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December 24, 2010
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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Kirino and Kuroneko wish the listeners a merry Christmas.

Kuroneko: I wonder if the last episode of the anime will have aired by the time this is broadcast?

Kirino: Oh right. How did you all find it? I hope you enjoyed it.

Kuroneko: The televised version may be over, but anime Oreimo will continue, apparently.

Kirino: That's right! Amazingly, there's going to be a Net version!

Kuroneko: Apparently episode 12 will be different from the version that aired.

Kirino: Go check out the official home page for details!

Kuroneko: This radio show will continue, so don't feel lonely yet. Let's get to the mail.

This one is from Kuronekomatsuri-san: Oreimo has become remarkably cold lately. My male friends are having a party for me since I'm feeling sad. I have a request for fellows in the same situation as me.

Kirino: Hmmm. So men sometimes have a male-only Christmas party? I'm sure it happens. There's no reason to feel sad. Right?

Kuroneko: Yeah. I envy you for being able to spend Christmas with your friends. There are some people in this world who spend holy night all alone.

Kirino: Are you talking about yourself?

Kuroneko: Just what are you talking about?

Kirino: No need to play dumb. You envy him, right? If that's the case, I'll spend Christmas with you! I'll call Saori and we'll all listen to the radio.

Kuroneko: Oh my. The night is going to be pretty bustling.

Kirino: I'm sure our radio listeners will all spend their Christmas in their own way. But I hope they listen to us talk and feel happier for it.

Kuroneko: I pray our listeners have a wonderful Eve.


They stumble since they don't say it in sync the way they usually do. Aya explains that she was thrown off by that

Kana-chan: Oh, this is our tenth? I feel like "that's all we've done?"

Says some more stuff about family or something

Kana-chan: This is our Christmas broadcast

They both say Merry Christmas in English

They argue about the pronunciation

Aya-chi: Oh, so that's how you pronounce. I feel smarter. Oh, so it's Christmas.

They talk about how they said that thing about exploding and how it's meaningless to say it at this point.

Seems like they're talking about some Christmas show here. Aya mentions an elimination and something flashing.

K: Oh, the anime broadcast is over, right?

A: Oh, did everyone watch it?

Aya goofs off a bits going "waa waa"

K: Also on Dec. 22 volume one comes out on Blu-ray and DVD. Also, Aya-chi, do you know what's included?

A: It has weijfakdfjl;dskjdfl; as well as the original anime episodes...

K: Wait a moment. Aya-chi, say it properly.

A: It comes with songs I sing as Kirino. The "Imouto please" and "Shy" CD.

K: This only comes with the complete version. So it's not being sold as a regular CD. Why are you acting so embarrassed by it?!

A: It was cute.

K: At the Oreimo Festival, while Aya-chi was on the step, I sang too.

A: What step?

K: While singing. Especially Shy.

A: You did it with me too!

Kana starts laughing.

A: Hey, why are you laughing? Why?

Oreimo Christmas Party

K: We did our present exchange, but I had to do some other work. I thought I'd write Aya-chi, but I wrote it wrong. It's fine though because I knew I'd see you again. I brought mine, is it okay if I take it out now?

A: Yeah. Thank you.

K: I thought a lot about this.

A: No way! You're taking it out now? I feel like I can cry.

K: Here you go.

A: Merry Christmas!

K: That's not quite correct. We're not recording this on Christmas.

A: I'll give you yours on Christmas. We'll see each other then. I'm opening it out. What is this?! It's cute!

K: I think this suits you. Try it on.

All through this corner Aya-chi keeps making a "te he he" laugh

A: It's cute! This is so warm!

K: Aya-chi, be sure to put this on your blog. I was sure brown would look good on you, even though there's a bit of black.

A: I was thinking about buying this. What really good timing. I'm surprised. How did you know what I wanted?

K: Ehehehe. I actually didn't know. I saw it in the shop and thought it'd look good on you.

A: This is Chisato's right?

K: Yeah.

A: What a stylish place! I like their stuff too. Their pajamas are cute.

K: I thought about buying pajamas. Aya-chi seems like the kind of person who'd receive pajamas from a fan.

A: I wouldn't take pajamas!

K: Really? It'd be like, "This is what I'd like Aya-chi to wear."

I kind of miss this part

A: Congratulations! No wait; you're still a college student.

K: That's right. As a reward.

A: Congrats! Look forward to my present on the actual Christmas day.

