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December 10, 2010
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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Kirino: So this is our ninth radio show. To be frank, whaddya think?

Kuroneko: What do I think? Well, I suppose I'm more used to it compared to at the beginning

Kirino: You were so awkward in the beginning

Kuroneko: When I relisten to the first show, you were pretty stiff, yourself

Kirino: Eeeh? Really? But both of us are used to it now. Taketatsu-san and Hanazawa-san are really getting along too

Kuroneko: They may get along too well. Lately, it's been regarded as a show where Hanazawa-san sexually harasses Taketatsu-san

Kirino: I'm sure it's because Taketatsu-san is too cute!

Kuroneko: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, shall we introduce the mail?

Kirino: Radio name Saikin futorigimi-san (I've been overweight lately): I really can't stand mornings. I set my alarm clock, but it's no use. I'd like to ask you two to use your voices for my wake up call. Please make it really cute

Dengekiya sells my official voice clock, so why not buy that?

Kuroneko: Can't you come up with a better response? Anyway, all the lines that voice clock says are terrible

Kirino: Really?

Kuroneko: I only vaguely remember it, but it's like this: "Why did you buy that clock? It really disgusts me!" You'd never imagine such lines from an official product. I tried it once, and it left me feeling vexed all morning

Kirino: Stop it, I'm blushing

Kuroneko: It's not a compliment

Kirino: To respond to your request, I'm going to do a cute voice "Kuro-nyan! It's morning! Hurry and wake up! Let's eat breakfast together!" What do you think? You can use that for your alarm, right?

Kuroneko: There's no way I'd use such an obnoxious clock! It's almost time. Do your announcement before we close

Kirino: Okay! Today, December 10th, the third Oreimo comic is going on sale! The special version comes with a Aragaki Ayase Niitengo figure . Be sure to get!

Kuroneko: Furthermore, tomorrow on the 11th there's the Dengeki G Festival. Oreimo will be on sale. Niitengo Figure Kuroneko. Microfiber big towel. It seems you're in a bathing suit on it. Also, the My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute on the Radio Official Tour CD is full of bonuses apparently http://www.animate-onlineshop.jp/pn/%E3%80%90DJCD%E3%80%91%E3%83%A9%E3%82%B8%E3%82%AA%20%E4%BF%BA%E3%81%AE%E5%A6%B9%E3%81%8C%E3%83%A9%E3%82%B8%E3%82%AA%E3%81%A7%E3%82%82%E3%81%93%E3%82%93%E3%81%AA%E3%81%AB%E5%8F%AF%E6%84%9B%E3%81%84%E3%82%8F%E3%81%91%E3%81%8C%E3%81%AA%E3%81%84%20%E3%82%A2%E3%83%8B%E5%BA%97%E7%89%B9%E6%80%A5%E5%87%BA%E5%BC%B5%E7%89%88/pd/1049592/

Kirino: Be sure to check them both out!


Aya asks why Kana is acting strangely, Kana feigns ignorance. They introduce the show

Aya-chi: Kana, you surprised me by acting normal so suddenly!

They talk about all the stuff on sale

Kana-chan: I've been meaning to ask, what's a microfiber big towel (she says it in English). Does it mean it's really absorbent?

A: Microfiber?

K: That's it! It really is absorbent. I bet you can dry your hair in one wipe

A: Really?! But it's got Kirino-tan in a swimsuit on it, right?

K: I see. So that means the swimsuit absorbs it

A: What is that? You said something sexy

<Weird laugh>

K: Eros.

A: And the DJ Official Tour CD

K: We do a flip on our normal corners

A: Like a "little brothers are cute" corner for example. Or a normal "life counseling" corner.

K: Yeah. From loli's like us.

A: Loli's like us. (21). Also there's an anime tenchou

(Tenchou? Store manager?)

