Moegi Yumeria

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Cosplay Name (CN): 萌黄 ゆめりあ

Real name: Yamada Yuuko 山田優子

AkibaYellow on Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger.

Played by Ogino Karin who was 16 at time of filming.


The parenthesis CN means Cosplay Name. Mo-e 萌 means cute, the Gi 黄 or Ki means Yellow, and Yume means dreams. Akagi mentions that he's never seen someone with the kanji for yellow in the name (Both Akagi and Aoyagi start with the kanji for "red" and "blue" respectively) so Moegi is kind of a cheat to make it work.

Her real name is Yamada Yuko 山田 優子. Yamada is one of the most generic Japanese names. Yuu means "actor" or "great".


A 23 year old OL (Although she has a birthday and turns 24 in episode 5). She lives by herself in her apartment.

Her interests are cosplaying, anime, and BL. We almost never see her out of costume. There is one instance where we see Yumeria at work as a short haired OL.

The parent visits Tokyo[edit]

Mother is Yamada Masako 山田 雅子 (Played by Matsumoto Rica). The first kanji in her given name is used for her cosplay name: Miyabi 雅. She was a famous cosplayer. In the past, she cosplayed Miss America.

Her mother died five years ago, a month after visiting Yumeria in Tokyo. They were able to bring Yumeria's mother back to life in Delusion World. She even transforms into AkibaYellow temporarily.


Not only does Yumeria almost always appear in a cosplay outfit, she also acts out the character that she portrays. For example, when she dresses as a cat, she'll add nya to her sentences. Or when she dresses as a bee, she adds bun/bzz to her sentences.

List of Cosplay in AkibaRangers



In her outfit, her helmet has twin tails. Her assets become notably bigger in costume. During the rollcall, she tends to babble and talk about whatever happens to be on her mind at the time.

In episode two she attacks with pylons.

In episode five, her mother becomes AkibaYellow temporarily.