K: We didn't talk at all about the Oreimo Festival.

A: It was a while ago.

K: The fifth. I'm sure people are still excited from it. It was exciting.

A: It was fun. The rehearsal was different from the actual one. During the rehearsal I felt pretty cocky, like I could do a lot. But during the actual thing I had all those people looking down on me.

K: Aya-chi was the first to sing, right?

A: Here's something I was seriously thinking. I was worried about what would happen if the sound went out. Everyone would go "I can't hear anything!"

K: Everyone was watching Aya-chi, but Aya-chi did a good job going "Ei! Ei!"

A: Stop it!

K: It was really a large venue. Kawaguchi Riria Hall. There was so much equipment!

A: It was a large area and the stage was large. And I was standing alone on it. It was really a love stage that they let us use.

K: Singing. You talked. Then a song...

A: No, Yuichi was there, so we did a drama.

K: The drama was amazing, wasn't it? I really think people believe you're a hentai, Aya-chi.

A: Really? But when we actually did it I didn't feel nervous. Because I had Kana-chan there for me.

K: I really hit Nakamura Yuuichi-san's head with a hammer.

A: I kicked him wearing those bunny slippers.

K: Sorry! It's nice for the people who were there, but it's not on DVD. It was exciting. We also sung, so if it'd make us happy if you listened to the CD. It's on DVD.

A: Kana-chan's Maschera song? It really was great. Really. Everyone, it really was a pity that you couldn't see it. It surprised me.

K: Why?

A: When the music started playing, I went "Oh!" But seeing you on stage was really amazing. You really seemed like Kuroneko. "She's giving off Kuroneko's aura!"

K: I actually was in a Kuroneko cosplay. During the drama, we wore matching costumes. Aya-chi did too. You wore... roomware like what Kirino would. That reminds me, Aya-chi was fretting over how long of socks to wear.

A: Yeah. "Maybe this would make the top of my legs look short."

K: And you were like "Kana-chan, how long should I wear them?" to which I replied "Personally..." And the others' costumes. Bajina's...

A: That was amazing. That was perfectly Saori.

K: There's no footage or photos of that, what a pity. She wore the guruguru glasses with a shirt. And a backpack with a poster coming out.

A: It really looked real.

K: It was Saori.

A: Yeah, the real Saori. Everyone really wore clothes that fit their character. Like Ayase. Hayami-chan has a body like a model. That really looked good on her.

K: The outfit during the singing. She had a really open dress.

A: Yeah a pink dress. I thought "That wouldn't look good on anyone other than Hayami-chan."

K: I was wearing an Arabia type. Could have been bad. And there's Manami.

A: During the drama, she was really like Manami. Kind of like an old lady.

K: She had on these round glasses.

A: But during the live performance, she was really fashionable. She was really cute. It had a real Christmas image. She wore a bell(veil?) and one-piece. It suited Satou Satomi-chan.

K: And... there was Nakamura-san.

A: Nakamura-san!

K: He was just himself. It was like "Huh?" Like he was wearing his own clothes. Although he said that was his costume. But, you know, for Kyousuke, what does he wear? He wears a school uniform and... Nakamura-san wore khakis and a shirt. That was Kyousuke.

A: Kyousuke right. It didn't feel out of place.

K: So we all did cosplay. We sang.

A: IN the end we did a big chorus.

K: You know, your way of dancing was really cute, Aya-chi. The awkwardness of it was what was good.

A: No way!

K: Yeah. The way you held your mike in both hands. Going bom bom bom bom, next dance step!

A: Hey wait! You're making fun of me, aren't you?

K: I'm not. I'm saying that's cute.

A: Well I saw Kana-chan with hands wrapped around the mike stand going suu suu suu. Each time your hand would rise on the stand.

K: How embarrassing.

A: I really liked that.

K: Well, it was a mike performance. So we had to use the mike while dancing.

A: You had your face next to the mike. It was parallel. Parallel.

K: What do you mean by parallel?

A: Eh? You don't know?! Remember the girl with the red ribbon in her hair saying "parallel parallel"?

K: I don't remember it.

A: It's not Minky Momo! It's Hime-chan no Ribbon.

K: Oh, it was Hime-chan no Ribbon?!

A: Yeah. Kana-chan, when you opened your hand in front of your face, I thought it was like Hime-chan.

K: Thank you to everyone who came. And about Monster Hunter. Very soon, I'll obtain it.

