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February 11, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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Kirino: I've been seeing the word "choco" a lot in the city lately. In three days it'll be Valentine's Day.

Kuroneko: A conspiracy by candymakers. No... Perhaps I should say it's the day that I put a curse on the relationships of other girls?

Kirino: That's the most embarrassing thing I've heard you say!

Kuroneko: Is that some sort of problem?

Kirino: No, no. It's fine. Well, this has nothing to do with us.

Kuroneko: Oh? You're not giving any choco to your brother?

Kirino: Why do I have to give that guy choco?! Well... As a girl, I'm going to make some choco. You want any?

Kuroneko: Maybe you shouldn't. I have a bad feeling about this.

Kirino: You sure? My choco has a pretty good reputation.

Kuroneko: No thank you. I'll have your brother tell me what he thinks of your choco after Valentine's Day is over.

Kirino: L-like I said! I'm not giving him any!

Kuroneko: Right, right. Anyway, it seems your brother has been popular. I suppose I'll read this related letter. From Kurotei-san: Both of you really like Kyousuke. What would you like him to call you?

Kirino: Who really likes him?!

Kuroneko: Oh, what a most intriguing question. You may answer it first.

Kirino: I know you're doing this to annoy me!

Kuroneko: No such thing. So what would you like your brother to call you?

Kirino: I've never thought of that. It's fine as is.

Kuroneko: What a boring answer. I'm disappointed in you.

Kirino: Then what about you?

Kuroneko: Me? I can't think of anything off the top of my head. How about "Master"?

Kirino: Just what kind of relationship do you want from him?!

Kuroneko: R-relationship? A loyal servant in my family of darkness? R-right. Like a pet.

Kirino: Vetoed! It kind of pisses me off.

Kuroneko: Is that so? To make him my servant, I'll have to do something about his current master.

Kirino: Shut up, you chuunibyou (teenage syndrome) girl! Let's finish this.

Kuroneko: This is our 13th radio show. We're still collecting interesting requests.

Kirino: We're also waiting for thoughts on the anime.


I guess Ayana got her nose caught on something?

Aya-chi: This is our 13th show. That means half a year has passed since we started.

Kana-chan: So that mean, it's been half a year since I started talking with Aya-chi.

A: Yeah. It's been half a year for us.

K: Not that it means anything.

A: It says to talk about what we've done together in the last half year. Eaten together.

K: But the managers were with us.

A: Shopped together?

K: Nope.

A: Played games together?

K: Nope.

A: Went out to have fun together?

K: Not really, I think?

A: We actually talked about finishing the recording quickly and going out to eat afterwards. But there doesn't appear to be time for that.

K: Well, we do meet up a lot because of our connection through Oreimo. This is an inside story, but it is quite a long time. Like 10 hours together.

A: Yeah. It starts at 4 at night. Then it lasts for about ten hours.

K: We talk a bit during make-up. If only there weren't outsiders around.

A: What? Like the people in front of us?

K: I just want to monopolize Aya-chi.

A: If there were time. If this continues another half year, maybe we can do something.

K: How long do you think this radio show will continue?

A: Probably for a year?

K: I wonder?

A: Continue. Continue.

K: This is going pretty well. Maybe it can continue?

A: Then maybe it'll continue till August next year, no, this year?

Otaku Girls Gather!

5:59 A: This corner is always very healing.

K: Good.

A: I love it. I want to read them as soon as possible. 6:20 Radio name Nekamajanaino-san: A lot of otaku girls are thought to be fujoshi (rotten girls) who like watching guys do it. I'm the opposite. I like girls with girls. I grin when I see you guys flirt on the air. Please keep getting along.

K: Looks like they approve of it!

A: That's amazing. Now we can do it all we want.

  • Gasp*

K: But I wonder if I can restrain myself in this new situation.

A: With what?

K: Various things. Things.

A: Kana-chan, has been becoming really dangerous lately. But I like Kana-chan.

K: Is it really okay?

A: If it were dangerous, I'd stop you. If it got bad. Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

K: That's good.

A: If you like girl relationships, then I recommend Ayakashi Ninden Kunoichiban. You'll need a PS1, it's software for the Playstation. It's cute. A yuri game. Kana-chan is getting excited. あやかし忍伝 opening video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN3iFXYlw00

7:52 From Black Cat-san: I have a problem right now. I don't have the courage to play a gal game. I've never played a gal game before. I'm resistant to playing a gal game. But I want to play the Oreimo game. Thus, I have a request for you two. Please give me the courage to play a gal game.