Edit: From Umrain on the forums: Anime Tenchou is Animate's sort of mascot character, real name: Anizawa, Meito (heh) This guy: http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/7185/aniten.jpg Tomokazu Seki does the voice for Anime Tenchou

K: Anime tenchou? Seki-san is doing that

A: Yeah. It's a pretty famous anime tenchou. He's a pretty famous anime tenchou

K: I have a point card. Animate has point cards, so there's an anime tenchou

More about anime tenchou

A: There's also the Meruru vs Maschera battle about anime goods

K: Those situations will be on the drama track? I look forward to it

They show off the slang they learned from the corners

Gather Otaku Girls

Radio name Otaru-chan Ichigo-san: I'm an otaku that likes tsunde and ambiguous gendered characters. That's why I really like Oreimo's Kirino and Kuroneko. Plus, I'm a big fan of the two you! I'm so happy! And what touched me about Oreimo is their setting is local! The Bou department store and monorail in the opening is something I always see. Like the paths where Oniichan and Manami-chan walk. Even the sports center where Kirino was training. Plus, my school is near Akihabara. So I've been going there more. When I realized this, I e-mailed my otaku friends. I really feel like Oreimo was fated. Sorry if this came out as just self-serving. I'll be cheering for your work and for the anime. Do your best

K: She like Tsundere. And she lives in Chiba

A: That's amazing that it's something she always see

K: But it must be distracting to realize that it's something you usually see

A: It must be fun for an anime you like to use your city as the setting

K: That's why I'm sure everyone will make a pilgrimage to come here

A: I see. But you only have. "But I only have one home." That came out sounding really proud sounding. Great

K: Pilgrimage. I... Evangelion

A: What?

K: At Hakone, when in a seminar. We saw it, the large flaming dai kanji fall

A: Really?

K: That's where the dai kanji is?

A: Really? I was there a while ago. I saw a ropeway with "dai" written on it. "What's there? Is there a fallen Eva there?'

K: Fallen?

A: What is it?

K: Well, an Eva doesn't really exist

A: Maybe it tripped

They goof off a bit

From radio name Youko-san: I like anime, manga, cosplay. I like cute girl characters like Kirino, even though I'm an otaku girl. But to be honest, I've been keeping this a secret from friends and family for almost ten years. And of course, it's a secret from the people I know at work. So I really understand how Kirino feels. Watching Oreimo made me really determined. I want an understanding Oniichan like the one Kirino has. But I have an Oneechan. But I'm coming out as an otaku girl. At first it was like "Eh?" but now it's like "Don't forget to record Oreimo." It's thanks to Oreimo. Kirino-chan, thank you!

K: I see. Oniichan. An Oniichan to talk to

A: But everyone keeps it a secret. She kept it secret for nearly ten years. That's amazing.

K: But you have to say it at the right time

A: Really? I see. As far as I can remember, I've liked anime and games

K: Well you did it in the living room

A: That's right. That's right. I played gal games in the living room. I played ??Takemi, ??Mahou Shoujo Koko

K: That's nice. Sisters

From Bajiina ga suki ko-san: Up till this April, I focused on just studies and club activities. I was a serious person. I was no otaku. But one day, a club friend said "This is a good song. Listen to it." It was Taketatsu-san's chara song. Before I realized it, I had listened to that song many times. And I saw that anime. Then I went, "What is this anime thing?!" I became really sucked into it. Since then, I've seen various animes. I'd buy goods, anime CDs, ?novellas. I'm a real otaku now. Recently at the school cultural festival, I won the Number One Otaku playoffs. I became the number one otaku at the school. Lately, my parents and friends would say everyday "She didn't used to be like this."

K: Taketatsu-san

A: Eh?

K: It's your fault

A: Huh? Mine?

K: It's your fault

A: I'm sorry! But that makes me happy. But I'm wondering which chara song it was. Which anime. If it's okay, please tell me which one it is. But I don't have anything to give you, so all I can send is my love

K: That's well said!

A: I'm sending my feelings of gratitude. Thank you

Radio name Sukkiri Kuririn Tururin-san: On the seventh radio show, Kana-chan asked Aya-chan to puff puff. A boy in my class dreamed of being puff puffed by Aya-chan. I just happened to overhear that. That made me think, "I bet he listens to this radio show." but maybe he won't anymore. That's all.

A: Eh? Wait a moment! This will ruin my reputation

K: I envy him. I want to be puff puffed even if it's in a dream

A: What?!

K: It's fine, since we're both women

A: Then Kana-chan should puff puff me too. It's possible. Look, you're tall

K: Stop it!

A: Kana-chan, it's your fault since you shouldn't have said you wanted to be puff puffed in the first place!

K: What should I do? Should I have my pillow be covered in the picture of a bust?

