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A wiki page for collecting miscellaneous Ultraman trivia, records, and noteworthy firsts.

Things to add[edit]

  • First series with a combining plane? Note: Not a big plane that splits up. Something like Nexus' Chrome Chesters combining into one.
  • First Ultraman host whose identity is known to others (not kept a secret)?
  • First Ultraman who can summon a shield? (Ace has a shield for example)
  • First series with the death of a defense team member? Was Leo the first?
  • First Ultraman host to reveal his identity to a human? Notes: Ultraman / Shin Hayata was a human host, while Dan Moroboshi is an alien, UltraSeven himself. However, Shin Hayata never revealed himself to a human to be the host of Ultraman in the series. A good example would be Ultraman Tiga / Daigo who let Rena know about his identity.


Series with most defense team deaths (excluding minor personnel like guards)

  • Ultraman Leo (At least 10): MAC members are often killed and replaced at a frightening rate. To top it off, MAC's base gets destroyed near the end of the series.
  • Ultraman Mebius (8): Four 2-seater planes were destroyed, and assuming they all have 2 crews in each, that makes 8 members killed.

Series with the most number of main defense team personnel

  • Ultraman Gaia (24): 5 members as the operation crew in base, and 6 teams of field operations crew with 3 members each, plus the part-time operator. (Note: Chiba isn't part of XIG. He belongs to the parent organization GUARD)

Series with the most number of main defense team combat personnel

  • Ultraman Gaia (16): Gamu and 5 teams of 3 each. Excluding Chief Tsutsumi because he doesn't really fight in his mothership.

Series with the most Ultraman (non-cameo) appearances

  • Ultraman Mebius (13): Mebius, Hikari, Ultra Father & Mother, Zoffy, Ultraman, Seven, Jack, Ace, Taro, Leo, Astra and 80

Series with the most number of humans becoming hosts to the same Ultraman

Series with the largest monster

Longest Series

Shortest Series

Ultra Q[edit]

  • First series with no Ultraman.


  • First series with an Ultraman.
  • First series with fighter planes.
  • First series with orange uniforms for the defense team.
  • First series with Zoffy making an appearance.
  • First Ultraman who uses a human host.
  • First Ultraman to be revived by another Ultraman.


  • First series with planes that can split up (into 3).
  • First Ultraman without a normal color timer on the chest.
  • First Ultraman who does not have a human host, and instead just copying a human's looks.
  • First series with human teammates helping to revive Ultraman.
  • First Ultraman to reveal his true identity to a human.

The Return of Ultraman[edit]

  • First series where Ultramen from the previous series appear.
  • First Ultraman to utilize weapons.
  • First series where UltraSeven makes another appearance.

Ultraman Ace[edit]

  • First Ultraman to be able to have 2 hosts at one time, and both transforming into him at the same time.
  • First series with a female host for an Ultraman.
  • First series to feature a family member of an Ultraman (Ultra Father).
  • First series with more than one Ultraman from other series making guest appearances in a single episode.

Ultraman Taro[edit]

  • The only of the Showa Ultra Brothers whose human host has never made another appearance in subsequent Ultraman series.

Ultraman Leo[edit]

  • First series where the defense team gets completely destroyed.
  • First defense team captained by an Ultraman.
  • First Ultraman who does not come from Nebula M78 (Leo comes from L77).
  • First Ultra to have a sibling to appear in the series (Astra).
  • First Ultraman name based on zodiac constellations.


  • First anime Ultraman series.
  • First series with an Ultraman to have no continuity from the main M78 universe.
  • First Ultraman with a star-shaped color timer.

Ultraman 80[edit]

  • First Ultraman to have an Ultrawoman partner (Yulian).

Ultraman: The Adventure Begins AKA Ultraman USA[edit]

  • First (and only) anime Ultraman movie produced outside of Japan.
  • First defense team which consists of only Ultramen.
  • First Ultraman movie not to feature its own series.
  • First Ultraman and Ultrawoman with a color timer located on the waist instead of the chest.
  • First Ultrawoman wearing necklaces.

