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An Armored Rider on the show Kamen Rider Gaim.

Also known as Armored Rider Gridon.

Donguri Arms


Guridon Donguri Arms.jpg

L.S.-03 Donguri Lock Seed (ドングリ)
Acorn Lock Seed
LockSeed 10.png
Class B
Arms - Donguri Arms
Followup sound - Never Give Up
Owner - Guridon's main Lock Seed
Weapon - Donkachi ドンカチ (Mallet)

Lychee Arms



  • His name is just Japanese pig latin for Acorn/Donguri. Don-guri -> Guri-don. He's named by his friend Hase/Kurokage, but he hates the name. Team Gaim mocks his name when they first hear it.