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Episode 13
Sensui 仙水
Garo ~Makai Senki~ episode
Director Kosaka Ichijun
Original air date January 5, 2012 (2012-01-05)
Viewership 0.7%
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Garo ~Makai Senki~
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Air date: January 5, 2012 (2012-01-05)


  • When the enduring water which acts as Zaruba's lifeblood becomes stagnant to the point of placing him in horrific pain, Kouga contacts his childhood friend Jabi to take the Madou Ring to the Life-Circulating Waterfall within Jewel Forest in order for the waterfall's waters to restore him.
  • Jabi, motivated by how her mentor created Zaruba, is happy to do a favor for Kouga as he gives her a Barchess piece as a sign of mutual trust. Leo also gives Jabi a magic compass to help find her way to Life-Circulating Waterfall, however the item "suddenly fails" on her as she manages to reach her destination.
  • After rejuvenating Zaruba in the water, Jabi is attacked by the red-masked man as he uses a small number of Gouryuujin he created to try and steal Zaruba for the sake of his ritual in order to make dream of a world as it was before, when Makai Knights did not exist, and Makai Priests were the ones protecting humans against Horrors.
  • Jabi admits that she also hopes for a world where people need not fear Horrors, but also points out that the only reason why the Makai Knights were created was because Makai Priests were unable to effectively fight Horrors on their own.
  • Though she is on the verge of losing, Jabi uses Kouga's Barchess piece to summon Garo's steed Gouten and use it in a flash tactic to retrieve Zaruba. The red-masked man respectfully allows her to enjoy the victory and leaves.
  • Jabi and Zaruba decide to keep the battle from Kouga a secret so as not to worry him. After returning Zaruba to waiting Kouga, Jabi advises him to be careful around Makai Priests, lightly implying that Leo is not all that he appears.



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