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Channel: #TV-Nihon


Programs that you can use



Mozilla Firefox Addon - ChatZilla is an addon for IRC in Firefox. If your main browser is Firefox & you prefer not installing a new program but fine installing in your browser, this is good

Windows/Linux - PChat is a fork of the very popular Linux IRC, XChat - the Windows and Linux version are free software (unlike XChat where the Windows version suddenly became proprietary)

Linux - XChat is the very popular IRC client for Linux and it's most of the time available at most Linux distribution out of the box

Mac OSX - Colloquy is the most recommended IRC client by most Mac OSX users

Know of some other clients that are good? Add them here

Mibbit You CANNOT use Mibbit for downloading, but you can use it to join our channel and talk with us. The advantage here is that it's a web based client, so you can just bookmark this link and join from your browser. Heck, you can even replace the PickANick part of the URL so that your name is automatic.


First, you need a client that will accept DCC connections. Using Mibbit won't work since they don't accept file transfers. You can use mirc or some other clients for that.

  1. If you have a router with a firewall, you might need to open a port for your IRC client
  2. Set the server to Or type /server
  3. Pick a nick
  4. Connect
  5. Type /join #tv-nihon and you'll join the channel.

Register Your Nick

Useful if you plan on using IRC often.

The command to register usually is...

/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL

Once done, no one else can use your nick but you. That'll mean you'll need to enter a password when you log in (most people handle this by adding it to their Perform menu which automatically runs commands when you first join a network).

The command for identifying is:

/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD


/nickserv identify PASSWORD (should work, does on most networks)

You can probably just use /ns as an even shorter shortcut for /nickserv too.

Auto Perform

Your Perform menu is set to run commands upon joining a Network. Just make sure that checkbox is checked. Here's what mine more or less looks like:

/ns identify PASSWORD
/join #tv-nihon
/mode $me -x
/dccserver +sc on 59
/dccallow +NAMES

On some networks you have to run the dccallowed command before it allows you to receive files. If you know who you plan to download from beforehand, then just add them to your dccallow list automatically. Note, you need the plus sign there in front of the name, no spaces. And if the person has a different name than usual, obviously this won't work and you'll have to add him or her manually.


First to prep:

  1. If you have a router with a firewall, you might need to open a port for your IRC client
  2. Type //mode $me -x to remove mode x, which can interfere with connections.
  3. Type /dccserver +sc on 59 since most fserves use that port. You may need to change the number depending on the fserve.
  4. Type !list to get a list of active fserves. Note: Once you know the command to get into a person's fserve, you don't need to type !list again. This is viewable to other people, so try not to spam it. Also, rejoining the channel won't change the results, so don't quit and rejoin and !list constantly.
  5. Alternatively, you can try typing @find <Partial File Name or CRC>. This will do a search for the name you put in. Try to keep it simple since the word matching might not be that great.
  6. Access the person's fserve by using a /ctcp command. These are invisible to the chat (but visible to the person you're ctcping) so use them without impunity. Just don't annoy the guy you're trying to access.
  7. Follow the instructions to set a place in a queue, eventually you should get a dcc connection to transfer the file. Note, if you leave the channel, you'll probably taken off the queue.

Hosting Files

Fserves are all about give and take. In the past, we used to have a bunch of fserves and they'd give special priority to other people hosting files. People who serve are given the Voiced Status, which can appear as a + sign besides a person's name.

We're down to only a few fserves. If we had more and could build a community of file hosters once more, that'd be great. The main rule is to not serve renamed files. The other is probably to not serve other group's works. Sorry, it is our channel.

I don't really know what file serving scripts are out now. Sysreset seems to be the one most people are familiar with, but I've seen it raise some virus alarm flags from Avast. Maybe it's a false alarm, but who knows.

Other useful command

  • /nick <name> - Changes your nick
  • /hop - Rejoin the channel if you need to for some reason.
  • /msg <name> <Message> - Sends a private message to someone. Might not want to do that unless you know the person you're talking to is up to talking to you in private.
  • /ctcp <name> time - Find out what the time is with the person you're using this command on.
  • /ctcp <name> version - Find out what client the person is using.

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