Garo -Makai Retsuden- 08

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Episode 08
Pipe Dream/Touch Stone
Garo -Makai Retsuden- episode
Writer Taguchi Kei
Director Abe Mitsuyoshi
Action Director Oohashi Akira
Original air date May 28, 2016 (2016-05-28)
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Fan Rating 4.2 / 5
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Episode 07
Transfer Student
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Garo -Makai Retsuden-
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Important things that happened[edit]

Continuity - Garo ~Red Requiem~ and Garo -Makai no Hana-

Returning Characters[edit]

Pipe Dream

Touch Stone

  • Madou Tool Olva - Ozeki Eri 魔導具オルヴァ - 大関英里


Suit Actors[edit]

Song Used[edit]



  • In the intro, Gonza mentions a little happiness that comes falling on your head. Sachi means "happiness" in Japanese, and she literally drops something on Shiguto's head.
  • Colt is the name of the Gouryuu that was possessed in Garo Makai Senki 03. Obviously, Shiguto has fixed it up since then.
  • The Makai Retsuden website spells Crow's name Kurou.

Actor Trivia[edit]

  • Ozeki Eri is also a member of Makai Kagekidan who sings the ending theme for Makai Retsuden.

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