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November 12, 2010
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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Kuroneko: I was able to greet them first today.

Kirino: Sometimes I consider letting you have it.

Kuroneko: Thank you for that... but are you sure you should be doing that?

Kirino: What do you mean?

Kuroneko: If you're careless, I'll become the heroine.

Kirino: Just try it. I'll face you any time!

Kuroneko: How gallant of you.

Kirino: Anyway, full of love and laughs. Dengekibunko Oreimo volume seven is one sale. Be sure to buy it!

Kuroneko: The anime is also airing. The original novel is entering its climax. I wonder if the end is near.

Kirino: Well, who knows?

Kuroneko: At any rate, no story continues on forever. Not anime, not novels, nor this radio show. If there is a beginning, there is an end. That is this world.

Kirino: Hey! Don't say such dreary things!

Kuroneko: That's why I have a request to the radio listeners. Let's watch the end of this story together. And if you like it, then always remember it please. What do you think? Hopefully this will make a certain depressed person not cry.

Kirino: I don't need your help! Alright, let's change the subject by reading some mail.

Radio name Kuronyan-san

Kirino: Kuronyan is pretty cute. Maybe I should call you Kuronyan from here on?

Kuroneko: Please don't.

Kirino: But it's cute!

Radio name Kuronyan-san: I want to see you two playing house where Kirino is the older sister and Kuroneko is the younger sister

Kirino: Play house?! And you're the little sister?!

Kuroneko: That's how it seems. At any rate, I'm older. Is it really okay for me to be the little sister?

Kirino: Why not? Want to do it?

Kuroneko: We're doing this?

Kirino: I'll ready your lines right now! Here you go!

Kuroneko: What are these lines?! You expect me to read these?

Kirino: Just one time! Just this one time! Okay? Okay?

Kuroneko: Why are you being so desperate?

Kirino: Come on! Do it!

Kuroneko: Okay. Just this once. Kirino-oneechan! I love you! Let's always be together.

Kirino: Kuronyan, how cute!

Kuroneko: Hey! Please do not embrace me! Let me go!

Kirino: It's real! This is all real!

Kuroneko: It does seem very real! Look. We went over our recording time. We need to end with the announcement.

Kirino: The Oreimo soundtrack is going to be released! Details later! Look forward to it!

Kuroneko: If I survive, I'll see you again.

Kirino: Bye bye!

Kuroneko: Eh... how long are you planning on holding me?

Kirino: You should just remain my little sister forever

Kuroneko: Don't joke


Kana-chan: This time, we didn't come back from a trip, but we did do some voice work. We're in the dubbing studio

Aya-chi: Yeah. This is where we usually do our dubbing. It feels kind of strange. It's very roomy. I can't feel comfortable

K: And there's a giant table in the middle. Where do you usually sit?

A: I usually sit right in the center

K: That's right. I can't tell like this. I usually sit over here, stuck in the darkness

A: Yeah. It's dark, isn't it? There's this curtain around us.

K: So when I'm in the darkness, sometimes I'll hear "Kana-chan, Kana-chan. That souvenir was tasty". That's all I'll hear before they disappear

A: That's cute. I remember saying that. I just feel happy when Kana-chan arrives. It's just you have the b part. So our time schedules are a bit different. So I start without Kana-chan. Then Kana-chan appears in the middle, so I think "Oh, it's Kana-chan." I feel happy. So I think of saying "Thanks for the souvenir. It was tasty"

K: It's because things like that happen which makes this fun

A: What's that mean? This girl!

A: Yesterday I bought a dress in a hurry. I bought it without looking carefully. This part is pretty open.

K: That's a camisole

A: Don't stare! It's an inner. But it's really risky, so I put a sweater over it

K: Aya-chi, what's the matter?

A: What were you hoping to see?!

K: I thought it'd be a brassiere

A: Also, why are you being so silent. You're just sitting there and staring. It's weird!

K: You said it was a camisole

A: Well, too bad!

K: I thnk I understand how high school boys feel

A: It's a camisole. But you shouldn't look here.

K: But that's cute

A: Really? Thanks

K: I'm sure the people at your interview will enjoy it

A: Right, everyone look forward to it

They look at each other's scripts

A: Mine's pretty dirty

K: It's not dirty. It's pretty cute

A: There's no way this is cute

K: It's kind of... manly. It has a mixed up feeling. What's this star mean?

A: The star is for something I'm not sure of and needs checking

K: Oh really? Then what's the triangle?