A: What's that?! Kana-chan is a pervert

K: I'm not a pervert. Not as much as Aya-chi. When I bought you that ?? pen

A: The Singapore one?

K: When I gave it to you, you were sniffing it. You were wondering if it smelled like Singapore

A: A smell fetish is on a different scale than a pervert. Then what's your fetish, Kana-chan?

K: I like glasses

A: Then I'll wear glasses next time

K: Please do

A: Then you should wear glasses too, Kana-chan

K: I can't since I wouldn't be able to see well

A: Why?

K: Nice. Brown... amber

A: What amber?

K: There's amber

A: What amber? Amber eyes? Super glasses time

Meruru Vs. Maschera

A: I wanted to imitate Meruru

K: Oh, you mean Tamura Yukari-san?

A: Yeah. I'm nothing compared to the original. Sorry

K: She's our sempai

Super Sentai series Vs Kamen Rider series

K: Looks like a lot of mail came in for this one... So which one am I? I'm Kamen Rider?

A: I'm the Super Sentai Series. Starts with Taketatsu Super Sentai. Next is Hanazawa Kamen Rider

From Starbright Sisters-san: I'm with Taketatsu Super Sentai for this one. Sentai Series' biggest feature is ninja, dinosaurs, time, a lot of different themes. But each world has their own weapons and robos. Some may say it's cowardly for five to fight one enemy, but they fight as a single power, so it's not cowardly at all!

A: It's true that Kamen Rider is strong by himself, but with the Super Sentai Series each of the five members has their own specialty.

K: Like how pink is always the one that gets beaten. Like when I watched Sentai as a kid, pink would get kidnapped. This really gross...

A: Monster? The enemy?

K: It'd go "heh heh heh". It'd make you go "Oh! Run!" I was thinking something different.

A: Like what?

K: He'd lick her

Pen name Yami Yori Fukai Kuro-san: I support the Kamen Rider series. My reason is because they have a lot of cool lines. I especially like Kamen Rider Den-O's "Ore sanjou!"

A: Ore sanjou!

K: Ore sanjou? That's amazing

Pen name Yami Yori Fukai Kuro-san continued: And Kamen Rider Decade's "I'm a passing-through Kamen Rider. Remember that!" "Henshin!" Kamen Rider W's "Now, count up your sins!"

K: Apparently hearing these lines really raises the tension

A: I know it raised mine

K: I like that. "Ore sanjou!"

A: Count up your sins! That's amazing.

K: And "I'm a passing-through Kamen Rider" I guess after he says "Remember that" he transforms. That's cool. For Kuroneko, I'm sure she'd appreciate the teenage speak

A: I guess middle school males and females would enjoy it

K: They would!

A: But I'm not losing!

From Kaette konai Ultraman-san: At the end of episode 7, Taketasu-san gave some vague Sentai information. Let me add to that. 1) Satou Tamao-san plays pink in Chouryoku* Sentai OhRanger.

  • Should be Chouriki

K: Really? I've heard of OhRanger. How old was I? Was it before Kakuranger

From Kaette konai Ultraman-san continued: By the way, black dies in Choujin Sentai Jetman's last episode. He's stabbed by a knife and dies

A: That's amazing! Old Sentai was dark. It's kind of realistic

K: I can't believe it's a knife

A: Yeah. They're heroes who normally transform to fight, but to die by just being stabbed? Well, they are human before transforming.

K: Pen name Perorincho-san

A: Peropero (lick)

K: Aya-chi, don't say that! That's my line!

A: Why? I want to say it too! Really? What does Kana-chan taste like?

K: Wait a moment! I don't know about that, you should stop

Pen name Perorincho-san: I'm for Kana-chan Kamen Rider. Their finishing move is the Rider Kick, right? I've always admired seeing them defeat evil with the Rider Kick. I'm sure Kana-chan with her fairy kick can understand.

Fairy kick and stuff

A: Since they're Kamen Rider. I wonder if Sentai has something like that

K: They probably do, but only for one series

A: So it changes from series

K: Do all Kamen Rider have a Rider Kick?