A: For real?

K: A brave hero has appeared who said he'd give me a Monster Hunter set.

A: What a fine hero. When will you get it?

K: I'm not sure. But it should be soon.

A: Heh heh. When you get it, will you immediately e-mail me? Then we can play it!

K: That's true. Aya-chi, teach me, okay? What's wrong?

A: Sorry, I just had to calm down. Right now I'm Hunter Rank 3. There's something called Hunter Rank. As you complete quests, you eventually unlock something called an Urgent Quest. When you take that quest, you face this amazing boss. After you defeat it, your Hunter Rank goes up a bit. So I'm Hunter Rank 3... but I'm still using my original equipment.

K: So what does the Hunter Rank mean? Is there like in the middle or something?

A: Right. In the middle, everyone probably has a collection of equipment with various weapons. Everyone probably has gotten used to it. But I don't have time, so I keep doing the Village Quests, that's for single player. Crafting weapons and equipment require that you gather materials.

K: That seems pretty realistic. Like that's a livelihood.

A: It really feels like it's a lot of work. It's really realistic. Since I didn't play much, in the few times when everyone gathers. I'm really weak, so I don't really do much, I just follow them around. Just doing that, I somehow rose to rank three. I thought, "Wow, I gained a level!" When I look at my profile, it says Hunter Rank 3, Attack Power 107, Defense 29... It's like, what is this, I'm like wearing hair!

K: I don't understand why you're laughing.

A: When you play, I'm sure you'll understand, Kana-chan. 29 is no good!

K: When it comes to numbers, you don't think about it at all with Pokemon.

A: Pokemon?

K: You know, after defeating one monster, it's like you level up. Right?

A: Yeah. You really don't feel the levels.

K: For the Hunter Rank, if you don't work hard, it doesn't go up, right?

A: And you really need four people for hunting, or you can't beat it. It just gets harder and harder when you're by yourself. It's a game where everyone participates.

K: That's nice that everyone can gather and join in. Better than having nothing to do.

A: That's true, but sometimes you still have nothing to do.

K: But it's hard to invite a person if you're not doing anything.

A: Then play tag or something?

K: When do you do that?

A: I'm kidding, but I want to.

K: Well I want to play tag too.

A: Or hide-and-seek. But instead you just eat a meal together.

K: Like adults.

A: I haven't eaten with you yet, Kana-chan.

K: I think I'd rather have a meal with Aya-chi than play a game.

A: Then let's eat, talk, getting closer in the process.

K: Eh? I'm sure I don't have the time. Practice takes a lot of time. I'm in high gear. At 6... 7... 8... 9... at 10 I have to change back into a girl.

A: You're calling yourself a girl?!

K: That's four hours of nothing but talking. Plus I have to do Oreimo Radio.

A: That's true. When you get it, bring it with you, Kana-chan. When you get it, I'll give you a private lesson. We'll play together.

K: Oh? You'll give me a private lesson?!

A: You sound like a guy.

K: Oh man, this really is like a guy smelling you. It's Oreimo Radio, but most of it was spent talking about Monster Hunter.

A: It's the Christmas Party, yet I didn't do anything for you. Sorry.

K: Well, next time.

A: Just wait.

Life Counseling

A: This one will include Christmas stuff.

From Paperboy-san: I-it's not that I'm actually you're dad. -Santa Claus

K: It's a bit tsundere.

A: It'd be unthinkable that Santa Claus-san would be mistaken for someone's father.

K: Aya-chi, how long did you believe in Santa.

A: Till I was 20 years old. I really believed in him.

K: What an innocent kid!

A: I believed in him, but... But in manga and stuff, Santa Claus is like dad.

K: There's manga that would ruin stuff like that?

A: I saw that and thought "It'd Dad." But when I think of Santa-san, I think of the one in our family. So it was like our Santa-san visited everyone else's families.

K: How cute!

A: That's what I thought. But one day, when I was about 18 I received a Pikachu doll with 5000 yen in it. I was like, Santa-san wouldn't give something like that!

K: Why would there be 5000 yen in a Pikachu doll?

A: When you turned it over, it became a Monster Ball. It had like a zipper in its bottom. So when I flipped it over to make it a Monster Ball, in the zipper was 5000 yen. It was like "Huh? Why is there 5000 yen here?"

K: How naive of you.

A: Since then. I thought "Santa-san is my dad."

