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October 22, 2010
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

First, minor correction to transcript 4. At the time, the anime hadn't really started airing, I misheard that line. She actually said that the anime would start airing soon

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Kuroneko: So the anime has started broadcasting

Kirino: That's right, I'm so cute in the anime!

Kuroneko: It really starts when I appear. Please try to understand what that means

Kirino: Those two gross people have appeared, but everyone watches just for me, right?

Kuroneko: Speaking of which, I read an fascinating opinion on a certain site.

Kirino: About what?

Kuroneko: They think the anime title should be "My Brother Can't Be This Cool"

Kirino: Huh?!

Kuroneko: That brother that you belittle apparently has a lot of people on his side. They say "What a kind brother." "What a good brother." This is similar to what a girl recommending the original book to me said.

Kirino: H-huh?! Where are they seeing this?! Everyone must be watching a different anime! Alright, enough of this boring topic! Let's introduce some mail from the listeners.

From radio name "I'm not a loli-ko": I want you two to really abuse Kirino-san's brother, Kousaka Kyousuke-san.

Kuroneko: Oh my, how troublesome. How can I abuse such a wonderful person? I couldn't possibly do it.

Kirino: A-are you saying that for real?

Kuroneko: Yes. I am serious. He is such a good brother, after all.

Kirino: How so?!

Kuroneko: All of him. Just between us... I... I... think your brother is...

Kirino screams

Kirino: You...?! And him?! No no no no! For serious, no! Noway noway noway! Unbelievable!

Kuroneko: I'm lying.

Kirino: Lying?

Kuroneko: You were being conceited, so I wanted to tease you. Thanks to that, I was able to see a fascinating reaction.

Kirino: You suck! Die, you evil-eyed woman!

Kuroneko: Oh, what pleasantness. The opening this time was very good.

Kirino: I feel like crap!

Kuroneko: Till we meet again next time. Fair tidings to you.


They read off the opening title

Aya-chi: As usual... it's not in synch.

Kana-chan: When you said "One, two" I was wondering why you were saying that They talk about how the anime has started

Kana-chan: I actually feel relieved. Objectively, I've been enjoying the animation. And seeing it now, I still find it interesting

Aya-chi: I haven't seen it yet

Kana-chan: That's right, we've been... traveling

Aya-chi: Yeah. When it was airing yesterday, I was in Hiroshima

Kana-chan: I was at Tokushima. Seems we were in the same area on the same day, how weird. You were really cute

Aya-chi: How so?

K: In the official offline meet. You said "I'm going to go buy some souvenirs". "Eh? What's with this girl? Can I lick her?"

A: Stop it!

K: I bet if I licked Aya-chi you'd taste like choco

A: No way!

K: I was thinking "My beloved Aya-chi"

A: You're lying!

K: I'm serious. I was thinking about you the whole day

A: No way. Even when we didn't see each other?

K: Just kidding. Just kidding.

A: I have a bad expression with my eyes. I don't do it on purpose, but apparently I have a dead look in my eyes

K: That's true. Aya-chi's manager says it a lot. When taking photos he'll say "Oh, this is no good. You have a dead look in your eyes". You have a spaced out look on your face, but I guess when you do that, it looks like your eyes are dead.

A: Apparently it's scary

K: Maybe you have the evil eye

A: Taketatsu evil eye appears

K: But it's fine. During the offline meeting, your eyes were shining

A: I felt really self-conscious being looked at. The girls sitting there were really cute

K: There were only 45 people, but I really remember a lot of them I think.

I might not be hearing this right, but at 6:12 Kana mentions that she was really neburareta which means "got licked"

A: Last time, I wanted to leave everything to Kana-chan

Kana talks about how much pressure she felt being in charge. Aya reassures her and tells her she was reliable


Aya reads the description of the corner

K: Why's it say "read this quickly" on there? Because there's a lot of it?

Radio name Kazuki-san: My little sister said she was going to m1 school. I play the straight man while my sister plays the fool. We do manzai comedy together. When mom comes into our room, my sister instantly hides. She's cute when she does that

K: At first, I didn't know what m1 meant.