A: Triangle stands for omission.

K: Circle? Circle are your lines?

A: Red circles are my lines. What's the large circles in the middle?

K: The numbers you wrote are messy

A: I wrote them in a hurry!

K: I can barely recognize this eight.

A: It's fine as long as I can read it. Kana-chan's lines have red and pink lines. Kana-chan, your numbers are messy too. Who says "kunka kunka" (I think this is the sound for smelling). Someone said it. So look forward to seeing that in the anime

K: That's right. Look forward to episode eleven. By the way, it seems the theme song is selling really well

A: I can't believe a middle schooler sings it. It sounds so mature

K: It's her skill as a singer. When I sing my chara song, I wish I sang better

A: I've heard Kana-chan's chara song from a different series

K: Why?

A: Hourara circulation(?). A friend said "this is a really good song. Listen to it" After listening to it, I thought this song was really cute. Kana-san, Kana-san sings it.

K: Just who's your friend? Well I heard Hounana Neko

A: Stop it!

K: That trio has pretty good harmony. Anyway, more of our chara songs will appear in the ending

A: Kuroneko sings too, right?

K: Yes. I already sang it

A: Heh heh heh. Just when will it air. I haven't heard it yet, but if it's Kana-chan's, I'm sure it's an amazing song K: I

felt pretty good singing it

A: Really?!


They mention something about Aya being an otaku

K: I was talking with the writer, and we started talking about FF. I'm the one in charge of FF, but I don't know anything!

A: That's true. Today's the day we fight, right?

K: I wanted to win FF for you

A: I could win either way

K: Really? Later, you'll get to see what level of otakudom we have

A: I'll be more careful this time Last time, when we were talking a lot, Kana-chan suddenly fell silent. I felt bad about that

K: I didn't!

A: You just stared blankly

K: That's fine. As long as the listeners enjoy it, I'm fine

A: Really? I don't know with Kana-chan. I felt lonely

K: That's fine. Just say "I can't tell"

A: Game, let's play a game together

K: I can't play games. Halfway through I get irritated when I can't do it.

A: What about Pokemon? Or the Godeater on sale now. We'll see a sample of it soon

K: Please stop

A: Let's do it! Together!

K: Y-yeah. If there's an opportunity...

A: This girl has no intention of doing it! Fine, I'll stop badgering. Let's introduce the Otakuko mail

From Yukimura-san: The other day, I was brought to a cosplay coffee shop for the first time. The ladies in the shop were so cute and beautiful, it really raised the tension. I stared so much that my friend got angry. What do you two think about cosplay? Would you ever want to try it?

K: I want to see Aya-chi wear one!

A: Eh? What are you saying?

K: Wear one!

A: No!

K: Who's that supposed to be?

Kana makes a suggestion that I don't recognize

A: I know the name. She has long hair, right?

K: Her whole body is silver. She has a light feeling to her

A: Was it a girl with a short hair cut? Wrong show

K: Completely wrong show. Well if you went as Kirino, it wouldn't be cosplay.

A: Right. I have a friend who makes clothes for cosplay. She said this goth loli clothes would look good on me. So she made them and gave them to me

K: What? Where is it?

A: In my closet

K: Bring it

A: No way!

K: Aya-chi should wear it

A: Kana-chan should wear it

K: I can't wear it

A: You'd be real Kuroneko then

K: No, no. Real Kuroneko?! I'm not that cute

A: I received cat ears. Black cat ears. Put them on and become real Kuroneko

K: I can't. You know the big event?

A: Yeah

K: My manager is pressuring me to do that

A: So your manger is a M?

K: Don't say M. It's because he's M-san. Anyway, he's pressuring me

A: You can't say no! You should wear it! The world's Oreimo fans are hoping for Kana-chan's Kuroneko side

K: No, no, no. If you think about it, it wouldn't look good coming from 2 dimensions. I'm sure it'll disappoint everyone

A: No way. Kana-chan has shiny eyes. Big, shiny eyes. A high nose and a full lip, right?

K: ...

A: And silky hair

K: What?

A: You can't lose! You'll definitely win!

Kana laughs

A: Kana-chan seems like she stepped out of the second dimension

K: What's that supposed to mean?!