K: I see. But does the Oreimo game count as a gal game?

A: Gal game? Does it? It's an adventure game? It's not a simulation.

K: It's not a simulation. Aya-chi is the teacher here.

A: Gal games? It's an escape from reality. You can forget the bad things. It's full of dreams. Well. There are a lot of routes in gal games. Remember how Kirino was save and reloading to find missing stills.

K: Stills?

A: You know? Pictures. Illustrations. There are pictures. You can save and load so you can capture them. You can wait for random characters to appear.

K: Aya-Aya-chi. You're not really conveying it.

9:29 A: At first, it takes courage to do it. But I've been playing since I was little, so I didn't resist it much.

K: Try the Oreimo game. And maybe you'll try others.

A: Good luck!

9:59 From Wapuru-san: It's always fun to listen. I'm an ani-ota. It's a secret from my family. I don't watch the anime I like in front of my family. I do it in secretly. I happened to be watching Oreimo when I heard "This is an anime for adults, isn't it?" and the channel got changed. That's where I need advice. How can I appear more like an adult?

K: That's the question? It's an anime for adults?

A: I thought it was all ages.

K: Yeah. There's nothing dirty about it.

A: Yeah. There is the scene where Kyousuke has his hand on Kirino's something.

K: But it's not perverted.

A: It was more like an accident. Well it was an accident. It wasn't sexy.

K: But Kirino goes... "Rinkorin is cute. Rinkorin!" She can't let her family see that.

A: No way! Why? My family saw. My mom saw it. Maybe my brother did too.

K: The Taketatsu family is pretty... open, isn't it?

A: Maybe it's opening.

K: There are families that aren't that open.

11:31 A: I see. Then what can be done?

K: What? Well. Maybe have them drink hot milk?

A: Put them asleep? Well. With hot milk? If you have them exercise and feed them a lot, they'll feel more sleepy.

K: What? Are you a child?

A: Well say "Mom, have you been gaining weight?" Then "Mom, you should do some exercise." Then after exercising, she'll feel hungry. So you feed her a lot. Then she'll feel sleepy.

K: It's so long! Is that possible?

A: Not possible? It's for her mother's health.

12:45 K: So she always has to keep it secret?

A: But the DVD is on sale. Take the package and say "Look, it's wholesome."

K: Really? Is the Oreimo cover actually wholesome?

A: It's wholesome. Kirino-chan is on the first one. Just be like "This anime is amazing. If you buy it, it comes with a CD." We'd be grateful. It'd support us. And Wapuru-san will be able to watch it. You'd be killing three birds with one stone.

K: Amazing. Good luck. I think it's hard to get parents to go to sleep early.

13:47 A: But there's always someone nocturnal in the family. My mom is nocturnal.

K: My mom works in a pie shop. So she gets up really early, so she goes to sleep really early.

A: Is that so? She works part time at a pie shop? So she gets a little part-time pay?

K: How mean!

A: Let's pretend that didn't happen. Everyone has their own situation.

K: People have things they can't say.

14:37 A: When I was in high, no middle school, my friend was a fujoshi. She told me about a manga that sounded interesting, so I bought it. At that time I didn't know about BL (boy love), and it had these two boys on the front cover.

K: Your friend introduced you two BL?

A: It was like "This title is interesting." I asked her if she knew any interesting manga. So she told me. Then I went to the book store, and there were these two boys on the cover. So, I bought that, then read it at home. It was amazing. It wasn't dirty or anything, but it had boys kissing boys. It was so dramatic that I quickly read it, then hid it on the bookshelf.

K: You felt like it might be bad?

A: I didn't feel guilty or anything. It's just... I dunno.

K: Well, it's fantasy.

A: It surprised me.

15:37 K: BL, eh? There's also BL cafes.

A: Are there? Where boys act like they're in love? I want to see that.

K: Everyone's grinning:

A: If anyone knows a cafe like that, tell us.

I don't understand what OO means


Kukkuru dorururu? Don't know what this is about

17:18 K: I'll start.

A: Eh? Did you just read the answer?

K: That was the answer... What an amateur thing to do. It's okay, I haven't read it yet.

A: Really?

K: Here I go. Eh, ugh. Penname: Tokyo tokkyo kyoka-kyoku kyoukuchou [Sally]-san: The Net slang I want to introduce is Torima.

A: Tori?

Letter cont: Lately, people have been saying it's getting old. Good luck, you two.

