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November 26, 2010
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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Kuroneko: I'm glad you made it here safely.

Kirino: It was just a joke.

Kuroneko: You had a serious look in your eyes. Heh. Just remembering it gives me goosebumps.

Kirino: You're exagerrating! Anyway, I've got big news! Dengeki G's Magazine which goes on sale Nov 30th, the January edition, has me on the cover! Furthermore, it comes with a Kousaka Kirino figure! I'm sure you all have it preordered.

Kuroneko: I have your figure in hand. They did remarkably to capture your hateful image.

Kirino: Where do you see that? It's super cute.

Kuroneko: Yes... yes... that's the face... Heheheh.

Kirino: Wow, you sure piss me off

Kuroneko: Now, let's introduce the letters we received

Kirino: Thank you to everyone who wrote in!

Kuroneko: So from 14133: Kuroneko-shi is busy, so she has Kiririn-shi take care of her little sisters. What?!

Kirino: That sounds great!

Kuroneko: No! You can't meet my little sisters. That's completely out of the question!

Kirino: Why? Why not? Just for a bit. Okay? Okay?

Kuroneko: Guess I don't have a choice. You can talk with them for a bit on the phone.

Kirino: Really?! Alright!

Kuroneko: Okay. I'm dialing.

??: Hello? Ruri-nee?! Aren't you on the radio now?

Kirino: Alright!

Kuroneko: Yes, we are recording right now. The little sister moe hentai woman wants to talk with you

??: Oh, that person you're always mentioning?

Kirino: Just what do you say about me?! Oh. Kuronyan's little sister, I'm Kousaka Kirino.

??: Oh, hello.

Kirino: Pleased to meet you! I hope we can get along!

Kuroneko: You're satisfied right? I'm hanging up.

Kirino: Wasn't that too short?!

Kuroneko: Wait a moment. Seems the older one has something to say to you.

Kirino: Eh? What could it be?

Kuroneko: I'm handing it over.

Kirino: Hello!

??: Oh. Kirino-san? Thanks for being friends with Oneechan. Oneechan seems happy to have made friends at that off-line meet up. So thank you. Come to play sometime, we'll welcome you.

Sound of phone hanging up

Kuroneko: That's enough!

Kirino: Is that so?!

Kuroneko: Please forget her thoughtless remarks.

Kirino: On my next day off, I'm staying over at your house.

Kuroneko: I told you that's not alright! Look, it's time.

Kirino: Right, right. Bye bye!


Kana talks about how her voice comes out with an echo a lot.

Kana: Aya-chi, did you do rehearsal for the Oreimo event?

Aya: I did. I did it all alone. With a staff member and my manager. Just the three of us. It was kind of lonely and tiring. Well, the actual event isn't for a while.

K: It's before the 10th, right?

A: Last time we recorded it at the dubbing studio. This time, the studio looks like it's in space.

K: It's like a cockpit

A: It's like my hair is shining

K: Shining. And it's small

A: If four people were here, we wouldn't be able to get out

K: How large is this? About 4 tatami mats?

A: 4 tatami mats? No way. More like 3.

K: I don't know

A: Then it's 2.5

K: You decided that on your own! We've got one mic

A: Right. So half for each

K: It's like being on a terrace in Hawaii

A: A terrace in Hawaii?!

K: The mic is like a straw

A: Wait a moment! The mic is a straw?! Oh right, this time Kana-chan brought me a souvenir from Singapore. ??Maro yonpen. When you press it, it lights up. This pen really is forceful.

K: That's amazing. You should use it in the dark. You can write even in the dark. Like if there's a power outage or something

A: Ha-na-za-wa...

More about the pen, Aya thanks Kana again

A: The event is December 5th. Things are being crazy.

My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute Either

A: What lovely sibling love

K: That's kind of too far when talking about strangers. But Kirino probably loves her brother

A: Kyousuke has been too cool lately. Be my fiance. Be my husband

K: I also gave a ??maryau yon pen to the writer. So all the memos from the writer glitter

Radio name Taisho-san: I have a twin sister. She always loses her temper with me. Sometimes I think it's cute. I was surprised to see my name in her cellphone address book the other day. I thought it'd say Aniki or Ani and name, but it's Marumaru-chan.

K: Eh?