A: It's a compliment

K: Don't compliment me

A: This girl really can't stand compliments

Kana says something and Aya retorts

A: That means, look forward to Kana-chan's Kuroneko form

K: If girls come... I think it'd be nice if you dressed as Kuroneko

A: That's good. Everyone come to the stage in goth loli. Althought girls like Kirino or galgee would be good too

K: Seems like there are a lot of female fans for Oreimo

A: We get a lot of mail for Gather Otaku Girls

K: I'm looking forward to it

Radio name Miru-san: I really like simulation games aimed at girls, in other words otome (girl) games. I believe my original life was suppose to be in the screen.

K: Is she serious?

Radio name Miru-san: Although I have a three-dimensional boyfriend, in my cellphone's address book for the boyfriend I put in a game character that I like. In the classroom I go "Kya! I received mail from the character that I like!" all while my friends look at me with wide eyes. I really like this character. When I check out the anime that he appears in, it has Hanazawa-san's Mahoutsukai, <lists other anime names that I don't recognize> Before I realized it, I started to like Hanazawa-san. Is this love? I'll keep supporting Oreimo

K: Wait a moment

A: What show is it?

K: There's a lot. From the rumored contributer, there's a fungaku girl

A: What? Hey, a girl's fallen in love with you. You're pretty popular

K: Why not? Though I'm not a lesbian

A: I have one thing to say to Miru-san

K: What's that?

A: I'm not giving up Kana-chan!

K: There's something suspicious about your approach

A: Kana-chan, you're grossing me out

K: It's okay if you've fallen in love with me

Reader Not a Lolicon love-san

K: That's a girl, right?

Reader Not a Lolicon love-san: I love mo-e anime and manga. When I look at them, I pick a character to like. What I end up liking is the set loli girl. For example Sekirei's Kusa. Or K-on's Azusa. My friends say to me "Lolicon, lolicon" But when I think about it, Azusa is 17 years old, right? I also get called a lolicon for liking other chara older than me. Is that really lolicon? Kanachan-san and Ayachi-san, do you like loli girls? I like both Kirino and Kuroneko from Oreimo a lot!

K: That's excellent. So loli girls? I think loli girls can cover a lot of things. As long as they look loli, their age doesn't matter

A: In the world there's "genuine loli" and "legal loli"

K: What is that?! What is that?! It's got me worried

A: Genuine loli means actually be young. That's a genuine loli. A legal loli means someone who looks young, but is actually legally an adult. A friend of mine proudly told this to me. So... Kuroneko is a genuine loli, right?

K: Yeah. She is in middle school, right?

A: Azu is an border loli

K: Really? 17?

A: But she's not a loli. She's in high school

K: Twin tails in high school

A: Loli have twin tails, black hair, and are short. I'm sure she's a genunie loli

K: Aya-chi is also a genuine loli, right

A: ... Eh? Why? That's so sudden! I froze

K: Aya-chi is a loli, right?

A: But I'm over 20...

K: What? You can't call someone a loli if they're over 20?

A: If you had to pick one, wouldn't it be a legal loli?

K: Ehhh? Aya-chi, please go back

A: What are you saying?!

K: Legal?

A: I'm not sure about what you're talking about, but I can't go back to being a genuine one. You can't go from a legal one to a genuine one

K: But the first time I met, I thought Aya-chi was a loli

A: No way! You mean I was wearing something that looked loli, don't you?

K: No. Loli

A: What are you saying? We're the same age. Calling me loli. That's weird

K: It's fine. Just stick out your chest and say "I'm a loli"

A: No way! Why would I call myself a loli? What would be the point? Why would anyone go "I'm a loli"?

K: Do you like loli

A: I love them!

K: You don't play otome games. You play ones aimed at males, right?

A: I do. Like in Sister Princess, I like Kaho-chan

K: Sis... Not a sis chara, but a sis princess

A: Like Hina-chan, she's so cute. There are little sister chara. Well they're all little sister in Sister Princess.

K: Oh, by "sister" you mean that kind of "sister"? I was thinking like Sister (a nun) like in Maria-sama

K: Wrong! Little sisters!

A: You have twelve little sisters

K: Why do you have twelve little sisters?

A: That's the setting. I don't know why. But you play the older brother. And they all live somewhere else for some reason. I don't know why. So you have to get along with these sisters in this game. There are a lot of types of girls, from loli to mature. It lets you get along with whatever girl you want! (Last part said rather excitedly)

K: Oh wow. That's amazing, it's like you really are Kirino

A: Sorry. Sorry. But it really is cute!

K: Seems like you're breathing really hard. Are you okay?

A: I'm sweating. Even though earlier I said it was cold

K: But you're an older brother, right? But what's the point of the older brother getting along with his sister?

