear in Sailor Moon, but when the anime came out and they did character polls in magazines every month, Mizuno Ami would always beat out the star, Usagi-chan. (A: I've heard that!) Ami-chan is strong and her character was rare in anime then. I was in middle school back then, I bought Nakayoshi. At the time, they provided a service to get Chibi Usa's dimensional key. I'd show it to my friends and say her catchphrase, what a good memory. More and more Sailor Senshi appeared, and it became hard to remember them all. I think my limit is at 14 members. I checked and there's a bit more. <Laughs> How many can you name?

K: I can't.

A: Really? There's Sailor Moon, right? Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, right? And... Chibi Moon right? There's Chibi Moon, Uranus. Neptune, Pluto. That's ten. There's more?

K: Is there a Black Hole? Like Mebius? Meiousei?

A: That's Pluto. (It's literally the Japanese name for Pluto)

K: Were all the names in English? I see.

A: What else is it? Galactica was last.

K: What's Galactica.

A: And do the Three Lights count? You don't know them?

K: You remember way too much about this.

A: Well I did love Sailor Moon.

K: I see. It seems like I lose out in passion with both compared to Ayachi. Just making an objective observation. Ami-chan really is popular.

A: Ami-chan really is popular with guys.

K: But she's popular with girls too.

A: My favorite was Sailor Moon, but I went "Hey Papa, which one of these do you like?" He was like, let's see, and picked Ami-chan and said "But you can have Usagi-chan, Aya."

K: So your father knew Ami-chan?

A: He said she's cute. So it's always been like a Usagi versus Ami battle to see who was cuter.

K: As far as colors, there's some that would appeal to girls.

A: Oh yeah. Like Chibi Usa's pink.

K: I only know Ami-chan.

A: Really? I liked Usagi-chan and Hotaru-chan.

K: Who's Hotaru-chan?

A: You don't know? She has black hair. She's quite sullen.

K: I can imagine her being cute, but I don't know.

A: She was Chibi Usa's friend.

K: Really?

A: There were over 10 Sailor Senshi.

K: There were a lot. I still remember Galactica.

A: She's the last boss.

K: Ayachi sure is well-informed. I should eat you up.

33:14 A: From Yukirio-san: I like both, but I'm going for Sakura. Sakura-chan by herself is cute, but changing her costumes every time makes her more cute. I really understand Tomoyo-chan's desire to dress her up and film her. Plus I liked Touya-niichan. He'd watch over his little sister. I remember watching a brother like that. Even before Oreimo, I've liked siblings. If you like Oreimo, I'm sure you'd like Sakura.

K: Oreimo is sort aboug sibling love. I see.

A: Card Captor Sakura really has a lot of different kinds of relationships. There's filial piety, sibling love, Tomoyo-chan likes Sakura-chan.

K: Really?

A: And Yukito-san and Touya-oniichan. There's also a forbidden love between a teacher and his student. I was amazed they aired that on NHK. It's amazing how the costumes changed each time.

K; It's amazing. It makes you wonder how much thought they put into it.

A: It's amazing. Clamp-san is amazing. When I was in elementary school I went to Animate once. Someone in Animated was doing cosplay. It was Sakura-chan cosplay.

K: Ayachi you should cosplay as Sakura-chan.

A: I wanted to, but how do I get the costume?

K: I'm sure people will send it in.

A: I wanted to try it, but I don't know where they sell the costumes. Plus they're expensive.

K: Cosplay is expensive.

A: When I looked in elementary, they were about 30-40,000 (about 3-400 dollars). That was out of my range. Then I grew up.

K: It's okay. You can still do it.

A: I can? I can barely do it?

K: Not barely.

A: When I do cosplay, you should do it with me, Kana-chan.

K: Me?

A: What would fit Kana-chan from Sakura? There's a lot of cosplay for Sakura. But there must be something for Kana-chan. We'll make this a listener's choice. Please write in.

K: No no no.

A: Heh heh heh.

K: This will do. I'll be Kereberos.

A: That's not cosplay. That's kigurumi (full body costumes, often of cartoon characters).

K: Kigurumi will work. I'll be Kereberos.