A: I thought it was the "uiiiin"

K: No, that's F1

(I don't get the m1 gakkou joke?)

Radio name: "Don't say I'm a neo-fetish"

K: Is that from Aya-chi?

Radio name: "Don't say I'm a neo-fetish": I have a sister six years younger in first year high school. She's only 142 cm (4'8") tall, so she can't reach a lot of things. When I see her arms reach out her arm as far as she can, grasping for things in high places, I can't help but think that's cute. When I get the item for her, she gets mad and says "If you knew I needed help, you should have done it sooner!". Being short is cute, isn't it?

K: You know, small is justice

A: Small is justice?

K: Aya-chi, how tall are you?

A: 150 centimeters (4'11")

K: Don't you think you'd disappear in my jacket?

A: No way

K: Eh? I'm 156 cm (5'1")

A: It's just 6 cm difference, I wouldn't disappear in your jacket for that

A: Before starting this job, I thought I was pretty short. But it seems like there are a lot of short people in this industry.

A: That's right. There's a lot who are my height. And there also ones shorter than me. It surprised me.

K: That's true. But when we're walking around outside, I do think "Ah, she is pretty small"

A: Really? On to the next one

Reader name Uru ga makura-san: I think my sister is cute because in the past, our relatives would gather and we'd eat cake. When my sister was little, I'd bring the cake to her. Grandma would tell her "Bring one to your older sister". Then I would tell her to bring it to Grandma. Grinning, my sister would give it go my Grandma.

Aya and Kana don't get it and try to figure out what is actually going on

Reader continues: Apparently someone who is level-headed invites disaster. Have you two ever been so level-headed that you made a mistake?

K: Ah. I understand what she means. I know I've seen people who are seem level-headed, but aren't

A: I haven't really seen that. I'm not overly level-headed

Reader name Ore no imou-san: I'm a big fan of the original work and am currently enjoying the anime. I have a sister 7 years younger. I also have two older brothers. That's why she didn't get into feminine fashion or make up. She plays soccer and baseball with us. This little sister isn't feminine at all in appearance. Later, when I graduated from high school, for a while I was out of contact with my little sister. So when her classmate was getting married in Tokyo, we met again after ten years. That classmate was like a little sister to me too. When the classmate appeared in her beautiful kimono, my little sister whispered something in my ear that I still vividly remember. "Long ago, I seriously wanted to marry Oniichan." Years have passed since then, and my little sister married someone from our local area. I also married my fiance. I never imagined my boyish sister would do such a romantic thing, it's like out of a dream. I slightly regret treating my sister like a younger brother. Even now, I can't believe my sister can be so cute.

A: This was great. Very worthy of being saved for last.

K: I want to hear that.

A: I want to marry Oniichan

K: I want the opposite. My little brother to say "I want to marry Oneechan". It'd be so cute!

K: But she got married. I bet the older brother wonders what kind of man the husband is. I'm sure he watches over her.

A: I bet he said "Don't make my sister cry"

K: I'm sure Kyousuke would say that

A: Kyousuke would deny it, but he has a siscon.

K: Kyousuke is pretty cool

A: I want an older brother like that. Seeing Kyousuke doing his best for Kirino really brings me to tears.

A: And it's voiced by Nakamura-san, right? He really has a great voice. I imagine Nakamura-san's voice when I think of Kyousuke's. When reading the script, I just naturally hear Nakamura-san's voice. When I hear it, I just go "ahhhh"

K: You should tell Nakamura-san that

A: It's embarrassing. I can't say that

K: Who knows how Nakamura-san would react. Like "What's that supposed to mean?" He'd be tsunde


K: What kind of chara was that?

A: A glasses chara

K: I thought it was a grandma chara

They talk about how they haven't done it in a while

Pen name I hope I'm famous before I start: This one is pretty simple. dgsks

K: What is this?

A: Dog sky special. Acronym?

K: Is this a word?

A: So it is an acronym?

