Shougeki Gouraigan 06

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Episode 06
The Beauty of Nature
Shougeki Gouraigan episode
Writer Inoue Toshiki
Director Abe Mitsuyoshi
Original air date November 9, 2013 (2013-11-09)
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Absolute Justice
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Shougeki Gouraigan
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Important things that happened[edit]

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Guest Stars[edit]


  • Wakabayashi Shinji - Wakamatsu Toshihide 若林シンジ - 若松俊秀
  • Kanzaki Rurika - Dan Mitsu 神崎ルリカ - 壇蜜
  • Homeless Yamashita - Suwa Tarou ホームレス山下 - 諏訪太朗
  • Tachibana Akiko - Rio 橘アキコ - Rio
  • Rin - Miyaji Mao リン - 宮地真緒
  • Granny - Asaoka Megumi おばあちゃん - 麻丘めぐみ
  • Yumi-san (Fish seller) - Yoshino Yumi ゆみさん - 芳野友美平



  • Nishi Rintaro makes an uncredited appearance. Shadam from DaiRanger and a big voice actor, perhaps he did the voice of the Magii for this episode?
  • Yoshino Yumi is credited again. (She was credited as appearing in episodes 1-2 as well)
  • Akiko makes her second appearance in the series. She breaks the fourth wall, commenting on how she was wondering if she was actually a regular in the series, then she introduces her self.
  • The Hikaribito continue their usually character traits. Like Gan calling himself Absolute Justice and having straightman lines like "Why are you doing XXX?!". Rai continues to repeat the last part of someone else's line.
  • Apparently the five Hikaribito combined have over 1000 sparkle power (150+180+190+200+300 = 1020). However, the Hikaribito start changing their numbers to surpass each other, so their information might not be reliable.
  • Jin gets angry with Rurika asks him who is in his heart and where he is looking. That's because he asks the same thing to Rin when he finds out she loves Gou instead of him.
  • Four kanji idioms
    • Kachoufuugetsu 花鳥風月 - The beauties of nature. Literally flowers-birds-wind-moon. This is also the episode title.
    • Toudai moto kurashi 灯台下暗し - "Right under one's nose". Literally "Something lying at the foot of a lighthouse".

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