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Episode 05
夢 Nightmare
Garo ~Yami wo Terasu Mono~ episode
Writer Fujihira Hisako
Yokoyama Makoto
Director Kaneda Ryuu
Original air date May 4, 2013 (2013-05-04)
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Garo ~Yami wo Terasu Mono~
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Important things that happened[edit]

  • Enhou continues to wake up from nightmares with blue goop on her mouth.

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Guest Stars[edit]


Human form: Danta 壇田

A Horror that came from a radio. It can dive into speakers.

In his human form, he looks like a cowboy.

It feeds by knocking the spirit out of a person and then devouring it. When the spirit is gone, the body falls apart.


  • The kanji in the title shows that the meaning can change depending on context. It's the same as last episode, Dream, but now it has been changed into a Nightmare.
  • Before Enhou's transformation, she clearly did not wear any makeup. This creates a stark contrast to the end of the episode when she's all made up. Rian sees that and assumes Enhou is just taking her advice on enjoying being a woman.
  • The commercial Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu stars ShinkenRed and Pink's actor, as well as Pink Buster's actress.
  • In Enhou's nightmares, a mysterious man stands behind her and orders her to do terrible things. While his face is never seen, he is credited as "the mysterious man" and his actor is listed as Kurata Yasuaki. He was also last on the list of the main cast of reoccurring characters. Both his and Yokoyama Megumi's roles are still relatively unknown at this point.

Great Quotes[edit]

  • Rian - "I never cheap out when it comes to drinks or men... or I'd cheapen myself."

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