K: Wouldn't it be long for one? Five words?

They fumble with it

A: Dagashikashi (But, however...)

Bing, they get it

They talk about never hearing of it before and are amazed that people understand it.

Radio name Nero-san: iyh

K: Uppercase?

A: Nope. Is it like dagashikashi. "ii yo hiking"?

K: "ittan yamete horinagachae" (put it aside for now) Well? Something like that?

K: H h h... iyahoo

Bing, they get it

A: An impulsive expression of joy

K: It's that limited

A: Why just on an impulse?

K: So I can't run into Aya-chi, and go "iyaaahooo"? Seems kind of restricted

A: Also, iyh has many other uses. So it's pretty famous

K: I can see iyh having its uses

A: I actually used one of these. The day before the offline meeting, I wrote in my blog "Tomorrow we have an Oreimo offline meeting wktk"

K: That's great. You're learning

A: Although, I just realized that wakuteka is written as wktk. I wrote wakuteka in hiragana

K: Maybe Aya-chi using hiragana will populraize that version

Radio name YR-san: Necchusho

K: Maybe it's being sick in love? What do you think, Aya-chi? Your eyes are dead, Aya-chi

A: I'm thinking!

A: What is this? I want to look

K: Don't. That's cheating

A: I'm not

K: The hint is saying it slow

A: nee, chuushi yo (Hey, gonna stop)

Bing, they get it

K: Really?!

A: How boring. What is that?! All you have to do is say it slowly

Aya begins repeating it again and again in a funny way

K: So when do you use this?

A: When things are going well with a girlfriend?

K: I think I'd be happy to hear it. I wonder if they'd be shy

K: Shall we use this?

A: Who would you say this to? I'll say it to Kana for the radio

Both: Necchusho

K: But Aya-chi got them all

A: But I didn't know iyh. Doesn't seem like this one as hard as before. Seems like there were more hints this time

K: It is pretty hard with no hints. Please send easy ones


K: That wasn't Aya-chi!

A: Seems this corner receives the most mail

My bags are heavy lately-san: What will happen to me from here on? -Anpanman's face it's been exchanged

K: I thought about this. Just where is his soul? It's probably in his heart

A: Really?

K: But even if he switches faces... Aya-chi, are you with me? Are you okay?

A: I'm fine. Anpanman's face gets eaten.

K: I don't think he has a brain

A: Anpanman's soul is in his heart. In his chest

K: Well... you can eat cheese, right?

A: We're talking about anpan

K: But say your nose were made of anpan. It'd be okay, right? It's fantasy

A: Fantasy, right? Don't think you can say anything just because it's fantasy

A: This one is from "I want a little sister-san": I don't want to be cut again - Boredom

A: Like cutting off the boredom

A: Oh! Lupin and Goemon often go "Oh! Looks like I cut down another boring thing"

K: I see

A: We're no good at all

K: We didn't get it at all

A: I like Lupin best. I want to be Fujiko-chan

From "Let me join in": I put the shoe on and its too hard. I can't walk. It's not elastic enough - Cinderella

A: Glass slipper, right?

K: That would hurt. Yeah, you probably wouldn't be able to walk unless it fit your foot perfectly.

A: And if you walked it'd surely hurt

K: And if you're not careful, it'll break

A: Yeah, if you ran it'd crack

K: Your foot would be covered in cuts. You know, I've never thought about how terrible it would be before

A: Me either

Kana suddenly starts laughing

K: It's not malicious. But I like Aya-chi's defenseless aspect

A: What? Why's that? I have it pretty together

From "I want to be belittled by Kuroneko": I can ignore losing to One in Daifugou, but I don't understand why I lose to Two as well. -King


K: Daifugou. The game where three is the lowest number

A: Right. I don't really know wny

They talk about how they played Daifugou

K: There's also the local rules

A: Yeah, why is two the strongest

K: Who decided that?

A: How mysterious. Well, King, don't lose. King is king, after all.

