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Suit actor - Takeuchi Yasuhiro
Voiced by - Nakai Kazuya

A main character on Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger.


Garou is a wolfman-like alien that is the only known survivor of his tribe: the rest of his people were slaughtered for attempting to resist Jark Matter. He is found on Planet Jagujagu. He was originally from the Lupus Constellation System.


Garou is short-tempered and impulsive, like a wild-beast. The trauma of losing his people caused Garou to lose the will to fight, until he saw the efforts of Lucky and the KyuuRangers, after which he renewed his desire to fight back the Jark Matter and avenge his fight. Garou seems to be the one who believes in Lucky the most as seen in KyuuRanger Space.02 (Garou gave the two Seiza Blasters to Lucky) and KyuuRanger Space.06 (Garou said that Lucky is the best candidate to the KyuuRangers' leader).


  • Name is French for "werewolf".


Lupus Blue (オオカミブルー)

Beast Star.

Garou can transform into Ookami Blue, the blue member of the KyuuRangers.