Ultraman: Towards the Future AKA Ultraman Great[edit]

  • First Ultraman of the Heisei era.[1]
  • First Ultra series produced outside of Japan.
  • First and only Australian Ultraman series.
  • Ultraman Great is the first Ultraman whose suit is made entirely of spandex, as opposed to all the other Ultramen in the series, who have rubber suits.[2]
  • First Ultraman to produce blades of Light Energy.[3]
  • First Ultraman to be mistaken for an enemy.[4]
  • First English-speaking Ultraman.
  • First series dubbed in Japanese.
  • The name of the human host, Jack Shindo, is a reference to Ultraman Jack. [5]
  • First defense team led by an Australian.

Heisei UltraSeven[edit]

  • First special series to have many seasons, spread over a period of 8 years.
  • First Japanese Ultraman appearing in the Heisei era.

Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero AKA Ultraman Powered[edit]

  • First defense team led by an African-American.
  • First Ultraman to sport blue eyes instead of the usual white and yellow.

Ultraman Tiga[edit]

  • First original Japanese Heisei Ultraman.
  • First Ultraman with purple color.
  • First Ultraman name based on a foreign language (Tiga means "three" in Malay and Indonesian).
  • First Ultraman that can change forms and colors.
  • First series with the defense team led by a female captain.
  • First Ultraman to have an extremely powerful final form.
  • First Earth-bound Ultraman.
  • First Ultraman who was originally evil.
  • First Ultraman host who met his successor's human host in his own series' movie (Daigo met Asuka in Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey)
  • First Ultraman series with the female protagonist related to an Ultraman actor. (Yoshimoto Takami (Rena) is the daughter of Kurobe Susumu, the first Ultraman)

Ultraman Dyna[edit]

  • First Ultraman with blue color in his default form.
  • First Ultraman that can become mainly blue in color.
  • First defense team to take a similar name from the previous series' team (GUTS to SuperGUTS).

Ultraman Gaia[edit]

  • First mainly blue Ultraman (Ultraman Agul) in his default form.
  • First Ultraman series with 2 regularly appearing Ultramen.
  • First Ultraman series with the actor of an Ultraman marrying his love interest in the show in real life. Hassei Takano (Fujimiya Hiroya / Ultraman Agul) married Ishida Yukari (Yoshii Reiko) in 2006.

Ultraman Neos[edit]

  • First direct-to-video Ultraman series.

Ultraman Cosmos[edit]

  • First series to be tied to a prequel movie.
  • First series where the Ultraman's main goal is to tame the monster, not kill it.

Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy[edit]

Ultraman Nexus[edit]

  • First Ultraman with a huge color timer that stretches over his chest.
  • First Ultraman series targeted towards adult audiences.
Despite this, it was forced into a kid's time slot and had toys aimed at kids. However, the show did very poorly in ratings due to it scaring children, ultimately leading to its cancellation. It was later aired at prime time to supposedly better ratings.
  • First Ultraman who has a change of human hosts within the series.
  • First Japanese Ultraman to be mistaken for an enemy. (Ultraman Great was the first)
  • First Ultraman series to have the final villain working undercover in the defense team from the begnning.

Ultraman Max[edit]

  • Only main Ultraman of a Heisei series who does not have the ability to change forms (Note: UltraSeven X is technically still a Showa Ultraman).
  • First series with cars that can fly like planes.

Ultraman Mebius[edit]

  • First Ultraman with a diamond-shaped color timer.
  • First series to commemorate an anniversary of the Ultra series.
  • First Heisei series to feature Showa Ultramen.
  • First Ultraman who wears armor (Hunter Knight Tsurugi).

UltraSeven X[edit]

  • First series to air on midnight.
  • First defense team without any sort of combat vehicles or planes.
  • First series broadcasted in high-definition.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle[edit]

  • First series in a world with Ultramen where the protagonist is not an Ultraman.
  • First series that utilizes a card gimmick.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey[edit]

  • First sequel to the series prior where the main casts are all exactly the same.

Neo Ultra Q[edit]

Ultraman Ginga[edit]

  • First Ultraman that can transform into other Ultramen (and Kaiju).
  • First series to not have any defense team at all.

Ultraman Ginga S[edit]

  • First defense organization to have combat vehicles but no planes at all.

Ultraman X[edit]

  • First Ultraman that has the ability to utilize cards and summon armor in battle.
  • First Ultraman with an unique ear design.
  • First defense team with a vehicle that can be combined with fighter planes/spaceships/tanks.

Other Trivia[edit]

Ultraman Crossovers with Other Series