K: 5000 yen, that's kind of impure.

A: Yeah, that's how I could tell. When I was 19... he comes every year, by the way. So every year I would get 5000 yen in my present. So it was like "I wonder if it's really okay to be receiving 5000 yen like this."

K: A present and 5000 yen? Why's that?

A: It's probably because when you grow up, you don't really want things. If I wanted something, I'd work and buy it myself. So I didn't really have any requests for Santa-san/Dad.

K: Like what do I buy her, right?

A: So Santa-san doesn't know what to buy. So it's like him saying "Here's 5000 yen, buy it yourself."

K: That's bad! But on my birthdays and stuff, I got money too.

A: Really? But when you get money, what do you do?

K: It's like "Great. I'll put it in my savings."

A: In the end you don't buy anything. It just goes into your savings.

K: I had no idea you had such a past.

A: When I told Mama that Papa didn't need to do that, she was like "You knew?! No way!" In the Taketatsu family, everyone thought I believed in Santa. So Oniichan never said "There's no Santa." Every year when I said "Santa-san came" Oniichan would laugh.

K: You're so innocent.

A: It's not like he doesn't exist. He exists.

K: Well, there are people whose jobs are to be Santa.

A: Santa jobs? Wait, Kana-chan.

K: Aya-chi, you should dress as Santa.

A: Well what will you do for me in exchange, Kana-chan. Dress as a reindeer?

K: I'm sleeping.

A: Wait a moment. Be a reindeer.

K: Well, I guess it's okay if Aya-chi rides me.

A: I get to ride Kana-chan? Alright!

Radio name: Taketatsu-chan maji otakuko: This is the anniversary of our deaths - Turkeys

K: But when you play Monster Hunter, that's not a big deal, right?

A: But that doesn't mean this is a painful statement.

K: But don't you usually hunt harmless animals?

A: There are docile animals. Like mammoths. And they have kids with them. So first the parents attack, while the children do their best to run. Or if you hunt the child, the parent will get angry and attack. You can feel their parent-child bond.

K: Poor thing, it's like Mononoke Hime.

A: Sorry!

K: Well if you go to the department store, you won't have to shoot a turkey. It is tasty.

A: Thank you. I'll enjoy eating you.

K: Don't say it in that voice. There's not much you can do without being vegetarian.

A: It can't be helped. We eat them. But I'm always grateful. It's important to be grateful when eating them.

From radio name Nijimaki-san: If I make one mistake, I won't get caught, right? - The priest in charge of ringing the bell on New Year's Eve

A: They all have to spend all day counting it up.

K: How many times to do they ring it on New Year's Eve?

A: 108?

K: Oh right 108.

A: Well, it's true, I don't think anyone will just hang around and count it one by one, so you won't get caught. What's the meaning behind 108?

K: It's pronounced hyaku-yatsu.

A: What's hyaku-yatsu?

K: I don't really know. He seems to know. What is it? It's the number of bonnou (earthly desires).

A: What's bonnou? Is it something you eat? Like the desire to eat beef?

K: Desire?

A: "Today I want to eat beef."

K: I see.

A: I feel smarter.

K: From everyone's reaction, this should be common sense. Instead of saying "smarter", it's more like you learned something everyone else does.

A: Well, I knew before. That was the life counseling corner.


The 11th broadcast will be January 14th, 2011.

Something about Aya's parent's home

K: Then you should try ??zaaa

A: No way! I won't be able to say anything! Mother!

K: It's fine. Just listening to the radio.

A: I won't be able to see the news.

K: But it relaxes me.

A: I won't be able to see the important morning news. No way. And I can't see the anime I love.

K: The Drama and Radio one hour Aniten special CD. It's already on sale at Animate. We worked hard on them.

A: People who can't listen to the radio show on the bus can listen to the CD. And next year January 27th, the PSP game is coming out.

K: That recording was like throwing up blood. {This is literally what she says. Maybe it's not as extreme sounding in Japanese}

A: There really is blood in it, and it's Nakamura-san's.

K: Nakamura-san really didn't do it half-heartedly. It has this and that kind of scenes too!

A: And it has stories that aren't in the anime.

K: There are a lot of routes.

A: There really are shocking scenes too. Please... And in January you get the New Year's present. So use that to buy it. Or work a part-time job.

K: Are you okay, Aya-chi?

A: See you next year.

Both: Have a good year!