A: It's not something indecent. It's just everyone is like "We love our oniichan!" That's the story

K: By the way. Hasn't Kyousuke been cool lately?

A: Very cool

K: Today he gets frustrated. Today's Kyousuke. For episode 11. Today was when he was the most kyunkyun (heart-thumping)

A: My heart beat too much. I kept thinking Kirino and Kyousuke stuck together!

K: That's bad!

A: Yes. The setting establishes them as blood relatives, right?

K: We need Fushimi-sensei to get rid of that setting then! (creator of Oreimo). The cast are interested in this

A: I wonder if that's really alright. What if the story develops that way? That's it. I don't know what we were talking about this time, but we didn't get to read much mail. Sorry

K: That's fine. I think it's okay if Aya-chi just talks about whatever she wants


Third battle: Draque (Dragon Quest) VS FF (Final Fantasy)

K: Even though Aya-chi could talk about either one... But everyone's at least heard of these shows. That's why a lot of mail came in. Almost 200 of them!

A: 200?! That's amazing

K: People must love them

A: Starting off is Taketatsu Draque. Second is Hanazawa FF . Battle Star

A: From Floral Biyanka Han-san: I like both But I'd have to pick Draque. Each of FF's stories are separate, but Draque's world is for the most part connected. Finding the weapons and legends that connect the series together is fun. By the way, Taketatsu-san and Hanazawa-san, which do you like Bianca or Flora? Hanazawa-san... probably likes Bianca

K: What's Bianco

A: Bianca.

K: Who's Bianca?

A: Bianca and Flora.

K: Flora? Flora's smell is hard to bear

A: Wait a moment. Smell? It's a name. For me, I'd have to pick Bianca. Bianca-san is the hero's childhood friend. So they've been close since they were little. The story starts with his first adventure. Then they grow up. Flora is a lady. To be honest, she marries another guy. So you have to pick Flora and Bianca. If you pick Flora, Bianca-chan stays with her father

K: Really? She lives the rest of her life with her father?!

A: Isn't that sad? It ends without either getting married. Bianca-chan has always liked the hero. But to be honest, Flora-chan has a fiance. So even if you don't pick Flora, she's got another person who will make her happy. But if Bianca-chan doesn't marry the hero, she won't be happy.

K: In that case, Bianca-chan

A: That's right! There's no way you can't pick Bianca-chan

K: Sorry. Sorry. You sure know a lot!

A: It's because I like Draque. I played it on the SuFami (Super Famicom). And the DS version too. I love it

K: Eh? What? But if he marries Flora, he gets a treasure box? So it's like he loves money.

A: That's why in game it's best when you train yourself and make it on your own! By the way, I like the Tenkuu series best for Draque. Four, five, and six. The story is about collecting the Tenkuu weapons to defeat the boss. It links the world together.

K: Is there something in the sky (tenkuu)? If there's a sky, then there's a surface, right?

A: There is

K: That... There's that? Like an island in the sky?

A: Like One Piece? Yes, like that

K: From radio name Ore no imouto wa narari-san: I want to cheer for FF. FF has Chocobo, after all. You can't talk about FF without Chocobo and how they cute they are. Just the image of them running. Have you ever wanted to ride a chocobo? Chocobo are cute. I want to hug them. There's no way FF Chocobo's can be this cute!

A: It's true that Chocobo are cute

K: What do Chocobo look like again?

A: They're yellow. Thin. Fluffy. I'll draw it.

K: It's a chick. Chocobo is like the Fushigi no Dungeon. Is that FF?

A: It's a character that comes from FF. But used in a different game. It's a character so popular that it's used in other series.

K: But you know that Flora and Bianco...

A: It's Bianca!

K: This is getting bad

A: But Draque has its own idollike character

K: Who's that?

A: Slimes! They even have toys

K: When I was in elementary school I drew a slime

A: It's so easy. It's like Honrara's shape

K: It's kind of like puyopuyo

A: The eyes are like this

K: Oh yeah. Slimes are like that

A: I'm not going to lose next time! From Mohomo-san: I'm completely behind Taketatsu Draque. When you think of Draque, you've got to think of this: "Puff, puff, puff puff? Puff puff"

K: What? What is that? Something perverted?

A: Puff puff is something that happens a lot in Draque. A fellow Dragon, Dragon Ball also has it. Well some Oneesan will puff puff (burying one's face between the breasts) you. It's hard to explain

K: Just what is puff puff supposed to mean exactly?

