List of Character Name References

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Group Names[edit]

Dai Sentai GoggleV
The family names of the GoggleV reflect their hero colour designation.
Jyuden Sentai Kyouryuuger
The first one or two letters of the names of the Kyoryuuger spell out Da-I-No-So-A, which which is the katakana sound for the word "dinosaur". The first one or two letters of the family names of the Kyoryuuger spell out K-Yo-U-R-Yuu, i.e. "kyoryuu", meaning dinosaur.
JyuKen Sentai GekiRanger
The family names of the main three GekiRangers spell kan-u-fu "kung fu".
Mahou Sentai MagiRanger
The first syllable of the Ozu siblings' given names (from oldest to youngest) spells Mahoutsukai which means Magician in Japanese.
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
All the given names in this series are written in katakana. The Buddyroid's names use a part of their partner's names as well as a food that their animal motif eats.
Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger
All the DekaRanger's names are based on tea names as well as mystery authors.


  • Agri - Latin for "soil/ground".
  • Akashi Satoru - Aka is a pun on "red" in Japanese.
  • Alata - Latin for "winged".




  • Hayami Kouhei - Kouhei means fairness, which is what scales represent.


  • Inoue Masumi - Sumi means "ink" which is black like BoukenBlack.
  • Iseki Jirou - Iseki is almost inseki, the Japanese word for "meteorite".


  • Joujima Yuuki - Name is based on Jouji Yuuki
  • JK - Shares initials with Jin Keisuke. His musician name Gene is also a pun on Jin. His friend's nickname, God, is a reference to Kamen Rider X's enemy.



  • Mamiya Natsuki - Na is the kanji for the plant "rapeseed" which has a yellow flower.
  • Mogami Souta - Sou means "blue" like BoukenBlue.




  • Takaoka Eiji - Eiji is a pun on AG which is the scientific symbol for "silver".
  • Tatsugami Kou - Family name is similar to tategami or "lion's mane". Kou means "roar".



  • Wajima Shigeru - The wa in his name means "circle" and is part of the word for yubiwa/ring.