A: He means Taisho-chan

K: Ah, so she added the -chan?

Radio name: That made me feel embarrassed. Since then, I've stopped minding when she snaps at me. Have you two ever discovered something that changed your impressions about someone else?

K: A sudden question

A: I dunno, you got anything?

K: Let's see. Impression? Aya-chi, while recording for the Oreimo radio, when you hit your head on the mic, I thought "This girl sure is clumsy"

A: No way! Wait a moment. When I first met Kana-chan I thought she was a pretty oneesan type. Not a overly talkative, flexible oneesan. Instead it's all "heave ho, let's go!"

K: What a gap

A: But the gap is fine. It's a relief since it lets me play the fool. I can relax and let Kana-chan handle it

Radio name Pandarion-san: I was watching a movie with Angelina Jolie. My eight year old sister suddenly said, "Look! Angelina Jolie!" pursing her lips then spacing out. Lately she's been more stubborn. I can't help but feel the part of me that finds her cute to be a failure.

K: If you do that with your lips you can be lip Angelina Jolie?

A: Like this?

K: You should upload that as a picture

A: No way! Completely rejected! Try it. Try it. Why do it that way? You should do it the other way

K: When I do it, I become a fish person. Like One Piece. Angelina Jolie sure is cute

A: She's cute. I want a little sister like that

Radio name Samayowaeru kuroi dangan-san: I'm in high school year 3, my little sister is 11. Lately we've been fighting over little things. Today I enter college, when I was about to leave this morning, I heard "Oniii~" and she put something in my hand. It was a homemade charm. When I looked at the paper inside, it said "Celebrate, you passed!" But when I took a closer look, "celebrate" actually said "charm". Without thinking, I laughed. It relieved me of my worries. I don't know if she got the word wrong on purpose, but its been a while since I thought my little sister was so cute

K: A homemade charm. And it's cute that the word was wrong

Radio name Maerudokeyo-san: My little sister is currently in middle school year three. The other day, I went to open the refrigerator to get my drink when I heard "Wait, don't open that!". I asked why and she said "The reason doesn't matter! Just don't open it!" I had no choice but to go to a vending machine. That night, I learned why I couldn't open it. I was watching an anime in my room, when my little sister called me to her room. When I entered, my little sister and her friends said "Happy birthday!". On the table was a cake, it was handmade by my sister. She normally doesn't do this, so it made me think she was pretty cute. I've never felt so happy. The party was fun.

K: What good girls.

A: Third year in middle school?

K: But to make him go to a vending machine because of the cake. It's nice when girls can make pastries

They talk about cakes and mention buying a Christmas cake in the store

I Don't Understand What OO Means

Kana talks about using the sankaku one

Radio name Chiyodanomami-san: ROM

A: I know this one. "To look". I think this is an abbreviation. It's like to check something out

Time out

K: Oh, Read Only Member. People on a board who never write, only read. (I guess kind of like what we call "lurkers"). It's also known as ROMru. If someone writes something dumb on a board, they're called "han toshi ROMre" (half a year ROMre". Where have I heard of ROM before?

A: I think I saw it used in chat

Radio name Shachihoukou boy-san: Aya-nyan, Kana-chan, hello, lick lick. What I have for you this time is: Tsurio Hint: It'll be used a lot this year

K: Tsuri as in "to catch a fish". And o which means "man".

They try to figure it out

K: It's Tulio! (Marcus Tulio Tanaka)

A: Wait, who's Tulio?

K: Read the answer

A: He's representing Japan this year. Tanaka maramusu...

K: That's Tulio

A: Tulio! I thought it said Trio


Radio name Chiyo-san: (21)

A: Eh? Age?

K: Mine would be (21)

A: I'm also (21)

K: Oh right. Then Oreimo Combi (21)

A: Seems this one is related to a game that Hanazawa-san will appear in. What? A game that Kana-chan is in. What are you appearing in, Kana-chan, confess!

K: What? Oh! ??Beatmasters

A: 2-1. Look at it in katakana?

K: Rori (Loli). If read quickly, (21) looks like loli (written in katakana)

ロリ = (21) http://img703.imageshack.us/i/img65729977844650.jpg/

K: In a previous show, it was said that Aya-chi is a loli.

A: Wait. I need to wait another year?