A: You know Buruma puff puffed the old turtle hermit?

K: Eh... What?!

A: You didn't?! She puff puffs him, between her breasts (I looked it up on youtube, it was actually Oolong who did it)

Kana screams

K: What is that?! What is that?!

A: But they don't show that scene. So you just have to imagine it

K: What? So it's service?

A: The words "puff puff" will appear.

K: The villagers do it?

A: Yeah. Like a bar girl or a dancer. If you talk to them, they puff puff you.

K: For real? Great. Let's go to the village

A: So. That started from the first Draque. I keep dragging Kana-chan further into the world of Draque

K: I had no idea that such a service existed

A: There's a lot of puff

K: Let's do it later, Aya-chi

A: Why?! Of course we wouldn't do it! Hanazawa-san is broken

K: How can I beat puff puff? Got to use my killer weapon From radio name Berikko-san: I have to pick FF. For the latest games, the CG is so beautiful. I think it's the most visual game. However, it's not just the CG. Even in the Famicom, the world, the characters really shown. The CG is good

A: It's true. FF's CG is amazing.

K: I see the CM and wonder "Is that a human?"

A: Yeah. It's so real now!

K: I wonder why that is? Is it to make it easier to get into it?

A: It makes it feel more dramatic

K: You like FF, right?

A: I do. I like FF X

K: Does something good happen in ten?

A: Ten... Something good? Each of the games has something good.

K: But you like ten's story?

A: Right. I really like ten. I played five and six on the SuFami too. 2D.

K: What's 2D? Street Fighter 2?

A: Yoga Fire. Oh, how nostalgic

K: Just brought it up out of nowhere

A: The next one is the last one?

K: Sorry. Talked too much

A: We talked to much. I'm being too noisy

K: It's okay, I think it's alright

A: From Takataka-san: I support Draque Taketasu. The reason is the music is good, the game is fun to play, the monsters are cute. It's easier than FF. From children to adults love it. I particularly like Draque 5.

It's true. I think once you hear the music, you'll never forget it.

Aya starts doing the theme for Dragon Quest. Kana starts doing a different song

A: That's something different!

K: But everyone knows the theme song for Draque, don't they?

A: Yeah. That opening song. Or going into a dungeon and that zazaza sound when you go down the stairs

K: I see. That really creates an impression on everyone. I see. But I'm not going to lose! From radio name Gassu-san: I recommend FF. FF is famous. Before making FF 1, Square had no record in the industry. When they made FF1, they said "If this isn't a hit, then this is my last chance to develop a game." That's why they named it Final Fantasy. Just as it sounds, it means "the last dream".

A: I didn't know that. They put their lives into it

K: It'd be like "If Oreimo isn't a hit, I'm quitting being a voice actress". Isn't that amazing?

A: It's risking everything

K: They're risking their livelihoods. It's romantic. Oh, what's this? FF 1 was made by four people.

A: But right now, it's Square-Enix.

K: Square isn't Square-Enix

A: Square was originally Square. They made FF. Enix made Draque. Right now they combined and are the same company. The same company puts them both out

K: You're amazing, Aya-chi. I bet they're going to call you from their desks

A: Why? Why?

K: That's amazing. I didn't know that. We can't come to a conclusion like this. Looks like we have to go with either or

A: This is how it always end. If you've never played Draque or FF, please check it ouf it it sounds interesting to you. Well, I'm saying it to Kana-chan who is saying it right before me

K: I'll play it if you do it with me Aya-chi

A: Really? Then I'll lend one. Which do you want to play

K: Well, given the choice to play a game with Aya-chi, I think I'd rather go on a walk with Aya-chi instead

A: This girl sure is a slick one!

K: But for this show, it'd be good to play a game

A: Yeah. When we were first meeting for this show, I told the writer that we should have a game tournament. Like Puyopuyo. Or Yoga Fire. Or Tatsumaki senpukyaku. Also, there's Sagat. He says something that sounds like "namu anpontan" (Tiger Uppercut? Anpontan is what Professor Horiguchi from Gransazer used to call people "imbeciles")

K: What's he really saying?

A: I don't know. It's "Tiger Uppercut"

K: Why does everyone else know? What's with you two? Share your knowledge sooner!

A: Also Chun Li's technique. She squats and kicks. That's "Three two one!"

K: Really?

A: Spinnig Bird Kick

K: Why are you using the wire? What's with you two?

A: It sounds like "three two one"


K: Aya-chi, should we play during this corner too?