A: I know it. Toriaezu mattete "Wait for now"

K: Maybe it's Toriaezu maa "Well..."

<Ding ding>

K: The correct answer is toriaezu maa. Example: Torima Aya-chi is a hentai.

A: So why is ma needed? And why am I a hentai?

K: The ma is probably to elongate it. I've heard this.

A: At first I thought it was torima.

K: What's torima.

A: People who take care of animals. (Eh? Does she mean trainer?)

K: Really?

A: I would have wanted to become one if I hadn't become a voice actor.

K: If Aya-chi torima, then I'd become something...

A: What? A dog? With a human face? I don't want one with a human face. That's scary!

K: If it had a human face then it'd be mine.

19:58 From: Hanasaka Ria: This is the Net slang I'm introducing this time: Honda Shikaku (Square)

A: What? Isn't it Honda sankakke? Honda. Honda... Shika. Honda shika kakkee.

<ding ding>

K: That was fast!

A: The answer is "Honda is the only one who's cool." In the 2010 World Cup, in three matches, he had a miraculous record of 2 special points and one assist. So fans gave him this nickname. Did you get the answer right? I'll continue to support the anime and radio show.

K: I see. It's something you give for someone godlike.

A: Like Hanazawa shikakkee.

K: Really? Taketatsu shikawaii..

A: That's not shikakkee.

K: How can I phrase it?

21:11 A: It's like "Yes, shikakkee." Faint/Saint Oniisan influenced me. So I'll lend that to you Kana-chan. Read it, Kana-chan. Share in the fun.

21:44 From penname Kuronyan to Kirino Kawaii: "Tahiru"

A: Tahiru? In katakana.

K: The "tahi" is katakana. The "ru" is in hiragana. タヒる Hint: "Kyou no jugyou tahiri sou da na." "Today's class seems tahiri"

22:28 K: Maybe this forms a word? Isn't this Shi? Shi for "dead"

<ding ding>

22:41 K: Tahiru written accross in katana, looks like the kanji for shi. It's a child's word. It means "to die". So when you play Mario, the first kuribo (goomba) always tahiru, right? 死 It's also used in hopeless situations. "I'm late for work. Tahiru!"

A: So it means "to die"?

K: Yeah.

A: Don't die so easily!

K: Wait a moment. Instead of saying "I'm late, I'm going to die." You'd say "Tahiru". It sounds less intense.

A: Is that?

K: Seems so. It's a child's word, right?

A: Yeah. But I'm a loli. I'm still a loli.

K: Yeah. You're 21.

A: Just barely. This year, it won't be anymore.

23:55 K: This year, you should suddenly be an adult woman.

A: Hanzawa shikakkee.

K: I don't like that phrasing.

24:12 A: From Ore no imouto ga Jedi kishi-san

K: A Jedi knight?

Letter: Since you guys have done a bunch of these, I'm going to give you a slightly hard one. The problem is: FSS. FSS has various meanings, but this one is often used on the official channel Niconico Douga. Hint: In a video, when a woman appears, when there's a certain angle, the comment FSS appears.

K: Eh? A certain angle? Ah! Four!

A: That's it!

K: What is that? Well, when the tension goes up. Like a woman's cleavage. Four!

A: But if that were the case, the office would say it's NG (no good). Is this okay.

K: I don't know. Doesn't seem like it. "Kind of like how Hanazawa-san talks to Taketatsu-san."

A: I bet it's like the "hah hah" (heavy breathing).

K: I see. Futomomo (thigh)?

A: Like Futomomo sawaritee (want to touch the thigh). Futomomo sawari sou (the thigh looks touchable).

K: Futomomo... surisuri.

<ding ding>

25:41 A: Lately Kana-chan keeps getting them. The answer: FSS means Futomomo surisuri. When a girl's leg is up, that means FSS. It's Net slang used on video sites. (Suri suri = sli sli? Short for slip up?)

K: Everyone sure is perverted.

A: Just like Kana-chan.

K: Wait a moment. I see. But I Aya-chi had me in a FSS situation too.

A: It wasn't on purpose. I was just under.

K: It's fine. At least it wasn't the cheeks. Not "the cheeks are surisuri"

A: If that were the case... Let's think about it. That would be worrysome.

K: FSS. I'll remember it.

A: I feel smarter. I'll use it.

K: Will you use it?

A: But I think I can use Hanazawa shikakkee.

K: And I think I can use FSS with Aya-chi. Someday Aya-chi S F S... this is hard to say!