A: Be Mei-lin. Wear a Chinese dress. When she fights in white plain clothes. Or Tomoyo-chan's fluffy dress.

K: You really know a lot.

A: It's because I loved it. I want Card Captor Sakura DVDs.

K: Watch it.

36:59 K: On to the next one. From pen name Shiroikage-san: There is something I need to report about Sailor Moon. Amazingly, Sailor Moon is famous in Germany. It's because the otaku of that generation really know Sailor Moon. It's because it was airing when anime became a boom in Germany. So the children who were otaku back then are the current ones now. At first it just had one season, but eventually they got the whole series and the three movies. So now Germans and Japanese can feel nostalgic about the same show. What a mysterious feeling. Isn't this miraculous thing part of Sailor Moon's charm?

P.S. Sakura was also aired in Germany. On TV they had the first season and they sold season one and the two movies on DVD. I get the feeling that Shiroikage-san is a German.

A: I see.

K: Because she's pretty familiar with Germany.

A: Maybe she lived there. Yeah.

K: Wow. Japanese anime really is amazing. It's shown around the world.

A: It crosses national boundaries. It's touching.

K: I wonder if Oreimo is airing internationally.

A: I hope it is.

K: When I was at Singapore, Kuroneko was really popular. It seemed like a lot of people were familiar with Oreimo.

A: Really? We talked a lot, so there's a lot of mail that we didn't get to. Sorry! I really like Sakura and Sailor Moon, but... I like Kana-chan even more.

K: So that's how we're ending this? That's good. We should do that every time.

A: No. Just sometimes. You appreciate it more if it's not as often. It's embarrassing.

Life Consultation



A: The nyan doesn't fit this music. By the way, I'm waiting for mail from Kana-chan.

K: Liar!

A: Saying it makes me kind of excited. Like "This is what love is like."

K: Wait a moment. That's a bit much.

A: I think people would misunderstand that, so let's get right to mail.

41:17 A: From Zackbomb-san: I can't help it if my head feels hot. -Eraser

K: That's true. That friction must be hard.

A: Sometimes you flip it over and use that side too.

K: You use both sides?!

A: So his butt must be hot too. Must be hard.

K: Poor thing. Plus he's wearing down.

A: And he's slowly dying.

K: When you put it that way it's pretty sad. Hang in there, eraser.

42:03 A: From Imouto-san: My hands are round, so I can't hold anything. -Anpanman #1

K: Really? Everyone's hands are round.

A: Does he ever hold anything.

K: But he does take his face. Maybe he has tiny needles in his hand that stick to his face.

A: Eeeh?!

K: Maybe he pulls off his face.

A: Wait a moment! What a deadly weapon! He'd be unbeatable. Then how does he put on his pants?

43:40 A: From my Ore no shimai ga konna yasashi wake ga nai (My sisters can't be this nice): ??In the past I got a third degree burn.

K: Who's that?

A: Panties old man.

K: Are you really trying?

A: I am!


K: Ayachi, I can't imagine you doing impressions.

A: When I do impressions, people go, "Huh?" Oh, tell me what impressions I should do. I'll practice. Well, Kana-chan and I will practice, and we'll see whose is better.

K: I don't think anything would fit me though.

A: So practice.



K: What a nice birthday. I'm happy. It's nice to get older.

A: Really? I've got Peter Pan syndrome, I don't want to get older.

K: I don't want to get older either. But a birthday is nice.

A: It's fun when everyone congratulates you.

K: No one ever says so many nice things to me.

A: It's just the one day in year.

K: I have to wait another year. I can't wait!

A: I've never seen Kana-chan like this. So episode 15 will air March 11th.

K: So it'll be back to a normal broadcast. So the next Meruru vs Maschera battle 7 Shonen manga versus Shoujo manga. We'll be waiting for reader mail supporting them both. So shounen manga is like Shounen Jump.

A: And Sunday. And Magazine.

K: Shoujo manga.

A: Ribbon!

K: How nostalgic.

A: I feel like we talked a lot. How long did we talk?

K: About an hour.

A: I'm sure the editor will work on this. It's time to end it.


  • didn't catch Ayano's last special line to Hanazawa. Thanks for being born, Kana-chan.

Then they say goodbye