A: That's no good. The person over there said so. He might be Dhalsim

From Tasakaaki-san: I want to apologize to all of Japan for my fake yoga - Dhalsim

A: Yoga Fire. He spits Yoga Fire. He can teleport. Yoga teleport

K: So people think if they do yoga, they can do that too?

A: Right. It's misinformation

From Watashi Hentai Da-san: When will I be able to do it - Shamen Kozou(?)

K: How surreal

A: It's true. That doesn't stop. It'll wither someday

From Oreimo ushi agemasu: I want to destroy the rules to shiritori. Am I ? - Jamana Kakko Tadokyo Wakkyoku no Hito

K: I see. So it starts with n?

A: I don't know about this. If you start with N then it always ends and you can't go anywhere

From Nejimaki-san: Don't leave me out. We were together all this time! - Pluto

A: In 2006, Pluto was categorized as a dwarf planet, so it was removed as the Sol System's ninth planet. Sorry, Pluto. In Sailor Moon Pluto was a comrade in the galaxy who fought together. Pluto-san.

K: Pluto-san?

A: Pluto is Meiousei. Meiou Setsuna-san, right?

K: I didn't know that. I saw Sailor Moon. They liked the planets, right? You're amazing, Aya-chi

A: If I say the name of this, it'll ruin it. Oh well

From Maya-san: What'll we do if our predictions are wrong? -Maya civilization

K: Predictions?

A: They say the Earth will be destroyed in 2012

K: Oh... What'll we do? What would you do the day before the apocalypse?

A: I'd gather together and we'd all sleep. Ah wait a moment. I'd also use up my savings. We'd all eat something tasty. At night, we'd all hold hands. It'll be like "Tomorrow's the end of the world. Thanks everyone. I love you all"

K: Oh, I see. What if the Earth doesn't end? And you used up your savings?

A: Like a prank? All the people on Earth would snap. I'd be happy. But the Prime Minister would get angry, It'd be like "Hey, give back my savings". Next is last

From Hitorikko-san: When I listen to the radio, I get all heated going "hah hah" from the female personality. Please help -Taketatsu Ayana (The hah hah thing is like the perverted guy from Densha Otoko's emoticon. The sound of deep breathing is meant to be interpreted as the guy masturbating)

K: I don't like it, going "hah hah" like an old man

A: Maybe people go "hah hah" for Kana-chan

K: Eh? Me?

A: Yeah. You did say "licking"

K: I blurted it out. Why don't I lick you today?

A: No way!

Would you really do it if I said it was okay?

K: What'll I do? I can't do it at the studio

A: Wait! I'm starting to feel like I can't be alone with Kana-chan

K: My tension is going up. Aya-chi has that can of power. I'm sure your pheremones are coming out

A: No one goes hah hah over that

K: You're wrong. Aya-chi always faces forward, so she doesn't notice. But if you turned around, people are going hah hah!

A: That makes me not want to go outside! It's scary

K: Yeah. Everyone is going hah hah

A: Then you should walk with me, Kana-chan

K: You sure? I'll go hah hah too

A: That's scary! I'm going to walk alone then. Everyone says too much. Do something! Life counseling is always hard


K: What a deep time. It was fun

A: It was fun.

K: It was a change of pace

A: It's so roomy, that I feel like I can talk loudly. Normally... well, we're usually in a roomy place. But I feel like I shouldn't talk too loudly. Maybe it's because it's radio. But since this is a dubbing studio, I feel like I can talk loudly. I don't worry as much

K: It's freeing. Although it might be a bother for the studio staff

A: Sorry. Episode 8 is coming out November 26th!

K: Oh right. The anime is in its second half

A: Yeah. It's winter

K: It's winter?

A: Sorry about the surprise

K: It's fine. Did you buy a coat?

A: I didn't. It just became so coldly. Did you buy a coat?

K: I made a mistake. I went out in short sleeves

A: That sounds cold. The fourth topic is Super Sentai Series VS Kamen Rider series

K: So Super Sentai is Aya-chi, I guess. So I'm the Kamen Rider series

A: I'm not familliar with either

K: I saw Kakuranger, I think

A: I haven't seen any of them. To be honest, I find the Sentai series annoying. Surprising so

K: Then maybe I know more this time. Cane Kosugi-san was Black in Kakuranger.

A: Sataou Tamayo-san was pink. I also know that in the Sentai Series, the chara who plays black is going to die

K: Really? That's no good. Please watch a lot

A: Okay

They say goodbye