Life Consultation


A: Looks like a lot has come into this corner.

K: Oh. We didn't read that much.

27:34 A: From Narinari-san: I'm classified as a herbivore male, but no believes me. -Popeye

A: It's true. He likes spinach, so he would be a herbivore. But he's so muscular that he doesn't look like it.

K: I don't know that much about Popeye.

A: I know the girl is named Olive. And Popeye becomes strong when he eats spinach.

K: Like Anpanman? He's a herbivore. Just where does he get the energy from spinach?

A: It's mysterious, isn't it? If you say that, then where does Anpanman get his energy from?

28:35 A: Sora kara inseki futte-san (meteor from the sky): I'm not as handsome as in the game. - Sengoku Busho (Civil war military commander) That's true. Busho-san is Ayano's grandpa.

K: When I see Sangokushi he's really hot.

A: There's also Sengoku Mushou. All the characters are handsome... beautiful. Everyone really gets in them.

K: Have you ever tried them?

A: I have. There'S Gundam Musou. And Sengoku Mushou. Or was it Sangoku Mushou?

29:17 K: Lately, personification has been popular, hasn't it? (I guess Kana is talking about how the Gundam are dressed as people)

A: Yeah. Personification. I wonder why it's popular. I guess it's cute.

K: It's interesting. I want to personify Aya-chi.

A: But I'm a person.

K: I was wrong just now. I apologize. Aya-chi was actually a person.

A: What's the opposite of personification? What do you call being turned into a dog?

K: Why would someone be a dog?

30:03 A: From Masaka-san: It's hard being put to work from the moment of birth - Yoshi That's true. There's the egg. Then with a pop, Yoshi comes out.

K: How cute. I like Yoshi.

A: Well, what's wrong with that? It's better than being alone, right? He has a companion. If born alone, he'd be surrounded by the enemies. Consider Mario and Luigi as saving him.

K: But he moves too easily after being born. He should be more unsteady on his feet.

A: If that were so, he'd probably die. The moment he touches an enemy he'd die. Well, good luck. That's why you were born.

31:35 A: From Tsukiyo-san: A wall to my right, a wall to my left, a wall behind, a bomb in front of me. Someone save me! - Bomberman.

K: So it's Bomberman?

A: I used to play it a lot. A lot of walls. You break the blocks, right? If you get yourself trapped, you can't move. Have you ever played it?

K: I've only played the Bomberman race.

A: What race?

K: Bomberman... well... he rides a car and drives. I played it when I was young.

A: I'm really interested. I understand how Bomberman feels. It's hard for Bomberman. How many lives did he have? Well, there were five rounds. In the first world, you can only use one. The first to win is the winner. They really use Bomberman.

K: Poor thing. Like an android.

A: How precious.

K: How do you come with that?

33:08 A: From Hanpa Naite-san (half crying): My life is to just be licked. - Candy

K: I was sure that was Taketatsu Ayana...

A: Wait a moment!

K: Well, what's wrong with everyone licking you?

A: Plus you're sweet.

K: What do you like?

A: Let's see. Chupa Chups?

K: That suits you!

A: As well as cough drops (nodo ame).

K: Cough drops? Nanten cough drops are good.

A: The red has something in it. Those are good. I think those work best on my throat. I think I eat those most.

34:11 K: Doesn't that taste bitter?

A: Yeah. At first it's bitter, but as you suck on it, it becomes better.

A: Candy is very precious, so stick out your chest with pride, candy-chan.



A: I'm hungry.

K: I want to eat something. What do you want?

A: Ice cream?

K: That's not something a hungry person says!

A: Then potato? I want to have some Mc potatoes.

K: Is there an image of eating Mc's potatoes?

A: Haven't you eaten it? By the way, about the 14th one. Hehehehehe.

K: It's February 25th. My birthday is February 22nd.

A: Isn't that right? Look forward to what happens?

K: What do you want to do? Switch roles? I want Taketatsu Ayana to do something good. By the way, Feb. 23nd Blu-Ray and DVD 3 comes out. The special CD contains Kousaka Kirino, Taketatsu Ayana's, Orange. Be sure to buy it!

A: Be sure to watch it!

K: I plan to buy it for my birthday. So you don't have to send it. Our diaries are connected. That's right. I get to see Aya-chi even less and less.

A: Ore no Hanazawa shi ga konna ni kakko ii wake ga nai. Honda shi kakkee ga nai.

K: I don't know what you're talking about it.

A: I see. Look forward to next time. It's time.