K: It's fine. You're a legal loli.

A: Taketasu (21), I meant to write 21 as my age, but it looks like loli. But that's true for Kana-chan too

K: I don't think I'm a loli. You're a loli!

A: How does this look like a loli? Ever since Kana-chan started calling me loli ??? (Sorry, didn't catch what she said)

K: Aya-chi, your face never changes

A: Why? Look, I'm wearing make up.

K: I want to show this on video. Point the camera this way

A: No

Something something

A: So everyone 21 is a loli

K: Where can I use puff puff?

A: Maybe use puff puff instead of saying "hi"?

Life Consultation

Radio name Kamiotabeteiru-san: I wonder if I'll die if I wash my hand with soap? - Baikinman (bacteria man)

A: Baikinman's hands would melt

K: After washing the hands, maybe he licks them

A: No! Maybe he regenerates

K: Why would he wash his hands, what'd be the point?

Comparisons of Anpanman with Baikinman

Radio name Tasakio-san: Onono imouko ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai - Shoutoku-taishi

K: I see. It's like Gag Manga Biyori ( http://www.kids-station.com/minisite/gyagumanga/ The flash intro is amazingly confusing)

A: Ononoimouko? He's a male, right?

K: Doesn't Gag Manga Biyori seem shota (attraction to little boys). It's because they're pretty cute. And I realized that Gag Manga Biyori's opening is "do do do do do~" (What? I don't even... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxUiIIKVGLY )

A: Where?

K: At the first of the opening. That's the same as Tetsuwan Atom's opening (Astroboy)

From No! I'm not a hentai! I'm a gentleman called Hentai!-san: When will a culprit besides me appear? -Kumakichi

( Kumakichi's videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pN5gN6bPqU ) (Also what?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR0RbMFx-Ec )

They talk about how they like Kumakichi

From Donmai-san: I wasn't able to preorder Monster Hunter 3rd -Taketatsu Ayana

K: Just how much do you like that?

A: I wasn't able to

K: Really? When was this?

A: Just a bit before. On my blog, I was disappointed. I went to preorder Monster Hunter 3rd, but they were done taking preorders. Same for my nearby convenience store.

K: Everyone, send Monhan to Aya-chi

A: You don't have to do that! Then Kana-chan, why don't you buy it?

K: But Aya-chi, wouldn't someone just give it to you?

A: Who?

K: So you want to play it on the first day it goes on sale?

A: Well, I would feel left out. I'm sure everyone will play all day it comes out, and by night everyone will already be at high ranks. There are Monster Ranks. I'm sure everyone will have great equipment. And they'll be hunting everything. What? One more?

K: Hunting everything?

A: You don't know Monster Hunter? Kuroneko-dono? Kuroneko-dono?

K: You really hunt everything?

A: It's Monster Hunter. You hunt monsters. Everyone plays over the Net. You combine the items you receive from those monsters, and make better equipment, weapons. That's why everyone hunts

K: So what's high level?

A: G. Ummm... G for great. G rank. G level.

K: I want to reach that

A: Me too. Kana-chan, you should buy it. I can't buy it on first day anyway. So Kana-chan, let's buy it together when we can and play it. Really? I finally got Kana-chan to play a game with me

K: Don't you have to introduce me to the ring?

A: What? You don't need to be introduced into G rank.

K: But there some people in our industry who don't get enough sleep

A: That's right. Gamers...

K: It's bad for your health

A: You need to get enough sleep. But you know, you need a break.

K: What? Is the thing you play it on?

A: The hardware? It's PSP. Do you have one?

K: I don't

A: Everyone! Buy Kana-chan a PSP

K: No need. It'd be an unused treasure.

A: It's almost Christmas. Maybe reward yourself with a PSP


K: Episode 9... It's December 10th.

A: I stumbled a lot today. It's fine. If I stumble, Kana-chan will help by saying something random. My goal is for Kana-chan to play PSP with me. DS is fine too.

K: The DS disappeared somewhere

A: Kana, you really don't play games. That's too bad. What's your hobby, Kana-chan?

K: ??Chiisanpou/Tea sample?

A: What if they make a game of that? But Bandai Namco is making an Oreimo game

K: Making the Oreimo game was a lot of work

A: It was for me too!