From Sore ga gokai da-san (That's a misunderstanding-san): I support Sentai Series. The reason is that it's always a story about defeating evil! Things may change, but it's always about teaching kids that justice will win. I think it's important

A: It's true. The evil in Sentai is really all evil. Like you know how they say "The opposite of justice is also justice". But in Sentai, the bad guys really are just like "Ehehehehe. I'll blow up the Earth"

K: But the guys going "Ee! Ee!" aren't good, right? Well, it's really easy for children to understand

A: Be a good kid

Pen name Curry Rice-san: I want to support Hanazawa Kamen Rider series. There's fighting scenes that kids can enjoy, but... there's also love and drama that adults can enjoy. It's something the family can enjoy in the morning. And one can't forget that it's full of handsome actors.. They say housewives really get into Kamen Rider. It started with Odagiri Joe-san. Kaname Jun-san. Mizushima Hiro-san. Satoh Takeru-san. And more! Kamen Rider catches the hearts children

K: It'd be amazing if these actors saved you. I wonder if they all say Rider Kick.

A: Like Mizushima Hiro. I wonder if he says Rider Kick?

K: I want to see that.

A: That is one its charms

K: Those people get famous and they become more famous

A: Kamen Rider sure is strong. Very impressive

Kana mispronounces something and starts laughing

A: What?

K: We received 100 letters, but time's up! Both are great

A: I say it every time, but they really are great

K: There really is no settling it

A: Both have their good parts. So everyone, on your way home from listening to this, visit your video store

K: Way home? Where are they listening to this?! No, no, no. Visit your local video store.

Kana talks about being distracted by Aya's perfume

Life Consultation

From Nichigeki-san: (Aya mispronounces a word and I don't know what this talk is about) To be honest, I'm tired of ??zokutou - Yukichi-san 賊徒 【ぞくと】 (n) rebels, bandit, robber, traitors 属島 【ぞくとう】 (n) an island belonging to a political entity 続投 【ぞくとう】 (n) continuing to pitch 続騰 【ぞくとう】 (n,vs) continued advance, spiral upward

(Looks like this is a guy who's on the 10,000 yen bill in Japan. )

K: It's true. Yukichi-san is pretty unbending. It goes from Natsume Souseki (1000 yen bill)

A: The woman is... Noguchi Hideo. Isn't that the 5000 yen bill?

K: I forgot which corner this one is

From Oide yo kedamono-san: I'm not that much of a crybaby - Zenbei

A: When Zenbei gets angry, he says "I'm not crying that much!"

From Minoru-san: Kujina has a lot of donburi, I'm so jealous. Ritsu-san.

A: How cute

K: How nostalgic

A: I wonder if Boroboro is on DVD. I'll see if I can rent it


K: The 10th episode will be December 24th

A: No way, that's Christmas Eve.

Both: Realjuu bakuhatsu shiro!

Notes from Umrain: realjuu bakuhatsu shiro I've heard the word realjuu before, but i never knew what it meant, so finally I decide to go look up what it means.

realjuu/riajuu (リア充) is a slang abbreviation of real (リアル), as in "real life" and juujitsu (充実), fullness). It's used to describe a person who has a fullfilling life in reality, as opposed to a life of internet/anime/manga/games. Especially the type of person who is in a relationship/goes to parties/etc. Pretty sure it is not usually used as a compliment.

So, riajuu bakuhatsu shiro "riajuu go explode" seems to be another internet phrase/meme used mainly by otaku to express they are irritated/envious/disgusted/etc. by these sort of people (and would be happy if they exploded). Since it is an internet meme, of course it has a song: http://youtu.be/OSWRYWTtv9U

A: It's weird saying it now. We should say it on Christmas Eve.

K: No way. The studio has a Christmas feeling to it

A: It's the Christmas season, but it's still a ways off

K: In the game. Kuroneko has a line about exploding. It was the first time I understood the feeling. When in trains and I see couples, I hear the monologue

A: Realjuu bakuhatsu shiro? Kuroneko is amazing. When you see happy couples, you should think that!

K: Well, couples and people in love should probably go die

A: Well yeah. Well, I'm sure we'll be saying it again on the 24th

K: It is our job. Meruru vs Maschera round five's topic will be otakukei cafe. For males versus for females. For example, for males, you'd have maid cafe. For females, you have butler cafes or dressing as men cafe

A: Why do men only have maid cafe?

K: There's more?

A: There's more? I didn't know

K: I couldn't think of anything besides maid cafes. I wonder if there are little sister cafe

A: Or older sister cafes?