Aya starts rambling about the lottery

A: Kana-chan is looking at me with daggers in her eyes. I'm tired from my travel, I can't help it

K: But this is our work. Don't do that while we're working

A: But I have someone listening to me. I can't get enough of that

From Kinoko-san: I love it so much, please let me appear in the original work -Hanazawa

K: When Hanazawa-san sees Sanzai-san. She's a girl with a strong approach

A: She's very forceful

K: She's been stronger lately

A: Lately?

K: She wasn't that way before. When she sees Isano-kun, she'll force him to go with her.

A: Really? She's that kind of chara?

K: She's amazing. She wouldn't appear in the original work. "Is that an original character for the anime?!" I run into that kind of chara a lot

A: When will Hanazawa-san appear. Such a unique, strong is rare. That's amazing.

K: But thanks to Hanazawa-san, I'm always being picked on

A: When you see Hanazawa-san. So you're like Sanzai-san

K: It feels like "Isano-kun, let's go"

A: That's the one?

K: Because of Hana Yori Dango's Hanazawa Rui, that won't work. Is there a Taketatsu?

A: There's no Taketatsu chara, right? If there's a mangaka among the radio listeners, please create a chara with the family name Taketatsu. Please

K: One like Aya-chi, right?

A: Yeah

From Goriza-san: I'm not an angel -Hanazawa Kana

K: I'm an angel-chan, right?

A: What was that just now?

K: I'm not an angel. I shouldn't say angel-chan. I play an angel in Angel Beats, but there are people who seriously say "Kana-chan, you're like an angel!" "Wait, wait, I'm not an angel!" That's how it started. I thought about it, and decided it'd be weird to think I'm an angel. So I thought about it. So when people say "You're an angel" I say "You mean I'm an angel-chan!"

A: Don't add the -chan! .It makes it hard to understand!

K: So in the end, it's a joke

A: A lot of these have been Kana-chan lately

K: I'm sure Aya-chi will gets her soon

A: Let's keep it like this

K: No way! To be honest, in a mansai comedy, Aya-chi would play the straight man

A: Why?

K: There's a lot of reasons. Play a straight man right now

A: I fell for it! See!

K: There's a lot of reasons. Like when eating unagi, there are those who eat it without bones

A: What was that? Some don't have it with the bone. I have a thin throat, so I can't take medicine. I can't swallow pills. I need to drink a lot of water before swallowing. So unagi bones stick me. I really like unagi, but not with bones. Also, I like to eat the onigiri's heart first

K: It makes me want to give Aya-chi food

A: Really? I haven't received anything

K: I gave you a castilla earlier

A: That was a souvenir!

K: It was Aya-chi's idea

A: Yeah. "Please by me a souvenir"


K: It's been a long day, hasn't it?

A: It has. Good work

K: We came back this morn- this afternoon

A: We've been together for 13.5 hours

K: Riding a plane really tires you out

A: Landing really makes my heart pound

K: And your hands sweat. I wonder why that is? I wondered out loud to the sibling to the right why planes are able to fly

A: Why "the sibling to the right"?!

K: He seemed impressive. Sorry. I must seem weird

A: I thought you had a sibling to the right for real!

K: He seemed very impressive. It really was very high

A: You go thousands of feet into the air. It sure is amazing. I thought that this was an amazing creation by humans

K: Why? Why'd you think that? Aya-chi sure likes that. Like I'd bring up danger to the Earth or abnormal weather, and Aya-chi will just go off. Like "This is the state of the Earth" or "The sun is getting closer"

A: The Earth is getting closer to the sun

K: I thought it was a surprising interest for you.

A: I like space. That's all

K: That's all. We talked a lot, but... this one is being broadcast from the dubbing studio

A: It's different from our usual studio

K: This is a normal dubbing studio?

A: Yeah

K: It feels kind of strange. Oreimo... we don't record that here.

A: It's not done here. That's a different studio

K: Thank you for letting us use this studio. Episode 7 airs November 5th.

A: That's so soon. The anime is also progressing. It's almost half done

K: Right now they're on episode four. Please send us mail to let us know what you think of the anime